Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 4 Episode 14

Sex Club

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2005 on USA

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  • As usual, Goren is a know-it-all ass.

    Seriously Goren's character is so annoying, he does the coroners job, the CSI's job and seems to know random facts about any and EVERYTHING. I don't know why they give him a partner or a boss - he could just solve everything himself...

    Anyway, I found this particular episode to be particularly problemmatic. Especially the end where they basically force this woman who is embarrassed about her past to confess to a murder. I think we were supposed to feel Goren was clever in forcing a murder to confess. I found it to be emotional blackmail & battery -- she would've confessed under those circumstances even if she was innocent!
    They basically threatened to turn her daughter against her & reveal embarrassing sexual stories about her if she didn't confess & waiver any rights to appeal.
  • Sex Club

    Lady got murdered because she purchased a "sex club" black book and other bidder wanted it. Went inot sex club had to go w/ woman. Mayhave been a lover. Man found in closet who stole the "little black book" and believed to be J.R. because the man sent it to hold on. Mans wife needed it to bury her own past. Her name was in a book and they ran a train on her. Daughter slit her wrists. Woman signed in under Monique. Monique didn't want her daughter to find out about her and her past. So she tried to buy the black book and then someone else out bid her, and she then killed them.
  • A former Playboyish \"Honey\" is murdered, leading Goren and Eames to a self-styled Hugh Hefner and his little black book - auctioned off and containing a lot of names and numbers that are best kept \'under covers\'.

    This epi had a few things to recommend it, notably Peter Bogdanovich as the aging HoneyClub king - a neat take off of Hefner, as Bogdanovich, like his real life counterpart, came across as a benign old coot whose libido has long been dictated by B-12 shots because even gerontology level Viagra won\'t work. But like ole Hugh, he keeps on slinging \'swinging\', senile and all, in the name of the soft porn \"Empire\". Made him billions and did more that anyone else to blur the lines between sex drive and an obsession with smut.

    Rosanna Arquette was also fine as the ex-wife of a senator who had frequented a notorious sex club, not because her husband forced her to, as the story first indicates, but because she was, well, a bit wild. Not wanting her now teenaged daughter to learn her mom had long neglected her - not to work late to support her, but to engage in public group sex acts - mother now has to erase the evidence of her pitiful past. (hint, hint, spoiler)

    The premise itself, that such a potentially damaging \'little black book\" would be auction bait was amusing. As was the bidding war for it. \"Tortious interference\". LOL!

    So the seedy elements of the plot were overlaid with good performances and a clever hook - enough so the repellant aspects, ie, the sheer level of human debasement indicated by the sex club repertoire, didn\'t control the storyline. The connection between politicians and this form of \'entertainment\' was also a story strand - certainly public servants are entitled to the same sordid pasttimes as their constituents - just not during an election year. :)

    Props to the writers for not allowing the plot to get bogged down in too many unneeded and unwanted \'details\'.