Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2001 on USA

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  • Witchy mom has husband kill the pregnant junkie girlfriend of her screw-up junkie son. Pretty straightforward plot but guest stars hitting all the right notes.

    There were some nifty D\'Onofrio moments in this, the third ever episode.

    One was a brief park chase scene in which Mr. D doesn\\\'t run any more gracefully than he did in Full Metal Jacket. But he has this early Brando thing going on in a brown leather jacket and a lock of hair curled over the forehead. (as well as an interrogation room scene in black tee shirt, vaguely reminiscent of Stanley Kowalski sans the rips).

    Another scene gave a whole new take to \"arm-twisting\" as Det. G gets pretty physical with a perp.

    Plenty of Goren \"leans\" in this one, including one directed at the victim\'s corpse, stuffed into a a box spring. It\'s a wonder the boy didn\'t get vertigo. Lots of raised eyebrowing, solo or double. All in all, the performance came over as a little \"precious\".

    Another subtle but effective scene is the almost impreceptible but deeply sarcastic half-smile Goren wears listening to murderous yet ludicrous step-dad claim \"I\'ve been interrogated by experts, and I have the scars on my genitals to prove it\". Mr. D\'s semi smirk is priceless.

    There was also what may have been the first Goren reference to his own mother.

    The Eames character was still edgier than it seemed to ultimately evolve, and the best Tulip moment was the final scene in which Goren, hovering a few feet behind the evil mom, clicks open a pair of handcuffs and spins them...the whirring sound and the look spell \"bye-bye!\"

    A tightly written episode with plenty of sweet D\'Onofrio-Goren nuances.
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