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  • eams is useless

    ever notice how goren does all the work while she just stands there? i can't stand looking at her. she always looks like she hasn't washed her hair in weeks. always stands there looking stupid.
  • Law & Order: CI

    Law & Order: CI was cancelled too soon. It would be in it's fourteenth season if it was still on.
  • The Psyche of The Criminal Mind

    I found the episodes w/ Vincent D. and Kathryn Erbe the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, I turn it to another station when Jeff Goldblum or Christopher Noth or anyone else stars. I find Vincent to be at the core of the psyche where the evil people are concerned! Kathryn who plays his partner, is a great actress as well!
  • Sussmans with man for hire

    Did anyone happen to see the Law and Order Criminal Intent episode involving the Sussman family with the grandmother having the daughter in law,bumped off ? It never ceases to amaze me how the Jewish people are portrayed as killers and commandment will it ever end? We are people of the BOOK, the HOLY aren't killers and murderers, especially if our children Claire Ginsburg Goldstein

  • Saffron Burrows


    SAFFRON BURROWS - Worst LAO:CI detective EVER!


    Goren/Eames/Bogosian were the best, but I also liked LoLogangan and Wheeler. I didn't care for the other redhead partnered with Noth, either. Can't even think of her character name... may have started with an For?
  • goren is the best

    What makes Criminal Intent so good? it's not that they are dealing with the WORST criminal offenders It's Goren. I think he's so sexy . There's just something about his eyes, something about the way he interrogates,how he''s a little bit clumsy, planned clumsyness.. he seems a littleweird sometimes.. i realy like that in him. he looks pretty hot in those long coats. getting warm just typing this. know im suposed to say that i like the show coz of the way its set up and i Goren makes the show..

    when i first started watching the show i didnt realy know if i liked it, im a svu watcher. as i watched more and more i came to apriciate it. always have that i noo he''s doing it clumsyness,and the weird questions,and the walking around the house,and asking things that doesnt have anything to do with the case...

    i just wish there was more personal things would like to see goren has som kinda love interest. like wish i could have a drink with him i know he got still hot as he married? lol
  • The better show of all

    My wife and I love Law & Order Criminal Intent but Mr. VINCENT D'ONOFRIO is the FAR BETTER way for U 2 go AND A MUCH BETTER FIT for your show!!!! While we both like Jeff Goldblum and Peter Noth, as actors, we like them much better in other shows and we DO NOT like them in your show! They are NOT a good fit. GO WITH MR. D' ONOFRIO AND YOU GOT A MUCH BETTER SHOW! Thank you!

  • Didn't watch very offten but..

    When I did I really enjoyed it. I really loved Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe. They made the show.
  • We liked Goren & Eames with Captain Deakins and ADA Carver

    Seasons 1-3 were ultimately the best. Season 2 was my fav, especially the episodes Bright Boy and Person of Intrest.

    This is my 2nd fav show. It's too bad that it's over.
  • Another Classic Show Dead Before Its Time

    Goren and Eames were the lifeblood of the show, adding Logan and Wheeler as a team to take on about half the episode per season was a nice way to keep the fans from becoming sick of seeing Goren and Eames every episode. I also liked the character Zac Nochols, namely because Jeff Goldblum is one of my favorite actors. But Nichols should not have been brought in to replace Goren.

    Instead of accepting the fact that the show had its run, and writing one last respectable and respectful series finale, they tried the revive the show with a simple character replacement instead of creating some completely new and un-Goren like. The fact that this show got cancelled half way through the season, even with the (not well explained) return of Goren and Eames just showed how little hope anyone had for the show to survive.

    What I find most interesting is the fact that both Law & Order and Criminal Intent are on syndication and usually played out in marathons. That means people STILL watch the shows. Why not have another network pick up the show, yet another engaging program cancelled by NBC, and have intelligent, original stories being written once again?

    I'm sorry, but to me, shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom are the very programs destroying what little brain cells American youth have. Don't put on shows that make people think being a terribley violent, drunk or just plain stupid person is a good thing! I want to see brilliant and articulate characters on TV, not drunken sluts and fools.

