Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2002 on USA

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  • A seemingly demure researcher, controlled by a Svengali serial killer and a manipulative colleague/ex-lover, commits a copy-cat murder in order to exculpate the convicted nutcase.

    Every cop drama needs its de rigeur serial killer story. This one centers on how far a researcher will go to prove his theory.

    Altho more disbelief than usual had to be suspended, this show had a few fairly novel takes, revolving around a doctor who is trying to prove folks with lesions on the limbic areas of their brains are prone to 'rage killings' . James Naughton, who does smarmy like few actors, was a joy as the totally depraved researcher falsifying PET scams and manipulating his masochistic assistant into an unspeakable liason with the dirtbag killer.

    This epi was also notable for a couple of primo Goren 'intuition' scenes. One has BabyFace sensing a junkie suspect could not possibly have committed the murder as he doesn't mainline. Goren assumes the man can't take the sight of blood, and to prove it, cuts (and fairly deeply, yeah we know it' s not REAL but STILL, lol) his hand..sho 'nuff, the suspect swoons dead away. Strike THAT one off the list.

    Bobby Boy's other great psychological eureka comes when observing the doctor who copy catted the murder..her OCD neatness strikes him as am attempt to control the chaos warring inside her - she is not only a confirmed masochist but the person whose PET illustrates the deadly lesion.

    A good one.