Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 5 Episode 18

The Healer

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on USA
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Episode Summary

Barek and Logan investigate when the deaths of two young girls seem to be connected to a voodoo-practicing nurse. Things turn interesting when it seems the young woman has placed a voodoo curse on Logan.

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  • It could have been magic, magic!

    A fairly ordinary opening opens another story of manipulation by fear and misdirection. This time the subject matter brings with it an element of the exotic.

    What this episode does differently from normal is that Noth is placed in direct jeopardy from the antaganist and convincingly. The method in which the witch doctor is proved to be a fake is the highlight of the episode, even if it uses the tried and trusted way of putting two conspirators up against each other.

    Dialogue and locations support the plot adequately. V little Carver however takes away from the episode.

    Still there is enough happening that your interest will never wain, considering the ending isnt that great. But it does provide some measure of fulfillment!moreless
  • A little predictable, a little mundane.

    I found this episode a little flat, mostly because of the casting as Barek as believer and Logan as skeptic. Also, the healer as a sham, haven’t we all seen that before? Though kudos to Barek for pointing out that faith comes in many forms and why certain practices may not be for us, they’re crucial to others. [Another plot device that irked me – praying on the sick and dying; hasn’t that been overdone before too?]

    Though it revealed a little of Barek’s character as being open to alternative healings, that Logan was the unbeliever and ultimately had to prove that voodoo was fake, irked me. He was closed minded from the start and no amount of ‘proof’ was ever going to shift his focus. Without Barek, I doubt he would have uncovered the murderer at all.

    Speaking of which, the investigations into the murders was well writing and kept me watching.

    But overall, not the best of episodes.

  • Sitting on the edge of my seat. What happens when people take advantage of the faithful.

    Many of the Logan and Barek cases are boring to many people.

    The way they handle their cases is usually dull.

    But no, not this time. More character development came out of it.

    What cooks my goose is when people say they were "out of character". Is it really so bad that performing better was out of character? Well, that's just what I think...

    I liked Barek and Logan in this episode.

    They worked well together.

    Also, I love the contrast between Barek's tolerance for every single person, and Mike's kind--yet rough and narrow-- view on everybody else.

    My favorite part was when the voodoo fraud cursed him.

    Then he sprouted a rash..

    To be honest, I was hoping the disease would be more dangerous than simple poison ivy. Not because I don't like Logan, but it would be more intense.

    My favorite quote:

    Logan: "OOOOOHH..a SPELLLL...."

    Priceless facial expression.

    "What I dont believe in won't hurt me."

    I felt sorry for the A.D.D. kid. His 1000-track mind was taken advantage of. I really liked him, his personality was cute, though if I were there and not just a viewer, I would have been out of my mind.

    Overall, best performance of the Major Case Squad Logan and Barek.moreless
  • Wonderful episode. Great Writing.

    It makes me more curious about Barek's past and how she met Mama Louise. Logan was written well but why can't Annabella Sciorra perform in every episode like she did in "Watch". Nice plot, went well... That Lydia is up there as one of the worst criminals. And zvyozdnayapyl it was not crap. These things happen everyday in the real world -- people getting conned for false hope. It is a very unique case, yes, but there are alotta psychos out there. It is a religion -- It's like me laughing at people who pray. I am not a christian but I don't go around bad mouthing them and saying "This isn't a confessional for Pete's sake."

    Wonderful episode, well written. One of the best Logan/Barek episodes.moreless
  • Logan and Barek at their best.

    I actually really enjoyed this episode.At first I did think it was kind of a dumb sunbject until they met Nurse Wyatt.She moved all those candles out of the way only to knock one down and stand there until Logan picked it up.And then she gave him a warning as they left and I'm screaming at the tv "take the stupid candle!!" And I was right that she was gonna use that against him,especially when I noticed him scratching his arm.And Barek finally noticed it to at the ME's office.The scenes between Logan and Rodgers are always funny to watch.Especially when she asked if she could examine him and he's like "When I'm dead you can examine me."moreless
Sherri Saum

Sherri Saum

Lydia Wyatt

Guest Star

Patch Darragh

Patch Darragh

Jack Strong

Guest Star

Peter Maloney

Peter Maloney

Teddy Mercer

Guest Star

Leslie Hendrix

Leslie Hendrix

Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: Mike Logan says his doctor thought he might have Lyme disease, yet there should be much more thorough testing if that is what they believe. Lyme disease is serious, and it needs to be treated right away or it can be fatal. Also, it would be unlikely for him to have Lyme Disease anyway -- it is usually spread by ticks, which would be very out of season in this episode, and Logan hasn't been out of the country recently.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Carolyn Barek: Faith trumps science, once again.
      Mike Logan: Nothing that a little calamine lotion can't fix.

    • Mike Logan: So much for Voodoo magic.
      Mama Louise: It's like any other religion, detective, the magic is in the believer's faith.

    • (Looking at Logan's arm, which he's been scratching incessantly.)
      Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers: You feel feverish. You want, I could examine you.
      Mike Logan: (scoffs) Oh, yeah. Well, maybe when I'm dead.

    • Mike Logan: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you go to jail.

    • Mike Logan: Here's a little police magic. Shazam, you're under arrest.

    • (Barek believes Logan may have been cursed and takes him to a healer, who hands him a small bottle.)
      Mike Logan: It's not ground-up toadstools, is it?
      Mama Louise: It's calamine lotion. She put poison ivy oil on the candle. You have a very bad allergic reaction.

    • Carolyn Barek: If white people believed in voodoo, it wouldn't have the stigma it has.

  • NOTES (1)