Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 4 Episode 13

Stress Position

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2005 on USA
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Stress Position
When a prison guard is murdered, Eames and Goren investigate, only to discover they've riled the feathers of Mike Logan, a Staten Island police officer who happens to be dating the nurse at the prison. Logan joins the duo to find out exactly what is happening at the prison.moreless

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  • Goren and Eames investigate the death of a Prison Guard who was soon to quit for the Fire Department and meet Detective Mike Logan after they ask his girlfriend, a nurse at the prison, some questions he does not appreciate.moreless

    I am a big fan of \"Crim-it\" (my nickname for Law & Order: Criminal Intent) but this was the best episode I have seen thus far (only up to season 4 has been broadcast in the UK). I was able to see the first three seasons of Law & Order earlier this year and I am glad I did as I was able to appreciate the character of Mike Logan a lot more - particularly noting that he still wears a US flag on his lapel, and still goes around in the same brown leather coat and has the same cutting humour.

    The final showdown in this episode was also excellent. Although I enjoy this part of the show with Goren and Eames and the accused there was something different about this final part with Goren and Logan facing possible harm from the guilty Prison Guards. I liked how Goren took them out one by one. Very different to the norm as Goren had more of an interest in ensuring the guards did not attempt to kill him! This was an excellent set up to the 5th Season (yet to be shown in the UK) where I know Logan becomes a regular character. I'm particularly looking forward to the two-part episode in the 5th season and seeing more interaction between Goren & Eames and Logan.moreless
  • Very powerful storyline centering on the inhumanity and abuse that results from the "Patriot" Act, and the absurdity of treating Arab Americans as second-class citizens.

    Very powerful storyline centering on the inhumanity and abuse that results from the "Patriot" Act, and the absurdity of treating Arab Americans as second-class citizens. Very well done, genuinely dramatic, fab denouement with the lovely Bobby taking down the bad guys as smoothly as ever. Realised the good thing about Logan is he has a sense of humor, which not everyone on the show has. Criminal Intent is glossy and formulaic, which is why I am hopelessly addicted to it - but it's good to see a show with such mainstream appeal addressing current events with integrity.

    Background info.:

    Amnesty International is concerned that the USA PATRIOT Act undermines the human rights of Americans and non-citizens, and weakens the framework for promoting human rights internationally.

    Combined with other post-September 11 domestic security policies, the USA PATRIOT Act becomes even more potent in its ability to erode basic civil and human rights. Even in times of crisis, it is important to preserve constitutional freedoms and human rights.

    In particular, the USA PATRIOT Act threatens the rights protected in the U.S. Constitution and international documents, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the Convention against Torture, and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

    Write to Congress. Write your US Representative and Senators. (If you're away at school, write to both those that represent your school and those who represent your hometown too!). Ask them to pass the End Racial Profiling Act and the SAFE Act. Tell them to vote no on the CLEAR ACT. Go to for updates.moreless
  • A corrections officer about to switch careers to fire fighting is found with a puncture wound to his throat, and his pants pulled down around his ankles - a crime Bobby immediately suspects has been staged. The investigation takes Goren, Eames, and Loganmoreless

    9.0 a secret Gitmo policed by goon squad guards whose operations are sanctioned by the Patriot Act.

    The dead guard's killing was set up to look like a revenge killing and a recently paroled compulsive confessor named "Chocolate Jimmy" (only Goren would ask why he was so named) eager to take the rap. But the bag Jimmy had packed, his ambiguous answers, and his history of false confessions make the detectives soon understand the murder was something more than a prison vendetta.

    They are then led to a hygenist who has sent her inmate prison cell phones with minutes pre-paid, and suspect the guard was killed because of a contraband ring. It is not until Goren realizes that 'c block' has more prisoners than it should that the detectives realize the guard wasn't killed to protect an illegal criminal enterprise, but to keep him from speaking out about a 'legal one'.

    The key information is revealed by a very scared prison nurse, who has been treating 'nameless' uncounted prisoners for malnutrition, exposure to cold, and torture. She happens to be Detective Logan's girfriend, and Logan bull rushes into Deakin's office to express his anger about Goren's questioning of her, and to get in on the case. Goren feels he could be helpful, and indeed he is..snooping thru his gal's things Mike finds a postcard an ex prisoner had wanted her to mail.

