Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 13

See Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on USA
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See Me
Detectives Goren and Eames come to believe a doctor conducted shameful experiments on the residents of a halfway house.

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  • An opthamologist with the bizarre belief that schizophrenia is seated not in the brain but in the optical nerves has been using halfway house inhabitants as...guinea pigs. A murder is the inevitable result of his 'research'.moreless

    Yes, the good doctor believes hallucinations are the result of faulty vision, not a monkey wrench flung into the cranial wiring. Goren sees parallels with Van Gogh who cut off his own ear, possibly to stifle his auditory hallucinations. But the voices were inside his head, not out of it, and the self-mutilation could have done no good. Similarly, the poor victims of the doctor don't end up cured, just half blinded or visually scarred.

    An unscrupulous couple managing the halfway house are also featured..their interest was health insurance monies. But the doctor's motive was purer, if much less cogent. A cure, for his patients and himself.

    As a layman, I have no clear understanding regarding what schizophrenics can and cannot do once their illness has become advanced enough to be diagnosed. I also don't know what can be expected of any of the types (catatonic, disassociative, hebephrenic, etc) at any of the stages, but something tells me finishing med school and changing your specialty from oncology to opthamology in order to battle your own disorder would not come easy for someone with this diagnosis. So the epi was one of those major disbelief suspending events.

    What was riveting, heart-breaking, and revealing (more classifications are needed on this review forum, but for this epi a lot applied) in this story was the character development of Bobby regarding his reaction to an offender suffering from the same disorder as his mother.

    Imo, V'DO did a great job with the final scene, as he mixes personal grief with a brave attempt to understand the doctor's actions..if he can gain some insight into the way the schizophrenic mind works, perhaps....

    But as Eames illustrates to Deakins at the end, with her 'don't ask', this is a private battle, as well as a personal hell for her partner.moreless
  • When a psychiatrist who had been seeking out his brother-in-law is murdered, Goren and Eames investigate the mental facility brother is living in. Uncovering an even more sinister plot by the owners and the eye doctor who was treating their charges.moreless

    Taking advantage of mentally ill patients. Using people as guinea pigs because you can. Doing illegal surgery in search of a cure that you yourself need.

    All terrible things in the end. I give credit to the ADA for sticking to his guns and going for all of the suspects. The Garcia's that ran Garcia House had broken a sacred trust in allowing a butcher to work on the eyes of their charges. The greed was bad enough.

    I think it became obvious when they discovered that the doctor was not motivated by money that there was something even deeper and more sinister going on. Having been involved in the treatment and maintenance of someone who is mentally ill and understanding the illness as well as a layman can I would be appalled by a circumstance such as this going on in a certified facility. Again I am in agreement with the ADA. Allowing these people to continue to function would be tantamount to larceny on a felonious level. Interesting storyline with some complex pieces to it. Wonderful acting by all that took part. A difficult story but one I am glad they told. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • I had an opportunity to watch this episode last night (November 25, 2006)on the USA Network. It's about a doctor attempting to cure schizophrenia. He's experimenting with patients with the same disease. We later discover he has the same disease himselfmoreless

    An ophthamologist is found dead in the park. Goren and Eames are there to investigate. Det. Goren notices that there are no defence marks on the victim even though he's been stabbed at least 11 times?? This is a piece of evidence that seems to be out of place. Why hadn't the victim attempted to defend himself against an attacker???

    Another witness states that he saw "dry lightening"?? Det. Eames had never heard of such. It's later discovered that there was no lightening that night and the ophthamologist had been exposed to an examination instrument. This instrument has a very bright light that floods the eye with intense light and blinds the individual.

    After Det. Goren suspected that the eye doctor also had schizophrenia, he became more understanding of why he committed the crimes. I also noticed that Det. Goren was personally affected by the incident and called his mother, who everyone knows suffers from the same illness.

    This was one of the best episodes that I've seen so far from this season. I'm still attempting to catch up with the espisodes because I just recently started watching this show.moreless
  • A home for schizophrenics is used as a front to supply and opthamologist with patients for experiements. The opthamologist has come up with an idea to "cure" schizophrenia, which he himself has. He needed people to conduct the research on, and used themoreless

    this was NOT the best criminal intent I've ever seen. The episode seems to be a huge crack at the medicare/medicaid system, noting its incredulty and redundancy. This episode was Uneventful and lacking the general twists and sarcasm that has come to be apart of every show.

    I guess it was okay, not every episode can be a spine-tingling, exciting, and mind-blowing experience.

    Vincent is still hot though!!!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goren reveals that his mother began to suffer from schizophrenia at the age of 32.

    • The crime takes place in the park behind Gracie Mansion, which was built in 1799 and has been the official residence of the New York City Mayor since 1942. The grounds of the mansion are part of Carl Schurz Park.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Goren points to paintings in an ophthalmologist's office)
      Goren: Are you a fan, or are these up here to convince your patients they have eye problems?
      Dysart: I put them up to invite ridiculous questions.

    • Eames: They drove around for half an hour and then went back to Garcia House.
      Goren: They let one of them out. He had to go to the bathroom, so they let him take a pee off the pier.
      Sheridan: Off the pier!? That's compassion!

    • Jeff: Cinder blocks. I know cinder block rooms. How many floors underground are we?
      Eames: We're eleven floors up, Jeff. Didn't you see the buttons on the elevator?
      Jeff: Up is down. Down is up. I know the tricks. You're him. He's you.
      Eames: And who's he?
      Jeff: I don't know him.
      Eames: You don't know Michael Roland, your own brother-in-law?
      Jeff: Ah, I know that guy. But that's a facsimile of that guy. North Koreans have been turning out facsimiles for years.
      Goren: When's the last time you saw this facsimile?
      Jeff: Last week at the Garcia house. They gave me a note about a funeral.
      Eames: Your mother's funeral.
      Jeff: The whole thing was a trap!
      Goren: You live at the Garcia house on 117th?
      Jeff: Yeah, before the facsimile blew my cover. They asked me to leave so innocent people wouldn't be hurt. That's the price you pay when you work for the CIA.

    • (Dr. Dysart gets arrested as he's about to perform surgery.)
      Dr. Tom Dysart: What the hell do you think you're doing?!
      Alex Eames: I'd ask you the same thing, but the answer would probably make my hair stand on end.

    • Robert Goren: The story is that van Gogh gave his ear to a prostitute as a token of love. But who knows what he was really thinking?

    • Robert Goren: I know it's hard to stay on your meds. It's like your head is wrapped in a wet blanket. But if you go off them, well, that's when the trouble starts.

    • Lupe Garcia: It's a wonderful painting. So full of hope.
      Robert Goren: Well, it certainly is, umm… full of something.

    • Ron Carver: Do you take art therapy classes?
      Emily LeCroix: Oh, yes. I went last Saturday.
      Robert Goren: What do you do in these classes?
      Emily LeCroix: We painted an office.

    • Ron Carver: I won't go near a grand jury if your only evidence is the ramblings of a lone deranged individual.
      Robert Goren: How 'bout the ramblings of ten deranged individuals?

  • NOTES (2)