Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 6 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 21, 2007 on USA
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Episode Summary

Logan and Wheeler investigate the death of a police recruit. Logan becomes distracted by the death of his neighbor and Eames steps in to assist Wheeler in the investigation.

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  • I was very disappointed by the episode and that it was the season finale.

    I so love the character of Mike Logan and I usually enjoy all the episodes that he is in. This is episode was terrible. The idea that Logan would get so distracted by a woman he had met and spent an evening with one time is ridiculous. He is a seasoned police officer and would not have become that emotionally intertwined in her death. At least not to the point that he neglected his own case. If they wanted to do a story about him becoming involved with a death, at least make it some one he knew and cared about, an ex-girlfriend or a long term friend. But a relative stranger that he barely knew. Unbelievable and very out of character for Logan. This whole episode felt very forced and it was not entertaining to watch.moreless
  • I loved this one

    Great show for Chris Noth-it was good to see a little personal development of his character. Although technically the season finale, I thought of it as the 2nd finale since they rotate the story lines between the two teams. In this and the last episode we got insight into each male detective, a glimpse of their interior lives outside of work.
  • Great episode!!

    Mike Logan meets his attractive neighbor three times before she ends up dead. Eames and Wheeler hunt for a serial killer in the sixth season finale. I was blown away by Chris Noth in this episode. He was absolutely fantastic trying to figure out if Holly's death was murder or suicide. I also LOVED Eames and Wheeler working together. It is great to see the different detectives working together, which is rare on this Law and Order. Overall, a great entertaining episode! A definite tearjerker, the viewer gets to see a different side of Mike Logan other than the detective, but as a heartbroken individual.moreless
  • Wow could have been great but little over the top in charector mode...

    I think they bomb this episode, it ahd a alot of potential though!! Really!!! Think about it, when they found out that the missing girl was studing about Nicole they could have used that and made the death of Mike's neighbor meant something more almost as of this new serial killer was coming for Mike. Of course you don't want to make it to much like Nicole and the serial killer could have it out for Mike because of something in the past..but because of Nicole it would have been great move to Bring in Eames...I mean come on this epsiodes could have been great but NO the bombed it.

    And yah it is way out of charector of Mike Logon to fall for a girl that fast.....anyone who has watched Mike from the original LO days till LO:CI knows no no no no way is Mike like that. Not that he doesn't date etc...this was not him. And while yes he is hot headed, no after one date he would chase the case but not get that mixed up in the head over the girl.

    But yes I see him very upset over Wheeler leaving for while after they finally started trusting one another. He has lost partners before he has trusted from death and transfers so that was in charector. It should be intersting next season how they play it out but maybe we will finally see some team work between all of them which makes sense because they are all Major Case!! And the best epsiodes are all of them together!!!moreless
  • Mike meets his neighbor. Is there a chance for a relationship? The plot develops as he tries to find out more about her. Wheeler and Eames track a female serial killer.moreless

    The episode served to broaden the character of Mike Logan. It's always interesting to see Chris Noth at work. The plot pacing was different than usual. It was a refreshing, creative change. We always seem to learn about the characters through minor dialogue exchanges which is normal for the workplace. It is interesting and challenging to imagine their personal lives. The acting is excellent as we are not given all the information - the rest is written on their faces. I think Vincent D. and Chris N. are not acknowledged enough for their gut-wrenching performances. I am looking forward to next season. Creative plots welcome!moreless
Kelli Williams

Kelli Williams

Holly Lauren

Guest Star

Brooke Tansley

Brooke Tansley

Belle Duffy

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Erik Jensen

Erik Jensen


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Traci Godfrey

Traci Godfrey

Det. Agnes Farley

Recurring Role

Leslie Hendrix

Leslie Hendrix

Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Danny Ross: (to Logan) I just got a call from the captain of your neighborhood precinct asking me for your alibi for the night your neighbor fell off the roof. Something you want to tell me?

    • Holly Lauren: My mother taught me the world is bound to break your heart.
      Mike Logan: Yeah. Eventually. She must have been Irish.

    • Professor: Belle, she understands what makes people tick.
      Megan Wheeler: You brought her papers?
      Professor: Yeah, I have her latest one. Another A+.
      Megan Wheeler: What's it on?
      Professor: All year she's been studying female serial killers. This one's an Australian case study, uh, Nicole Wallace.
      Mike Logan: Do us a favor. Keep this on the QT for awhile.

    • Holly Lauren: The victims, the dead, they don't haunt you?
      Mike Logan: No, not anymore.
      Holly Lauren: Do you ever dream about them?
      Mike Logan No. I used to dream about Lennie. He was my old partner. It's funny, in the dream he'd say: 'I'm not dead Mike, I'm not dead.' Then I'd wake up. He was still dead.
      Holly Lauren: Maybe not, if you dreamt about him.

    • Danny Ross: You have a tendency to over-react.
      Mike Logan: I'm not over-reacting!

    • Mike Logan: (to Holly) Well, you're not dressed in all black yet. You been in the city about, what, two months?

    • Megan Wheeler: Off the record, Carl, was this your first robbery?
      Carl: It was my gang initiation, okay?
      Mike Logan: Yeah, well, you flunked.

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