Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 12

Suite Sorrow

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2003 on USA

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  • When a wealthy hotel heiress is murdered the suspicion starts to fall on her daughter and her daughters fiancee. It seems pretty cut and dried until the investigation turns to something even more heinous.

    I guess this is what you may call a dysfunctional family. The mother loved her daughter and looked out for her, but she understood that she was mentally unstable and was forced to do things for her daughters good. The father was a manipulator. How long do you suppose they were married before his wife, her mother knew he was gay Everything they had told their daughter for years was a lie. A very strange situation.

    As the evidence unfolds we go from thinking that the fiancee really loved the daughter to realizing more and more what a snake he was. The introduction through the father playing both sides. The manipulation with the mother with the photograph and knowing that the daughter had a viscous temper.

    The ending was a bit of surprise and it was weird seeing Goren lose his cool when everyone around him seemed to take it all in stride. Boy Goren really doesn't like losing anymore than any of the perpatrators he brings to justice each week.

    Excellent acting by the cast, especially D'Onofrio as Goren, and Amy Ryan as the daughter Julie Turner. A well written and produced episode. Thanks for reading...
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