Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 13

The Insider

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2002 on USA
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Episode Summary

When the father of a young woman who had been clubbing all night is found dead in his boat house, Goren and Eames investigate the mysterious club owner only to realize he is an undercover FBI agent and the Bureau will not risk its undercover operation even to stop a killer.moreless

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  • A former Olympic Rower is murdered and the suspects range from the mob, to a nightclub owner, to a wacked out boyfriend. The Insider refers to a number of aspects of the case.moreless

    Very interesting and difficult case to prosecute. The FBI doing a major mob sting is in the way of Goren and Eames murder investigation.

    The characters were interesting in this episode in that they at times seem to not be dealing with reality. Both the daughter who the father wanted to protect, to the nightclub owner who seemed to be in way over his head. The mob involvement was a nice diversion as well.

    A well put together episode with some stretching of the story to make it all fit together. You knew that there was something wrong once the FBI became involved and the walls started to come up. Also the speeches from Captain Deakins are getting a little old. Jamey Sheridan does an excellent job of delivering the lines but you begin to wonder when this guy really backs his detectives.

    Overall there were a few surprises and some interesting and plausible deductions made so overall this episode is definitely worth watching. Especially for the manipulation by many of the characters against each other. Goren is his usual definitive self which is always what makes these episodes entertaining.

    Good dialogue, a little off on the storyline, excellent acting make this a very watchable Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • The father of a gal too much in the news for doing nuthin is found with his head caved in by an oar and his chest carved up by a dagger. The detectives learn a rogue FBI agent undercover as a club owner is behind the murder as Bobby takes on the Feds!!!moreless

    Think a shorter, brunetter, underage Paris Hilton who can keep her clothes on a bit longer...this year's "Pop-Trop"(popular trollop), who finds her dad's body, and hysterically demands he 'get up'. Unused to her trivial commands not being obeyed, a greater shock awaits her when she learns her club owner paramour, an FBI agent gone rotten, is dad's killer.

    But it's the corrupted agent who makes for the fun storyline...and his antagonism with Goren is a lark.

    The detectives learn the FBI had set up a sting operation at the club in order to nab a couple of Genovese Family stooges, and ensconced the rogue as the centerpiece. Surveillance tapes galore for top priority racketeering, torture, and extortion indictments. One of the apparently mid rung mobsters had chopped the hands off an agent, so the FBI was hot to nail their perps.

    But Goren and Eames feel their murder investigation is more essential to the local public good, and after goading Deakins and Carver, Bobby gets his face-to-face with an FBI honcho. "Anything that happens in the five boroughs is OURS', our boy insists.

    Nominally accepting partnership, the rogue agent passes off video snippets intended to set up an innocent clubkid, but when Goren realizes the dead man's daughter has also been coached to cast aspersion on the boy, he knows there's a rotten egg in the NY Bureau. Deakins demurs, but Bobby warns "I just have a feeling I gotta watch my back around him."

    Sho nuff, said rogue is dissing Bobby to his buddies as "a frustrated second-rate city cop", and laughing his arse off about Goren and Eames' office sign : "worlds' greatest detectives". But he's scared enough, because just as the detectives are about to take possession of the surveillance tapes, the FBI calls in the sting and has the goons and their undercover man "arrested". "Son of a B! yells Goren. "There he goes down the rabbit-hole" sighs Eames.

    Goren then learns the dead dad had hired a private detective to sniff out the agent's relationship with his underage daughter, a travesty featuring drugs, booze, and loans of big money. This really irritates Bobby , ("she was weak, you used her, and that pisses me off"), and when BG determines that the murder weapon was a single edged blade reinserted to replicate a double edge dagger (and to set up the clubkid), and that the agent's file included a similar case in the past…..well, the 'frustrated second-rater' gets the last laugh.

    Deakins, who 'doesn't want to be reassigned to a motorpool" is still a little shaky, but Bobby promises 'just give me one day with him', and yep, it's all she wrote. Bobby chastises the agent for his lack of integrity, and the rogue comes back with, "so what's 'doing right' in the Goren playbook? Don't give me the good agent gone bad speech".

    But he gets the earful anyway, as no one, not even a Fed, escapes the Goren Gloat. The last thing the disgraced agent sees just before he's carted off to the hoosegow is a smug Bobby smirking joyously as he watches the arrest.

    A complete treat. HA HA!


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goren had a perfect arrest record during the four years that he worked in Narcotics. Eames spent three years in Vice.

    • Goof: As Goren prepares to show the FBI agent he is interrogating a videotape, the reflection of the show's crew can be seen on the television screen in the hotel room.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Forensics Tech: Well, I analyzed the saliva on the mugs. This one had traces of animal fat, mustard...
      Robert Goren: Uh, no. Not that one. I had pastrami for lunch.
      Forensics Tech: Ahhh... that explains the antacid.

    • Ron Carver: Even the FBI can't ignore a federal judge. You heard him, the man wants compelling evidence.
      Alex Eames: Right, and I want a foot massage from Derek Jeter.

    • Robert Goren: The club is connected, captain.
      Capt. James Deakins: The magic gut speaks.

    • A.U.S.A. Emanuel: Your honor, in the absence of compelling evidence, the federal government has the greater interest here.
      Ron Carver: There's an interest greater than prosecuting the taking of a life? What law books are you working from?

    • Gary Wallis: The Aztec Club is off limits; I won't have my agent compromised.
      Robert Goren: Then you better pull him out, because as long as it's in the five boroughs, that club's on our beat. (Wallis stands up) I want to see the tapes -- it's a sting operation, I want to see the surveillance tapes!
      Gary Wallis: Absolutely not!
      James Deakins: You know, I get calls every day from the mayor on down on this case. It sure would be great to tell 'em how helpful the bureau's been.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The episode title refers to the two most common definitions of the word, "insider":

      • A person who has special knowledge or "inside information".
      • An accepted member of an exclusive group.

      The main suspect used his special knowledge to become an accepted member, and hence, is twice an insider.