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  • We are seeing the very death of creativity. Things are being dumbed down for an under-educated new generation. Its so forced on us it makes me sick. Parents are so lazy they made a chip to control what kids watch. And it claimed another victom, L&O:CI.

    They should of called the Two Part Loyalty, The End. Cause thats exactly what it marks for a once groundbreaking series. Its now not even worth being DVR'd for when im reaaally really bored. All you have to do is look at the growing popularity of Netflix and the just massive sewage that is Hollywood with their remakes and restarts and their re-restarts and their even worse Lets restart it a couple years after we have already restarted it. Its just sickening. And it was so very painful to watch what was so obviously a unnecessary two part series finale. It was even MORE obvious that they were trying to force feed us Goldblum and Burrows on us. And Oh Em Gee, Their scenes were Oh! My! God! Just! Get! On! With! It! borring! Borring BoRRing Y A W N B O R R I N G! Im sorry but Jeff Goldblum is N O T i repeat N O T a actor that can carry a movie let alone a tv show! He is just not a lead actor, hes a sub-supporting actor AT the most. And they could of done that crap in one episode and just aired it SO many months ago. So not worth the wait. They completely wasted killing off the Captain. I mean it was so obvious which one they were gonna kill off, the less essential of the three, Just a waste. I mean 'Homicide: Life On The Street' did a better job without trying, '24' has mastered the art, Old School 'Law & Order', Sgt Max Greevey & ADA Claire Kincaid, killed off with style and purpose, Cerreta, Logan and Green, exited with Style. Its like they just threw it all together JUST to get rid of Goren, Eames and Ross. NOT even those great actors/actress could save that script. And the "reason" Goren FINALLY gets fired...really? really? seriously? really? that was the BEST the minds of Law & Order could come up with? thats the best you could come up with? My dead Cat Billy could of hacked up a better reason. I mean if you REALLY look at it, He grabbed a suspect, what could of been argued resisting a police officer. I mean YES i know the department has been after him for years, which is a crock in itself considering Gorens arrest record would negate it by itself. Its just Such a frakin COPOUT! Freakin Jamie Kennedy coulda come up with a better script. Hell Son of the MASK was more interesting then their half-behind excuse for a script. And to just totally castrate the AWESOME character Goren in the end, to just give up Ross's killer for what? Some lame-moronic story line? It totally kills the reason he risked his career for. It is a slap in the face to all mystery writers, past and present. Detective Goren is our equivalent of Sherlock Holmes & Hercule Poirot. He is special, not some carbon copy but a unique rare Character just like Jack Bauer. I mean the couldnt even be bothered with giving him the ending him and Eames deserved. For all their years of touching peoples hearts, they phone in the script. Holmes got his last hurrah, Poirot got his last hurrah, even Inspector Morse got one last hurrah. To deny such a character a exit he REALLY deserved, is a crime. The last moments between Goren and Eames was VERY emotional, mainly because it was just such a waste. With the GREAT tv shows being so few and fewer each year, we are almost at a point of not even needing satellite or cable anymore. Whats on? Really? Exciting action mystery wise? Whats on? Barely anything. Lost & 24 will be gone, The only bearable L&O show is SVU, only because they havnt found a way to screw that show up, L&O has changed from a just look at our justice system to a drank the koolaid and lets make the show super left so we dont offend the president, Anyshow that could of carried on the reins has been canceled, Life, Prison Break(terrible ending,again wasteful),"Doctor Who" Im afraid to enjoy "Human Target", cause will that be on next season? So whats on? It wont take long...and for the morons out there im talking about the shows that are CURRENTLY still running so dont tell me about shows that are OVER, which is what i am talking about! So...Post 24/Lost? Whats On? 'House' though its more medical drama but we wont have much of a choice, 'Castle' 'Trauma' seams like it has a 'Third Watch' feel to it, but it will be canceled. Thank god for NCIS Tuesday, NCIS series are thee last best hope. Newly 'Justified' but again, who knows how long they'll let that run, Still waiting for 'Sons of Anarchy', probably in Nov, 'The Tudors' is on its last season & 'The Pacific' is just a mini-series 'Psych' and lastly 'Fringe' (with 'FlashForward' 'Mentalist' & The CSI series if you like those shows) Friday there isnt a DAMN THING ON! Thats just sad. And that is it! How could we go from the days of A-Team, Magnum, Hunter, 21 Jump Street, Airwolf, Alien Nation, Equalizer, Hill Street Blues, Knight Rider, MacGyver! lol, Matlock, Perry Mason movies, Poiot,Insp.Morse,Masterpiece Theater, MIAMI VICE, Moonlighting, Quantum Leap, Riptide, Scarecrow & Mrs King, Simon & Simon, Star Trek:TNG, and Unsolved Mysteries! and thats just the 80's, how could we have had all that then and just pure crap now?!? And remember, save a very few of those, nearly all of them were on for a good many years. It started with God being taking out of our schools and its ending with entertainment. And there is nothing REAL about the so called "reality tv" shows running wild all over our channels, its bad enough that Reality Shows killed MTV. And you know its REALLY bad when Video Games have better story lines and are 10x more interesting then 99% of movies and TV shows. And finally, i can't even begin to express the anger i had after watching that crap they tried to pass off as Law and Order: Criminal Intent, the only Criminal Intent going on was the writing. And it still is. Its no wonder that tv ratings are down, because people would rather watch netflix with shows they've already watched a dozen times then Cable & Satellite