    The detectives learn innocent prisoners of Middle Eastern extraction are being held and tortured for months without being charged. When they find the man who had given the nurse the card to mail, Goren realizes from his loosely hanging arm and demeanor that he has been tortured.

    Logan, who has been buried on Staten Island for his former indiscretion, gets on board with Goren and Eames. Carver is willing to ask a judge for a writ of habeas corpus, ironically, for men already incarcerated. But when the ADA gets to the prison with his writ, a lock down keeps him out - and Goren and Logan are tapped inside with the nurse and some pretty scary guards.

    The final scenes were terrific - seeing Goren and Logan in physical danger was a kick, and the ending showcased the very different natures and approaches of the two detectives. Bobby, the profiler, talks three of the menacing guards down. Using info he has learned about all three - one a former student criminologist, one a church goer, and the last an ex-navy man, Bobby eliminates one after another until there is only one incorrigible left - the brutal ringleader.

    Logan is ready to go at the king of the torture ring even after the nurse and detectives are out of danger - and we believe him when he says "that guy would've been worth another ten years of Staten Island'. :) But it's clear Mike has learned something about the repercussions of anger from his ten year exile…..a little self-control.

    A really fine epi … one of the best I've seen to date. Made me wish we could see Goren and Logan work together more, but also illustrating how CI storylining has been developed to work off Goren's profiling knowledge and his ability to psychologically break down a criminal's defenses, Logan's more straightforward techniques being more suitable to 'the mother ship'.

    But still, it would have been neat to see the two big boys kick some tail. :)


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof:
      Goren: Now, if seven hundred is thirty-six percent, what is the total population?
      Eames: One thousand, nine hundred and forty-six (1,946)
      When calculating the total population based on the percentage of inmates tested for drugs, the answer given is wrong. The correct answer is 1,944, so it is off by 15, not 17

    • Van Buren has made three unsuccessful attempts to get Logan, who has been a detective for eighteen years, back on her team.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Mike Logan: I've been a detective for 18 years; I think I'd like to join this party.
      Capt. Deakins: As you said, we're Major Case. Let me discuss it with my detectives.
      Mike Logan: No problem. Maybe I'll have some of your major coffee.

    • Robert Goren: Do you remember Guard Kenna?
      Chocolate Jimmy: Kenna, yeah. I remember him. Sure.
      Alex Eames: You had a dust-up with him for wearing double clothes.
      Chocolate Jimmy: He had me strip down to my kimono, so all the people in the galleries could see.
      Jimmy's Mom: You probably liked that.
      Chocolate Jimmy: Shut up, Ma, they're talkin' to me!
      Robert Goren: Is your mom right, Jimmy? Or– or did you feel humiliated?
      Chocolate Jimmy: I'm no Anna Nicole. I don't like bein' made a spectacle.
      Alex Eames: Then you'll be happy to know Guard Kenna was stabbed to death in his building two days ago.
      Robert Goren: Do you know anything about that, Jimmy?
      Jimmy's Mom: He doesn't know anything. He just sits around eating biscuits. "Get a hobby," I tell him.
      Chocolate Jimmy: I know things, Ma!
      Jimmy's Mom: Ungrateful, biscuit-eating son-of-a-bitch!

    • (Goren and Logan prepare to enter Brooklyn Federal Prison.)
      C.O. in Cage: Let me have your weapons, phones. You know the drill.
      Mike Logan: I guess if we need one we can always borrow from an inmate.

    • Mike Logan: Funny how bad apples always find each other.
      Robert Goren: Well, maybe it's the barrels that make the apples bad.

    • (Goren has folders spread all over the floor.)
      Alex Eames I didn't know you could play Twister by yourself.

    • Alex Eames: So this is the Logan who threw a punch at a city councilman ten years ago. Made him a hero to guys like my dad.

    • Alex Eames: Maybe Jimmy does have a hobby ... confessing.

    • (Goren wonders why the officer pulled up the victim's pants.)
      Officer Liss: Yeah, okay, his jingus was out. I didn't think a brother officer needed his wife knowing he got shivved getting hooker service. Look, I thought he was a cop.
      Robert Goren: Next time, remember that you're a cop and do not disturb the crime scene.

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