Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 12

Suite Sorrow

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2003 on USA

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  • A wealthy dominating hotel owner is killed by her daughter, who has been manipulated by both her insincere fiance and her greedy father. The detectives sort through the motives and nail all three.

    This one was a special treat.

    What do you do with a plot that is as old as the hills (the rich parent trying desperately to save her child from marrying a sneaky gold-digger, and then mom gets murdered?) Well, you handle the same old, same old, like this:

    1. You give domineering mom a modern death, and in this case' it's 'death by botox in a bathtub."

    2. You fill the epi with wisecracks, real funny ones, from the medical examiner to Eames to Carver. And of course, Bobby ( I especially loved "You spell Junkers with a J, just be happy it wasn't Messerschmitt.")

    3. You let the actors play it up so much it borders on camp( Erbe is almost as antic as D'Onofrio, who spends most of one interrogation scene aiming botox injection needles like darts into a piece of styrofoam). In fact, the final scene has Bobby and Alex allowing the hot tempered daughter who has committed the actual murder to trap her Machaiveliian dad, on film, as the detectives watch on camera from an adjacent room. Only hot-tempered daughter steps put of camera range and kills dad before Goren and Eames can break in.

    This episode was totally unlike any CI I have seen to date. The most straightforward of plots, but with the old, tried an' true one-minute-you- think-he-did-it, and the-next-minute-you-think she-did sensibiity (and you get a strong hunch when dad starts talking power of attorney and trust finds).

    A fun ride all the way, felt like a 30's comedy in spots. :)