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  • Another Classic Show Dead Before Its Time

    Goren and Eames were the lifeblood of the show, adding Logan and Wheeler as a team to take on about half the episode per season was a nice way to keep the fans from becoming sick of seeing Goren and Eames every episode. I also liked the character Zac Nochols, namely because Jeff Goldblum is one of my favorite actors. But Nichols should not have been brought in to replace Goren.

    Instead of accepting the fact that the show had its run, and writing one last respectable and respectful series finale, they tried the revive the show with a simple character replacement instead of creating some completely new and un-Goren like. The fact that this show got cancelled half way through the season, even with the (not well explained) return of Goren and Eames just showed how little hope anyone had for the show to survive.

    What I find most interesting is the fact that both Law & Order and Criminal Intent are on syndication and usually played out in marathons. That means people STILL watch the shows. Why not have another network pick up the show, yet another engaging program cancelled by NBC, and have intelligent, original stories being written once again?

    I'm sorry, but to me, shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom are the very programs destroying what little brain cells American youth have. Don't put on shows that make people think being a terribley violent, drunk or just plain stupid person is a good thing! I want to see brilliant and articulate characters on TV, not drunken sluts and fools.

    When SVU goes off the air, I get the feeling that this season or the next will be its last because NBC makes very poor decisions, I'll have on House, Bones and CSI to look forward to watching. That's about IT for any cleverly written programs.
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