Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 5 Episode 20

To the Bone

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 07, 2006 on USA
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Episode Summary

Logan and Barek investigate a series of home invasions that result in grisly murders and their search leads them to local foster mother Chesley Watkins who had a series of young men going in and out of her home throughout the years. One of the young men involved in the home invasions was one of her boys, and while trailing the young man, Logan shoots a suspect who was brandishing a weapon at him and Barek. When the suspect turns out to be a cop, Logan finds himself in the hot seat, and Barek sticks up for her partner, knowing that the truth is on their side. The investigation leads to Watkins as a suspect, and Logan is forced to deal with memories from his own past as Watkins plays on the weaknesses she sees.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Brilliant

    This episode was brilliant! I absolutely loved this episode!

    Barek and Logan were excellent in this episode! Well done guys! Loved the scene where Logan shot that cop and he's stressing about it and Barek's trying to calm him. Great job! They're a great example of brilliant partnership!

    And Whoopi Goldberg! Well what can I say except WOW!! Excellent job done! That character is so cold and vindictive! I think Logan's got his nemesis.

    The few beginning scenes were quite disturbing. Fingers cut off, cuts down to the bone. How could anyone do that to another human being?

    Definitely one of my favourites!moreless
  • An enjoyable episode to watch.

    This episode started off brilliant. Good story line which had me hooked within a few short minutes. But after a while the episode went downhill for me. I enjoyed the cop shooting, and the way in which the murders were shown to us, but then it lost something. The saving grace of this episode was Whoopi herself. I think that if she had not been in it, then I would have switched off the episode long before the end. Overall, this episode had a brilliant opening, but then it slipped and I lost a bit of interest. This episode is definitely worth watching.moreless
  • Whoopi Goldberg

    That these foster children would go to such lengths and do such awful things all for this "mother" who is just trying to use them to gain and profit is unbelievable. And that she would try to play Logan is even more unbelieveable. He tried to hard to get the information out of her and he tried to hard to do his job and to do the right thing and yet he still ends up in such a bind. The fact that he shot a fellow cop, I couldn't even begin to understand how troublesome that would be or how he would begin to deal with that.moreless
  • Whoopi Goldberg guest starred

    A very special episode with Whoopi playing a foster mother with total control over her foster sons. The one boy getting stabbed was horrible. And the other son jumping out of the window was a waste. Whoopi was so creepy she was great but the plot was not good. Logan shooting the cop was sad to watch.
  • Whoopi Goldberg clashes with Crimial Intent detectives Logan and Barek...

    I loved Whoopi Goldberg's perfomace as mother Watkins ... [does that woman ever age? she looks as amazing as she did in The Colour Purple].

    The way the episode progressed was most impressive, with the linkage of the theft to the boys and the boys to Mother Watkins.

    However good Logan and Barek were as detective, I can't help but wonder if Goren would have been a better detective choice. Considering his history with his mother and his love hate relationship with her, to pit him up against a mother such as Watkins would have been very interesting indeed. Taking into account how calculated Watkins was and how Goren attempts to get under the skin, I think Watkins would have been a better mind match for Goren than Nicole was.

    I am starting to really like Barek as a detective though, Logan still grates on my nerves.

Robert Clohessy

Robert Clohessy

Lt. Roger Lemoyne

Guest Star

Octavio Gómez Berríos

Octavio Gómez Berríos

Antonio Mattini

Guest Star

Marsha Dietlein Bennett

Marsha Dietlein Bennett

Paula Chopauer

Guest Star

Carolyn McCormick

Carolyn McCormick

Dr. Elizabeth Olivet

Recurring Role

Fran Lebowitz

Fran Lebowitz

Judge Janice Goldberg

Recurring Role

Leslie Hendrix

Leslie Hendrix

Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Mike Logan: What, you're going?
      Carolyn Barek: Well, yeah. Sleep, remember?
      Mike Logan: You live all the way in Brooklyn. My place is right down the street. (Barek gives him a wary look) I'll take the couch. (he smirks)
      Carolyn Barek: I don't believe you got a… (searches for appropriate word) couch that big.
      Mike Logan: Yeah, maybe not.

    • Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers: Going by the body temp on this one, you missed them by less than an hour.
      Mike Logan: Too bad near misses don't count.

    • (While heading to the next crime scene with Barek on Staten Island.)
      Mike Logan: Ten years on this island are finally gonna pay off.

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    • Sgt. Dan Vetere: It's like Charlie Manson in there.
      Manson was the accused mastermind behind the Hinman and Tate-La Bianca murders in late July and early August of 1969. Each of the extremely bloody crime scenes included words written in the victims' blood on walls.