Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 4 Episode 8

Silver Lining

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2004 on USA

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  • A woman is found choked to death on a park bench sans ID and purse, but in her possession are a jeweler's loop, polishing cloth, and silver polish. The detectives soon find she is an antique silver appraiser and suspect her death is tied to stolen silver.

    This was, well, a sterling episode. More criminal character development than usual, and some intriguing scenes.

    Goren and Eames discover the dead woman was under pressure to appraise some silver quickly, and that part of the collection consisted of some stolen spoons, the reason she would not sign the appraisal. Suspicion falls at first on the son of the silver owner who has forged the appraiser's signature. His father is near death and he wants to have the entire collection stolen so he can collect the insurance before the dad dies and the silver is packed off to a museum.

    But lo and behold, the silver is already gone, and Goren and Eames realize a master thief who has operated in many cities and stolen over 40 million dollars worth of silver must be the culprit.

    The thief, "Wes", is an interesting character who steals and sells the silver but doesn't spend the ill gotten gains..he buries it in coffee cans in a shed behind his mother's home in Pennsylvania. As Eames points out to his wife, "he's just like my partner, who just wants to be left alone to do what he's good at - catching bad guys".

    Wes has an underdog mentality and is motivated by robbing the wealthy, as well as by his perfectionisn. Goren understands his profile, and that Wes chooses occupied houses to burglarize as it's 'a power thing'.

    Eventually, the detectives break the case via their tried and true tactic of splitting up a couple and attacking each's fears re the other. Wes is a likable sort and is certainly a thief, but it is his newly wedded and pregnant wife who has murdered the appraiser. When Wes learns this, he asks "why"? Her response is that the appraiser would have given evidence that would send him to jail. Wes' rejoiner is "so what". He does not think his freedom is worth a human life.

    There were several really well done scenes in this one, including a Goren-Eames all night stakeout of a house (while the clever thief changes his MO to work around the next corner), an Eames interrogation of the wife, and a Goren interview of the hubby in which a form of mutual respect could be seen developing. And altho Goren was looking ultra elegant with his GQ do-s and perfect tailoring in season four, VD'O kept him in character with a cute little dropping files and stuttering scene.

    Good one!