    When SVU goes off the air, I get the feeling that this season or the next will be its last because NBC makes very poor decisions, I'll have on House, Bones and CSI to look forward to watching. That's about IT for any cleverly written programs.
  • We are seeing the very death of creativity. Things are being dumbed down for an under-educated new generation. Its so forced on us it makes me sick. Parents are so lazy they made a chip to control what kids watch. And it claimed another victom, L&O:CI.

    They should of called the Two Part Loyalty, The End. Cause thats exactly what it marks for a once groundbreaking series. Its now not even worth being DVR'd for when im reaaally really bored. All you have to do is look at the growing popularity of Netflix and the just massive sewage that is Hollywood with their remakes and restarts and their re-restarts and their even worse Lets restart it a couple years after we have already restarted it. Its just sickening. And it was so very painful to watch what was so obviously a unnecessary two part series finale. It was even MORE obvious that they were trying to force feed us Goldblum and Burrows on us. And Oh Em Gee, Their scenes were Oh! My! God! Just! Get! On! With! It! borring! Borring BoRRing Y A W N B O R R I N G! Im sorry but Jeff Goldblum is N O T i repeat N O T a actor that can carry a movie let alone a tv show! He is just not a lead actor, hes a sub-supporting actor AT the most. And they could of done that crap in one episode and just aired it SO many months ago. So not worth the wait. They completely wasted killing off the Captain. I mean it was so obvious which one they were gonna kill off, the less essential of the three, Just a waste. I mean 'Homicide: Life On The Street' did a better job without trying, '24' has mastered the art, Old School 'Law & Order', Sgt Max Greevey & ADA Claire Kincaid, killed off with style and purpose, Cerreta, Logan and Green, exited with Style. Its like they just threw it all together JUST to get rid of Goren, Eames and Ross. NOT even those great actors/actress could save that script. And the "reason" Goren FINALLY gets fired...really? really? seriously? really? that was the BEST the minds of Law & Order could come up with? thats the best you could come up with? My dead Cat Billy could of hacked up a better reason. I mean if you REALLY look at it, He grabbed a suspect, what could of been argued resisting a police officer. I mean YES i know the department has been after him for years, which is a crock in itself considering Gorens arrest record would negate it by itself. Its just Such a frakin COPOUT! Freakin Jamie Kennedy coulda come up with a better script. Hell Son of the MASK was more interesting then their half-behind excuse for a script. And to just totally castrate the AWESOME character Goren in the end, to just give up Ross's killer for what? Some lame-moronic story line? It totally kills the reason he risked his career for. It is a slap in the face to all mystery writers, past and present. Detective Goren is our equivalent of Sherlock Holmes & Hercule Poirot. He is special, not some carbon copy but a unique rare Character just like Jack Bauer. I mean the couldnt even be bothered with giving him the ending him and Eames deserved. For all their years of touching peoples hearts, they phone in the script. Holmes got his last hurrah, Poirot got his last hurrah, even Inspector Morse got one last hurrah. To deny such a character a exit he REALLY deserved, is a crime. The last moments between Goren and Eames was VERY emotional, mainly because it was just such a waste. With the GREAT tv shows being so few and fewer each year, we are almost at a point of not even needing satellite or cable anymore. Whats on? Really? Exciting action mystery wise? Whats on? Barely anything. Lost & 24 will be gone, The only bearable L&O show is SVU, only because they havnt found a way to screw that show up, L&O has changed from a just look at our justice system to a drank the koolaid and lets make the show super left so we dont offend the president, Anyshow that could of carried on the reins has been canceled, Life, Prison Break(terrible ending,again wasteful),"Doctor Who" Im afraid to enjoy "Human Target", cause will that be on next season? So whats on? It wont take long...and for the morons out there im talking about the shows that are CURRENTLY still running so dont tell me about shows that are OVER, which is what i am talking about! So...Post 24/Lost? Whats On? 'House' though its more medical drama but we wont have much of a choice, 'Castle' 'Trauma' seams like it has a 'Third Watch' feel to it, but it will be canceled. Thank god for NCIS Tuesday, NCIS series are thee last best hope. Newly 'Justified' but again, who knows how long they'll let that run, Still waiting for 'Sons of Anarchy', probably in Nov, 'The Tudors' is on its last season & 'The Pacific' is just a mini-series 'Psych' and lastly 'Fringe' (with 'FlashForward' 'Mentalist' & The CSI series if you like those shows) Friday there isnt a DAMN THING ON! Thats just sad. And that is it! How could we go from the days of A-Team, Magnum, Hunter, 21 Jump Street, Airwolf, Alien Nation, Equalizer, Hill Street Blues, Knight Rider, MacGyver! lol, Matlock, Perry Mason movies, Poiot,Insp.Morse,Masterpiece Theater, MIAMI VICE, Moonlighting, Quantum Leap, Riptide, Scarecrow & Mrs King, Simon & Simon, Star Trek:TNG, and Unsolved Mysteries! and thats just the 80's, how could we have had all that then and just pure crap now?!? And remember, save a very few of those, nearly all of them were on for a good many years. It started with God being taking out of our schools and its ending with entertainment. And there is nothing REAL about the so called "reality tv" shows running wild all over our channels, its bad enough that Reality Shows killed MTV. And you know its REALLY bad when Video Games have better story lines and are 10x more interesting then 99% of movies and TV shows. And finally, i can't even begin to express the anger i had after watching that crap they tried to pass off as Law and Order: Criminal Intent, the only Criminal Intent going on was the writing. And it still is. Its no wonder that tv ratings are down, because people would rather watch netflix with shows they've already watched a dozen times then Cable & Satellite
  • It's not the same anymore, and it's gotten worse.

