Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 6

The Extra Man

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2001 on USA
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Episode Summary

When a European con man is found beaten to death, the detectives look for the investors he swindled, learning quickly that the man also had relations with their wives.

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  • A French con man leads Goren and Eames thru a lot of twists and turns. Even the wives of the rich that he took from and eventually paid someone to kill him are still smitten enough to post bail in the end.moreless

    A very nicely wound tale of deceit, fraud, and murder. When a group of investors decide to kill a fraud who took their money calling himself DuPont, Goren and Eames jump to action. The man is found dead in a hotel room where he was having a rendezvous with one of the wives of the investors.

    The wife breaks a nail which eventually gets her caught but she is just a witness not a suspect. Eventually we get to the other people in the conspiracy to commit murder. Which leads them to the hit man they hired vacationing in Boca Raton.

    Through interviewing him they find out specifically who hired him to kill the man in the room. Another nice twist appears when it turns out DuPont's assistant not DuPont himself was the murder victim. The hit man only roughed the assistant up and left him alive. DuPont returned and killed him and marred his face beyond recognition. Goren does a magnificent job of goading DuPont who's real name is Didier. So much so that by the end they are having phone conversations regularly so the man can prove to Goren how smart he is and how stupid the police are. Of course in the end they catch the man and charge him with Murder Two with no bail even though two of the wives of the swindled men are still willing to pay his bail. Ironic huh? Thanks for reading...moreless
  • A French con man gets checkmated playing chess with WonderBoy. Goren diagnoses the bad guy using his abridged profiler's copy of the DSV-IV, and the evil doer's whole world comes tumbling down at mention of the word "orphanage".moreless

    A bit far-fetched that so accomplished an international criminal should come undone so quickly by being baited about his childhood, but hey, when you've only got an hour to trap a mastermind, some measure of belief will have to be suspended.

    Anyway, maybe they gave the villain's real name as Foucault because dollboy was gonna deconstruct him in a heartbeat.

    Best part were the very Tulip moments of "Bobby" (first time the nickname was used, good choice, Goren's no "Bob" or "Robbie") taunting his prey over the phone..the full range of smirks, sarcastic half smiles and other facial antics.

    The bemused look on Goren's face when the conman accuses him of possessing a "pedestrian intellect"?

  • A confidence trickster thinks he can outwit Goren. It is to laugh.

    This episode features the usual ingredients of a ‘Criminal Intent’ story: Goren delves into his recondite store of knowledge and manipulates the criminal while Eames and co. watch with a mixture of amusement and amazement; the central crime is not what it at first appears to be; there are a couple of serious twists in the plot.

    We start when a married woman turns up for a date with her lover only to find not a lover but a corpse in the hotel room (there are the usual amusing scenes where the hotel manager is worried about the reputation of his business). Being this programme, it is, of course, no mere matter of finding evidence to convict the husband: the plot goes deeper than that, involving a confidence trickster and a conspiracy which is revealed to us, and the detectives, as the story progresses. Finally, Goren has to lure the criminal into the open so that an arrest can take place.

    I almost think that Goren does everything in this episode perhaps a little too easily; however, this is merely carping about what is, for me, perhaps the central tenet of this series, i. e. that Goren is brilliant, a successor to Sherlock Holmes.

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Haviland Morris

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John Doman

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Patricia Charbonneau

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Graphics did not consistently spell Dupont's name. The title card identifying his home used "Denis Dupont," while a later news story on a TV used "Dennis Dupont."

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Going through Dupont's papers.)
      Alex Eames: Here's George W.'s number in Texas.
      Robert Goren: Really? I have a, uh, letter here from Donald Trump, thanking Dupont for his "timely advice," and he misspells the word "investment".
      Alex Eames: You'd think Trump's secretary would use spell check.

    • Robert Goren: 10 to one he'll call back. He has something to prove to me now.
      Ron Carver: 10 to one?
      Alex Eames: I've taken him on before, Mr. Carver. I'm down eighteen bucks.

    • Ron Carver: Charge them for a murder they didn't commit? Of a person who isn't dead? I can't begin to count the number of violations that would entail.

    • Robert Goren: Give me your license and registration.
      Sammy Bell: What's the problem, officer?
      Robert Goren: Uh, w-well you're parked too close to the hydrant.
      Sammy Bell: I thought the rule was 15 feet?
      Robert Goren: Well, y-you look about 14 feet to me.

    • (Speaking over the telephone.)
      Robert Goren: You think you'd make a good detective?
      Didier Foucault: I think I'd make the very best detective. Do you know why? I understand human nature. You might profit from such a study, Detective Goren.

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