Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2002 on USA
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The detectives investigate the murder of a judge's clerk, with their attention initially going to the judge himself, who had been having an affair with the young woman.

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  • When the clerk of a Circuit Court judge is found dead in his kitchen interesting facts start coming out during the investigation. Not only about this judge but also another judge as well. Both of whom are up for a seat on the Appellate Court.moreless

    A story that reveals how high up within the court system the corruption goes. This is a story of murder, blatant plagiarism, and betrayal at the highest levels.

    The first judge was having an affair with the Court Clerk for about ten years. Not only that but he was having her write all of his briefs as well as all of his published papers. She did this all in the hope that he would someday leave his wife for her.

    The second judge was one who had worked his way up in the system and did not come from a life of leisure where things were given to him. He obviously felt that any means justify the ends. His crime was wanting the other judge revealed as a phony. Unfortunately the person he used to carry out the deed was not that smart so things escalated beyond where they should have. When he was painted in a corner he sent his accomplice back to prison not believing he would ever talk.

    There were times in this tale that I just did not believe the storyline. We had most of the facts pretty early in the episode and then it was more a matter of putting together the correct investigation to get all the results wanted. A few of the characters were not believable to me. Especially the intelligence level of a woman who could have been a top flight attorney and a judge herself to allow someone to use her for a ten year period. Also the judge who sent his gofer back to jail. Did he really think he wasn't going to sing? As I stated I am not sure I believed this episode. It was very well put together. The acting was good and the main cast performed admirably. The story just left a little to be desired. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • The bright female clerk of a married judge up for the appellate court is murdered in the home of the judge, with whom she has been having an affair. She has been writing the dull witted judge's briefs for ten years.moreless

    A critical piece of evidence, her laptop, is missing. What was on it, and who wanted it?

    This was a supremely well written story featuring the rivalry between two judges - one born with a silver spoon and the other a talented overachiever. The latter is the actual culprit but a very interesting character, a former Golden Gloves champ (invites Goren to 'go a few rounds'), who has also published novels which give Goren clues to his guilt.

    There were some wonderfully done scenes, from the beginning with Goren (literally) sniffing around the crime scene to some revealing moments between ADA Carver and the guilty judge who had pulled himself up by his boot straps. Goren's profile of a 'semi-professional killer' was also intriguing.

    One funny scene had Eames ask Goren, who was going thru the novels, if he was "underlining the dirty parts". His answer was that "the sex was robust", and the writing a cross between "Jimmy Breslin and Daphne Du Maurier".

    Firefligh LOVES a literate detective, especially with Bobby Goren's sexy one day growth of beard. :)moreless
Michael Murphy (I)

Michael Murphy (I)

Judge Peter Blakemore

Guest Star

Bruce MacVittie

Bruce MacVittie

Arnie Cox

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Dan Frazer

Dan Frazer

Mac McNeal

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Goren and Eames leave they give Arnie a hardcover book to read. But only paperback books are allowed in prisons. Hard cover book boards can be turned into crude knives (shanks) by prisoners, so they are banned by law.

    • Goof: When Goren first meets Arnie Cox, his badge isn't fixed to his overcoat, however when the camera switches to Eames and then back to Goren, his badge is now magically there.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Goren goes through a law article written by the victim.)
      Robert Goren: "Fair Speech and the Fair Use Doctrine: The First Amendment and Encryption Software."
      Alex Eames: Stop it. You're making me hot.

    • (After one judge gets arrested and the other one is being interrogated)
      Ron Carver: Sabatelli and Blakemore violated the first rule you learn in the law school: Never commit anything to paper.

    • Judge Sabatelli: (after realizing he has incriminated himself) You trapped me! I thought I could trust you, Ron!
      Ron Carver: I thought I could trust you, Judge.

    • Arnie Cox: Anybody that likes Chinese chess can't be all bad. Where'd you learn, anyways?
      Robert Goren: China.

    • (Eames paraphrases something Goren said earlier.)
      Alex Eames: A history of violence. Sounds like a distinguishing feature of the semi-professional hit man. (Goren looks surprised) I only look like I'm not paying attention to you.

    • (Regarding Goren's ploy to get a confession out of Sabatelli.)
      Ron Carver: You want to arrest Blakemore?
      Robert Goren: Well, arrest would be an understatement.

    • (Goren goes through several novels with a pen.)
      Alex Eames: You underlining the dirty parts?

    • (Goren approaches Arnie Cox, who's playing Chinese chess with another man on a car hood.)
      Robert Goren: (to Arnie) You need to close ranks.
      Arnie Cox: What are you talking about?
      Robert Goren: He's setting up a seven-star offence. (to the other man) Isn't that right?
      Arnie Cox: What are you, an expert?
      Robert Goren: No, I'm a cop. So is she. (shoves Arnie down facefirst onto the car hood) And you're under arrest. (makes several rapid moves on the chess board, then addresses Arnie's opponent) Your move.

    • Ron Carver: You see something? (Goren ignores him and continues smelling a garbage can so Carver addresses Eames.) Is his investigative style always so sociable?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Alex Eames: ...he was born on third base and thought he hit a triple...
      Eames reads this line from a copy of Judge Sabatelli's book. The original quote has been attributed to a number of people: Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower delivered the line at the 1988 Democratic convention in reference to then-vice president George H.W. Bush. University of Oklahoma head football coach Barry Switzer was attributed by the Chicago Tribune to have used this line to refer to unknown individuals. A 1993 article in Time by Susan Fraker attributed the quote to an acquaintance of Superior Oil C.E.O. Howard Keck, former Texas governor Ann Richards, and newspaper columnist Molly Ivins (both referring to George H.W. Bush).