    The show has lost all it's ever had after the episode "Loyalty" (Part 2). Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe were the best for this show, even with the bad writing.

    This show isn't "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" anymore. Try, "The Chronicles of Zach Nichols". Jeff Goldblum's a good actor, but he needs help on CI, especially lately! The only person I like on the show now is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Captain Zoe Callas).

    The writing is atrocious now. A FIRST grader could write the episodes better! I could write them better!

    This show needs to look back at season 5. Where we had D'Onofrio/Erbe ALTERNATE episodes (with Chris Noth/Annabella Sciorra).

    After "Loyalty" I've basically dropped this show. Back to the mothership (Law & Order)!
  • Crashing down hill season

    With Goren and Eames, this used to be must-see tv for me. As of June 2010, all I can do is cringe. I used to admire Goldblum but I think he hit his head when he fell off that cliff in Australia.
    The most recent episode consists of Goldblum spreading his mouth to form his "cute" supposedly enigmatic smile as he reignites an old flame who is suitably batty to fit into his past. He flies across the world to tell his story to another lovely lady. I can't tell why. He assembles the suspects to reveal the who-done-it but by the time he tells us, I really don't care.
  • I miss Vincent ...

    My score was an 8, but it's a 3 now. CI has turned into a predictable, boring show with a male detective who tries to be a Goren, but is not. The neurotic character that Jeff Goldblum tries to portray was somewhat funny on Will and Grace, but is now annoying and offensive to the multi layered Goren-character that was so well played by Vincent d'Onofrio. They should have ended the show with his departure. Nobody can replace him: Vincent d'Onofrio or Goren. Luckily I can still get my Vincent-fix with old episodes; and if there aren't any, I can always watch Mystic Pizza again. I won't be watching the new episodes though. Another show that died on the production table ...
  • This show is supposed to be a crime show. You have only 15 minutes before you know who the killer is. Goren knows "everything" but cannot teach Eames anything other than just standing there, knowing nothing about the field. This show is worth skipping.

    Another review for this show is Law and Order Criminal Intent is so bad that within 15 minutes you know you the killers are. The criminal are complete morons. I mean come on who would shoot someone and not dispose of the body, or shoot someone in a public restroom? Dick Wolf did that to please the PTC. (Sadly...) Goren is supposed to know "everything" but even he cannot manage to teach Eames how to do anything. Eames meanwhile, just stands there, asks Goren questions, she never finds a clue herself. It's almost as if Eames didn't know about the field in the first place. Another point, Eames knows nothing about the field, and therefore, cannot help Goren out with a problem leaving Goren to have to deal with the problems without backup. Eames cannot fire her gun, or even help to look at the body. Eames just stands there to look pretty and too make people all visually stimulated and rather than to keep the viewers stimulated with amazing episodes. Kathryn was put there as an excuse for such a lousy show just to have people stare at her. Goren and Eames have terrible chemistry that's about to explode every second, because Goren never listens and follows orders, and Eames knows nothing about the field. Needless to say this show can be gone for good. P.S. I only saw Season 1. Thank Goodness.
  • Lead det's Goram and Eames face NY's toughest cases.

