Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 8 Episode 2

Rock Star

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2009 on USA
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Det. Zach Nichols' first case involves the murder of an aspiring MC, but it's unclear whether the neighborhood he lived in was a factor in his death, or something more personal.

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  • There's a new detective that folks like me are eager to see. Jeff Goldblum has been a a favorite of mine since Ten Speed and Brownshoe ... it was on before most of you were born.moreless

    I have spent the first several episodes of LO:CI trying to compare Zack and Bobby. I've come to the conclusion that Bobby is complicated but Zack is merely quirky. D'onofrio takes risks and his character is often clumsy and struggling to articulate. Goldblum rolls his eyes around, looks wry and distracted and doesn't let go of his desire to let us know he's cool and happenin'. In this episode Zack has rapport with the young musicians. But Zack's criticism of the aging agent could have been directed to Goldblum the actor. I dread watching them in an episode together. Goldblum is highly entertaining, but put next to D'onofrio, I'm afraid, he'll be a shadow.moreless
  • The first Det. Nichols episode...

    Eh, so I decided to tune in and see what this new guy [Zack] is all about. I never really watched the Logan episodes to begin with, but I decided to give this a chance.

    How did I like it? Well, one thumb down (but at least it wasn't two!). Some parts were good, the beginning I found to be hysterical; his hands full of of food and bags. Too funny. The episode in all though? I thought it was too predictable. I don't know, it just wasn't anything too exciting IMO. Yeah, we got to see Jeff play the keyboard, which was nice, but I felt...bored most of the time. About 10 minutes in I found myself logged onto myspace and talking about other LOCI episodes besides this one with fellow LOCI friends. I just hope this won't be the end of the show. The writers need to kick it up a notch. Some people like change. I, myself, do not. Why change something that's already good to begin with? I can't help but wonder, though, if at some point down the road, they'll explain where he went for seven years...

    I haven't reviewed the season premiere yet because I am unsure what to really say. So far, this season isn't what I was hoping for but, as always, I'll be tuning in for next week. Jeff, however, played the part pretty well. I mean, besids the outline of the episode, which I found to be boring, he did his role rather well. I haven't decided yet if he's going to be the all-too-funny Detective or something completely different. I guess I'll just have to tune in and see. Not sure how often I'll be watching the "Zach Nichols" episodes, but I'm hoping, for at least one episode, Goren and Eames will be working with him.

  • A musician is found stabbed to death in a neighborhood with varying ethnic groups. Another musician then falls to his death down an elevator in the same building where the first person lived. Det. Wheeler and her new partner Det. Nichols are called in.moreless

    This is the much anticipated first Jeff Goldblum as Zach Nichols episode. Jeff Goldblum plays Detective Zach Nichols who has been on leave for seven years from police work. As his ex-partner and now Captain Ross says when Wheeler asks where Nichol's has been he replies, "he sent me a postcard from Cleveland once." Nichols is a strange bird in sort of the same way D'Onofrio is as Goren. Both of Nichols parents were Psychologists so that is suppose to explain his behavior.

    I am a huge Goldblum fan from Into the Night to Raines. So I may be a little biased, but even I think this first episode was a little strange. We had a pretty good idea who the main suspects were about a quarter of the way through the episode, but other then the Bed Bugs bit(which was pretty cool by the way) we were scrambling right until the end. They do this with Goren sometimes and depending on the situation it leaves you feeling energized or like something was missing. Unfortunately I felt a little the second way with this episode. Nichol's even admits at the end to Wheeler he wasn't sure which of the two suspects was the murderer, but he was just playing to see who he could catch sort off.

    Maybe it was because they were both guilty?

    Anyways, I enjoyed this first episode with Goldblum. I think he and Julianne Nicholson will be good together. I was a little suspect of that as well. I think as long as they keep her character acting a little suspect of him and he keeps being oblivious it could work out quite well. Sort of like an early pairing of Goren and Eames before she really trusted and enjoyed his antics.

    I almost wish that this show was on twice a week so I could see both pairings each week. This should be a great season of L&O: CI and I will look forward to every episode now with both sets of actors.

    Thanks for reading...moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: When Detective Zach Nichols explains the difference between rapper and emcee to the victim's parents he makes a mistake. He tells the parents that a rapper just raps and an emcee raps if he wishes but also acts as master of ceremonies. This is incorrect. In hip hop parlance emcee is the original term for a rapper. Emcee evolved to rapper with the conversion of hip hop to rap in the early 1990s.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Megan Wheeler: So the next time we go on a bust, you maybe want to tell your partner who we're busting?
      Zach Nichols: I was exploring options.
      Megan Wheeler: God almighty.

    • Philip: I have a Grammy!
      Zach Nichols: Milli Vanilli has a Grammy.

    • Danny Ross: So the girl sleeps around. Don't they all?
      Megan Wheeler: All girls sleep around?
      Danny Ross: No, all 20-year-olds in an artists commune sleep around.

    • Zach Nichols: I was listening to Speckled Stallion. Boy, did those guys suck!
      Megan Wheeler: Well, you just told Philip they were great.
      Zach Nichols: Uh, no, I think I said, "You guys are something."
      Megan: It's the little things, isn't it?
      Zach Nichols: Always.

    • Megan Wheeler: (about Nichols) When does the brilliant part start?
      Danny Ross: Not big on trust at the moment are we?
      Megan Wheeler: I'm not talking about me.
      Danny Ross: One partner quits on you–
      Megan Wheeler: (angrily) Quits on me?
      Danny Ross: I'm just saying, your ex-fiancé's about to go on trial. Someone else you trusted?
      Megan Wheeler: Okay. Thank you, Captain Freud.

    • Danny Ross: (about Nichols) Brilliant cop, very perceptive. Both his parents were shrinks.
      Megan Wheeler: Oh, well, shrink's kids are crazy, established fact.
      Danny Ross: He's not crazy… exactly.
      Megan Wheeler: Oh, that's very reassuring.

    • Teeter: Hey, Dix, How's life in the ghetto?
      Dix: Must be good, man, you moved here.

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