Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 9 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2010 on USA

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  • Guest star F. Murray Abraham plays the father of Det. Nichols, and the family friction is featured, but not overly so. He takes a turn in the interrogation room, our favorite set, where the perps get nailed every time.

    Can Jeff Goldblum carry the revamped L&O CI? Yes. Saffron Burrows? She's getting better and more interesting with every episode.

    CI was about the top of my list of favorite shows for years, and I too miss D'Onofrio and Erbe. But it's done and over with, so CI is effectively a new series - same sets, same relationships, but otherwise all-new.

    We find it interesting and absorbing enough to catch every episode. Mr. Goldblum is capable and has created a character who continues to increase in scope, as seen in "Three-In-One," where we meet his father, played by the renowned F. Murray Abraham. I prefer the investigation-analysis side of CI as opposed to family matters, but the Theodore Nichols role was interesting and Abraham always creates high expectations for his role-playing, and mine were met.

    Ms. Burrows is attractive to watch, and shows more and more skills as the plots reveal her past and talents. Not much attraction shown between her and Nichols, but then CI never emphasized that anyway. The ominous music soundtrack is one of the best of any series I've seen.

    Ms. Mastrantonio started this season with almost a trivial role, limited to quick dialog as the three walk down the hall. She could be given more to do - it's time to feature her in an episode. A permanent DA does not appear to be selected yet, and that's ok by me. That role has been so central in previous seasons that the wrong person in this slot could detract from a good drama. CI remains on my top ten list of good shows, and is always on the DVR as "record series."
  • I'm glad I gave the show another chance.

    This is the L&O:CI that I used to love. A really wacky villian, some murder, good detective work. Some drama in "the box". Suspense that last right to the end. A little of Goldblum smirking and leering, but not too much. The acting of the bad guy was impressive. I couldn't even recognize him at one point. It was fun watching Nichols interacting with his father and playing on his professional pride. I hope we get to meet Mrs. Nichols in a future episode. That's really all I have to say, but I need some more words. I still miss Goren and Eames.