Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2001 on USA

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  • A mothers love? When a pregnant former junkie is strangled and found in a hotel room buried under a mattress, a carefully woven story of entitlement, greed, and intrigue uncovers a very broken family. Showing money is not a guarantee of class.

    It becomes an obvious setup when the pregnant girlfriend Lois Romney of Dale Van Acker is murdered. It is a little far fetched that someone would murder someone for so little money (three way split of twenty thousand). The girl Becky was a stripper. Her biggest problem would be that she must be pretty bad at that profession if she wasn't at least making a decent living doing that and thought 6,000 plus was a big score.

    Forgetting that, it was interesting how they managed to follow the trail from Romney, to Dale, to Becky and her pals, to Jameson, and finally to Priscilla Van Acker, Dale's mother.

    This Priscilla was really a cold hearted woman. She was only interested in what she wanted and could care less for anyone else's feelings. It's a little scary that people of money and power tend to be that entitled some times. I always think of the line from the movie Dave where Frank Langella's former Senator's character says, "I can kill one person, I could kill five of them" (meaning a normal American citizen) or something of that sort and feel justified to get a way with it.

    The forgery letter was a little bit of a reach as well but overall I got a kick out of the storyline and the content in general so I give this a little higher mark. Thanks for reading...