Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 4 Episode 21

The Unblinking Eye

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 08, 2005 on USA

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  • A young woman is shot down on a city street, and her fiance wounded. Goran and Eames must sort thru a nasty cast of scheming suspects, selfish motives, and old grudges that refuse to die.

    Some interesting aspects in this one...and no spoilers.

    Well, the first suspect the detectives find picked up the fiance's diamond engagement ring on the street after the shooting and swallowed it. Bobby uncovers him (literally) hiding under a mattress and warns about marquis cuts in the intestinal tract.

    The wounded boyfriend, with modern matinee idol looks, has cameras rolling in his hospital room with an eye on a big role prize. He bags his ex-girlfriend from his gurney, and moves his lips before speaking to remember his lines. Really, would you tell that to a couple of homicide detectives?

    The obsessed stalker ex-girlfriend of the actor is blase about past indiscretions and has a trowel packed in her gear. She's into "geo-cacheing". The cryptic clues for the treasure hunting make Goren salivate...and digging up the murder weapon under a what Eames calls a "prize". She's been set up a bit too neatly, tho.

    A 'murder weapon' that turns out to be a prop gun.

    And finally, a nervous actor who gets memory loss at the drop of a cue card, and was sabotaged by his jealous "buddy". Creep. By all means, don't let your pal become successful before you do.

    The Bobby eating peanuts at the bar scene, oops!! Funny!

    But dang, an 'actor' storyline but not nearly enough VD'O input ala "Vacancy"? Well, there was the smug look at the "just get the cameras on me "line, the "method acting" taunt, and Midnight Cowboy..wasn't that one at the top of Vincent's guilty pleasures film list?