Law & Order: Criminal Intent

USA (ended 2011)





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  • goren is the best

    What makes Criminal Intent so good? it's not that they are dealing with the WORST criminal offenders It's Goren. I think he's so sexy . There's just something about his eyes, something about the way he interrogates,how he''s a little bit clumsy, planned clumsyness.. he seems a littleweird sometimes.. i realy like that in him. he looks pretty hot in those long coats. getting warm just typing this. know im suposed to say that i like the show coz of the way its set up and i Goren makes the show..

    when i first started watching the show i didnt realy know if i liked it, im a svu watcher. as i watched more and more i came to apriciate it. always have that i noo he''s doing it clumsyness,and the weird questions,and the walking around the house,and asking things that doesnt have anything to do with the case...

    i just wish there was more personal things would like to see goren has som kinda love interest. like wish i could have a drink with him i know he got still hot as he married? lol