    Not sure what the inspiration behind this show was but I like it. CI sets itself aside as the smartest of the three remaining L&O's. With a over the top genesis of a lead detective and a faithful partner. This show deals with not only intricate crimes but increasingly bizarre and heinous ones. Which I suppose shouldn't be a surprise since the two starring detective's are part of the major case unit. Little by little we get to see what exactly took place in Gorams life to make him the smart man he is but trust me there's more coming.
  • Finally someone Listened!

    I was thrilled to find that Goren and Aimes were back this year. They were the only two I watch on this series. I like Jeff Goldblum but he does not fit this show. Goren and Aimes should carry this show alone no other detective's. They made the show! Since these two are back this season, I am again tuning in. Thank you for giving me back a
    show I love watching! The character of Goren is one of the best in the Law and Order Family. It is great to watch these two together. My only suggestion now is that the two of them interact more with each other during the show. Wouldn't hurt to add a love interest either.
  • I love this show

    I am so happy that they brought back Vincent D'Onofrio and Catherine Erbe. I caught the last season opener when Vincent and Catherine was on there for the last time.. After that first episode I didn't watch it at all the entire season. I'm sorry but Jeff Goldblum can't replace Vincent and I have no idea who the other actress was that replaced Catherine. They must have had bad ratings last season. Why else would they bring back the 2 greatest detectives on TV today. I am a huge fan of this show. I also like SVU as well, but not as much as Criminal intent. It's a shame that this is the last season for C.I. Good thing their bringing back D'Onofrio and Erbe. It just wasn't the same without them. I only wish they didn't kill off Eric Bogosian's character, Captain Ross.
  • It's rare when a spin off matches or exceeds the quality of the origin...and this one does.

    It's rare indeed when you see a spin off show that's every bit as good or better than it's parent show, but Law and Order Criminal Intent definitely fits the bill. More of a whodunit than the original, this show never fails to hold my attention and keep holding on right to the end of every episode. And like all the members of the Law and Order franchise, the writing is superior to well over ninety percent of everything else you're liable to see on prime time television. Never fails to intrigue, never insults your intelligence. Never gets old for me, either.
  • I was surprised I liked it still.

    Okay, I admit it. I miss Vincent. There, i said it. I gotta tell ya, I was mad. I didn't even watch the recorded episodes I had stored on my DVR. You know, the 'Goldblum' ones?
    But then i was ready to cancel the series and delete the episodes I had so far, and... I decided to watch episode 3.
    I was very surprised. I liked it. A lot.
    It was well written, didn't stroke Jeff's ego too much, and I was impressed by the supporting cast.
    I don't know if the series will last, but I will keep watching it.
    At least for now.
  • Far and away the best police drama today, with the original a close second.

    This is the best show on TV right now. People who diss Detective Goren are missing the point. Of course he is a know it all; so was Sherlock Holmes, and he's a giant of literature. The fact that he knows so many things is one of the things that makes him fascinating; that and his personally flaws like being a little socially inept. It's not like the original franchise show, but who wants to watch the same show twice? We have CSI and its clones for that.
  • There is no way I am goning to end this summary of what ever you want, if I have done this summary for twenty minutes and I still don't get to do 50 worrds as I want. Do you understand how it is to take so much time

    There is no way I am goning to end this summary of what ever you want, if I have done this summary for twenty minutes and I still don't get to do 50 worrds as I want.
    Do you understand how it is to take so much time to
  • In a world of copycats, Goran emerged as a neo classic! Let him go through his "dark day of the Soul", and then give him back to us, as he was, please!!!!

    Criminal Intent is one of the few TV shows I feel I'm not wasting my time when watching. It is quite fascinating, well written, produced and acted. The original characters remain appealing and intriguing; a good blend of rightousness, compassion, insight and vulnerability. Goran and Eames are a great team, and Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbes make their characters believable - intelligne ant street-smart, without the unnecessary "attitude". I have a feeling the new characters were brought in to give a more standardized take on the show, possibly to appeal to a wider audience. I, however, prefer the original cast!
  • Since Law & Order began it has been top-notch in every respect. Many others have come and gone but you have remained strong because you have maintained the sepration of business and personal, perfectly. As a student of the law I most appreciate that.

