Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 10 Episode 8

To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 26, 2011 on USA

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  • A Graceful Exit

    Initially the only branch of Law and Order I was into was SVU but once I started having to watch CI consistently because SVU now doesn't come on until after it and only on some post-midnight mornings, Goren and Eames hooked me. To the point even where it was worth getting through the episodes that featured the other two less compelling teams.

    Goren was the most complex and diverse male detective and I enjoy how animated and passionate his interrigation style was sometimes as well as the way he can play a confession or evidence out of a suspect. The way he made them uncomfortable with such intrusion of their emotions was brilliant.

    Add in his great chemistry with Eames and that's what sold them.

    I've noticed that Nichols had a few similar mannerisms in his technique that almost made it seem like his character was an unsuccessful attempt to mimic Goren. Though he's much better than Logan who from what I've seen so far is completely undeveloped and nearly monotone.

    Goren and Eames' comeback this season was sublime, I believe this was their most laid back and dynamic period in the series.

    I appreciate how, as the series finale, this episode very cleanly wrapped the characters up but at the same time left an opening for continuation.

    This was a worthwhile case to go out with.

    Clearly inspired by the backstory of Facebook which was documented in the film 'The Social Network' the concept and original alterations and add ons made very strong investigative storytelling.

    I liked that not only did Danielle Magee steal the idea for the dating website but also built it as a lie having revolved it around her relationship with PJ, trademarked as 'the boy in the blue knit cap' when her true love was one of the twin brothers and the revelation that one twin had murdered the other was a unique and unexpected Cain and Abel parallel.

    That end scene when Eames met Goren outside Geisen's office and he not only finished her sentence but shared a moment in which they basically had eye sex was literally chilling, I actually got chills even though it was just before 2am and I was fighting to keep myself awake! I half expected him to move in and kiss her right there and I wasn't even fully convinced that he loved her until a few episode prior when he responded defensively to Geisen straight up asking him if he did.

    On Eames' end, it was in 'Loyalty' when she broken down in tears and passed up the opportunity to be promoted to captain when she had to tell Goren that he was fired.

    The series had a great run, hopefully one day it could make a comeback.
  • Great

    So this isn't really a review on the episode, but the season.

    Is it just me, or did Goren/Eames, Vincent/Kathryn appear to have more fun this season?

    I think in the last few seasons, they were just going through the motions, maybe they'd gotten tired of it, who knows. In every episode of this season there was joking around, they smiled more, they had fun. What was with Vincent hi 5'ing that guy in the hallway? Classic.

    And Gorens therapy sessions were great, the session they discuss Eames & what he feels for her, perfect.

    I loved the entire series, & I think they sent it off in spectacular fashion.
  • Out without a bang: Here is a BANG

    So this was the last episode of a great series. Good as you expect, but not as good as you would like. I understand that giving it a lot of attention is costly, but there were some nice opportunities. Now, the final is a storyline copied from the FB. Sure, some new twists are there and Vincent and Kathryn ared doing a great job. Quality is on average and still high enough to be good entertainment.

    But what about a storyline like: Eames/Goren getting into a "normal" murder. Finding out that there is a lot more about it, including a DNA scamm within the policy force. Sideways, things are pointing towards Nicole Wallace. Nicole surfaces to block the investigation. Climax! Would that not have been perfect. BANG

    Perhaps this might be an idea to create a TV movie around this! Please, please.
  • The finale.

    Out of the three main Law and Orders this was probably my least favorite. It was the only one I was never a regular viewer of, but I figured it is the series finale and I should check it out.

    The episode was great. I actually loved the fact that they did not make the final case some huge thing. It was just a regular issue of murder, something you'd get from the show on any week. Add in a big name guest star in James Van Der Beek in a role he usually doesn't play and you have the makings for a good show.

    I won't miss Law and Order: CI, but I will say that like the original Law and Order, the show went out on a high note. A fitting farewell with just a simple episode. Good job.
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