Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 7 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2007 on USA
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Logan and Falacci investigate the execution-style murder of three young college freshmen.

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  • Painful

    This has stuck with me for over 5 years.

    Three kids almost made it up out of the muck - after years of dedicated effort by parents and community to assist.

    Only to be snuffed out by local thugs - with other problems.

    We all lost - whatever contributions the 3 wold have made.

    Very sad.

  • Weak

    This episode doesn't exactly follow the Law & Order Criminal Intent formula. We see who the killers are at the offset. Usually we see the victim before he/she is killed interact with different people who are questioned and eventually who the killer is figured out by the detectives. The only mystery in this episode was killing gang related which it appears to be but eventually it's disproven. So the detectives try to figure out why it appears to be gang related. Eventually we learn that the one behind it is a tough guy wannabee. And his reason for killing them is because he didn't like the way they looked at him. But it's still sad that the girl who stayed alived long enough to give them enough info to get them died, succumbing to her wounds.moreless
  • Three successful black college students who grew up together meet back in their old, run-down neighborhood on school break, where they are gunned down for no apparent reason by a sadistic gang thug.moreless

    This episode had some good points. As usual, the quality of the acting and production values was high. The show did a good job of creating a memorably monstrous street tough and of showing the effect of a crime this pointlessly destructive even on hardened members of the police force, like Logan and the tough-as-nails coroner. The events were depicted in a credible, authentic way.

    But the episode was too much of a police procedural to rise above the average. It relied too much on simply narrating horrible, real-life events, without crafting them into a meaningful, intricate story. This made the TV show feel at times maudlin, manipulative, and unpleasant to watch. Unlike many others in the series, this episode is not one that I would fondly return to watching again and again (in fact, when NBC keeps re-running it, I switch it off as soon as I see the sentimentalized opening playground montages).moreless
  • After a horrible installment the week before, this one came back and reminded me why I love "CI." This one really went back to basics, showing the series as it originally was.moreless

    After a horrible installment the week before, this one came back and reminded me why I love "CI." This one really went back to basics, showing the series as it originally was. We know all along who committed the crime. The excitement comes from watching Logan and Fallaci solve it.

    I have to admit, this one was a tear jerker. It was obviously ripped from the headlines of the Newark shooting of last year where three young, bright African-American students were senselessly murdered. Watching the community as well as the cops come to terms with this brings on emotions you rarely feel from television today.

    Chris Noth was wonderful in this episode. Logan has evolved so much character wise since his first appearance on "Law & Order" in 1990. While he can still be a hot head, he is much more controlled and rational than he once was. Alicia Witt is beginning to grow on me. I'm not sure if I want her to leave when Julianne Nicholson returns from maternity leave. I'm really beginning to like the Logan/Fallaci episodes more than the Goren/Eames ones, simply because the Logan/Fallaci episodes seem to stay true to the "CI" formula better. Logan has turned into a character very similar to Goren in the first five seasons, something I never would have expected when he came on the show in season five due to his past on "Law & Order." The transition has been magnificent, however, and tonight just proved how well the transition has come.moreless
  • Three senseless murders

    A very gripping, moving episode about 3 teens who had grown up together in the same area as the opening sequences allude to and how all 3 were murdered execution style. How the usually hot headed Logan manages to contain his anger on this one is tough but he does get the job done without making it more difficult. I like his new partner; would like to see her get a reprising role in this series or better yet just add her to Goren-Earnes team. Here is hoping we see a lot more of Chris Noth in the seasons to come.moreless
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Jesse Garcia

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    • (After being held with a knife to her throat by a suspect.)
      Mike Logan: Gonna be okay?
      Nola Falacci: (looks at her bloody arm) I'm fine.
      Mike Logan: Let's get you to the hospital, Falacci. (beat) And Falacci? Let's never do that again.

    • Luisa: I don't know where Paco is, but whatever you think he did, he didn't do it.
      Mike Logan: Well, if you think he's been falsely accused of the crime, we can help him.
      Luisa: That would imply that I'd just lied to you, and only a stupid person would lie to the NYPD.
      Nola Falacci: Well, we know you're smart.
      Luisa: That I won't dispute.

    • Franklin Johnson: Who would do something like this?
      Mike Logan: I don't know, but I can promise you this: whoever did do this, we're gonna get him.
      Tonya Johnson: Thank you, detective.
      Nola Falacci: Why promise something like that?
      Mike Logan: Why? Because the scum that did this, if I can't get 'em off the streets… just gimme the gold watch.

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    • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the Newark execution style shooting of four young college friends. Three of the victims died, and the other victim, 19 year old Natasha Aeriel, survived the shooting.