    I began watching Law & Order with the very first episode, many years ago. Since then I have continued to enjoy all of the following spin-offs. They have lived up to the originality and tightness of the mother ship. There have been several cast changes that have been demeaning to the major players but were quickly corrected: ie, limp female partners.
    Now there's Alicia Witt who was okay until she opened her mouth...with that nasal, ignorant arrogance. Chris Noth deserves as good as Vincent d'Nofrio has in Eams. Complete, continue your avenue of perfection. Find someone that has the matuity and cool that will compliment Noth, not make him seem second-rate. Then I won't have to cringe during her dialogue as I continue to view repeat after repeat. Yes, you are that good!

    Adrienne Rich
  • Not even close to the Mothership or SVU.

    Law & Order Criminal Intent tries and fails. I am an avid watcher of SVU and The Mothership, heck I even liked Trial By Jury. Criminal Intent is unrealistic with Goren, the perfect detective who knows all. We don't fall in love with characters because of their perfections, we fall in love with them because of their flaws. Goren is unrealistically intelligent, to the point where there's no use in even watching the show to begin with because you know Mr. Perfect is going to solve it. Character development is at a loss, and even though people say shows like this have no room for character development or say 'this isn't a soap opera!', every character needs some development and as long as it's done tastefully- like in the original and other spin offs, it won't affect anything else. This is an extremely overrated show. The only redeeming quality of it now is that it has Chris Noth.
  • I REALLY don't like this show.

    I saw two or three of it's episodes and I felt terrible. Sometimes I really like criminal shows - especially "Without a Trace" which was great. But not this one. I saw its episodes dubbed in Bulgarian so I can not tell anything about the acting but I really hated D'Onofrio after I saw his character. He is the main reason for me not to like the show. I mean... Robert Goren knows everything, speaks every language, can do everything...

    But despite his knowledge about everything Goren was actually so dumb so it hurts to watch him. I guess the screenwriters thought they would show him as a great psychologist but if anyone speaks to me like he speaks to the suspects I would die laughing at his face. Come on, do you really think this is good? We have seen better shows. We can see better psychology even in "Power Rangers". "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" is a trash. If you want a good show watch something else.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent is okay. Not the best show out there, but I can live with it being on the air.

    Law and Order: Criminal Intent is okay. I won't bash it, say it's horrible, or put it down in any way because that's not what should be done to a show like this. I like all the series in the Law and Order franchise though Special Victims Unit is definitely the best right now despite the abysmal season finale.

    This show is somewhat good. I can live with it being on the air so long as it doesn't start jumping the shark. When a law show begins to jump the shark, with all the possiblities out there that you could make an episode out of, that's when it is time to go.

    For now, Law & Order: Criminal Intent deserves to be on television. It has had its share of bombers, but what show hasn't? Law & Order: Criminal Intent has had a lot of good episodes building it up through this current season and so I am eagerly awaiting for the last bit of it.
  • Incompletely thought-out and poorly-rendered near-story about a journalist poisoned by the most inconsistent radiation ever invented as a plot element. Or something. It's really hard to tell when the commercials make more sense than the show.

    Far and away the worst L&OCI I've ever seen. One of the hallmarks of the series is convoluted plots that are tied together satisfyingly at the conclusion of the story. This episode belies that formula by having an incomprehensible plot which leads to no conclusion at all. A man gets radiation poisoning and the actual culprits are never named or seen, let alone brought to justice. The incomprehensibly-bad Captain character flip-flops on his stand about having the detectives work on the case for no apparent reason. There's no payoff because all of the bad guys get away and the only thing accomplished is Logan offending his cardboard cutout of a Captain yet again. Think about it -- essentially THREE murder victims, no perp even suggested, no arrests, no retribution, no redemption for any of the principals. As close as any show in this series has ever gotten to unwatchable.
  • highly disappointed with the Eames and Goren departure-was one of my favorite shows- their characters made the show

    have not decided whether I'll be watching anymore. a show is as good as the characters in it and g&e made the show and their storylines left us all hanging. to cast them aside without at least finishing their storyline as individuals and as a couple just really makes me mad. every time you get a great show with awesome actors you want to try and make it better and in the end totally destroy the whole concept of the show and it's characters. i am beyond disappointed and unless Goren and Eames come back, myself and many of my friends as well will no longer be watching.
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