Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 10 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2011 on USA

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  • The return of Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames! I was so glad to see Goren & Eames again. A bit confusing for the first episode though.

    I think they should have left the airing of the episodes alone and played them in their original order because it was confusing NOT getting the story of their return in the first episode. I also found it a bit unnerving that they had an ex foe of Goren & Eames as their Captain. All I could see every time he was on screen was his scenes in the funeral home, looking for the tooth/cap in his garage & freezer, playing with his daughter near the freezer when she came out for ice cream and sharpening the mower blade. (All scenes in the prior episode he was in.) I know that the Law & Order franchise recycles stars but when one makes such a big bang on one episode that I cannot think of him in the new role it is irritating. If not for that little irritant though I LOVED the episode. I wish they would have lampooned Charlie Sheen a bit more though. I am looking forward to the explanation of their return in next week's episode to see if the show keeps my 10 rating! For now they receive a 10 for bringing back my favorite police partners!
  • Bravo to USA Network: Goren and Eames still have it!

    Watching them arrive on the crime scene and jump into what they do best was great! It was almost as if they had never left.
    I liked the pace of this mystery and the plot twists. Jay Mohr has more acting range than anyone knew. Obviously absent was the customary begging and banter with the ADA. Did it bother me that there was no explanation to the how and why our heroes returned to Major Case? No, if fact it didn't hit me until the end. Besides, we have something to look forward to. Now the big question is this: how are those clever writers going to figure out a way to bring back Nicole Wallace for another entertaining battle of wits?
  • It's great that the show is back - in more ways than one.

    In Law and Order fashion, Goren and Eames come back with no big show. They get right into what this show is about and skip the melodrama. I am very interested in how they got back on the show after last season's "ka-boom", but this is a very good way to start. Very promising too, I hope the dignified (possible) end of this show continues. It should be dignified, just as it started. Delaying the explanation for their return was also a great business strategy: keeps viewers watching (if they really needed an excuse to keep watching). The writing was better than it's been in a while, but quality has been sporadic for years. The true test is if they can keep up the writing. The style, the mystery, the confession were all in classic CI style and the "ripped from the headlines" headline was subtly well-played (usually it seems like we're being beaten over the head with it) with enough alterations to make it "fresh". Two things have persisted that I am disappointed in though: the camera antics in the beginning of the episode that don't fit this smart show and the skin stunts. I'm sorry, this show doesn't need to flash skin to have appeal. It seems that the more this show struggles to stay on, the more skin it shows. On the episode itself: the mystery kept me in the dark until the end (a good sign) and the main suspect was a mess, but somehow strangely sympathetic. A man struggling with the shameful career choice of his daughter is something I don't think this show, or any other I've seen, has gone over. It sure made him think twice about his own lifestyle. Formulaic originality abounds and this show is not dead yet. :D