Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2002 on USA

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  • When a young adult son and daughter (along with a friend) are found murdered, suspicion first falls on the second wife of the victims' successful father. But the culprits are two young nannies chock full of psychoses and unmet needs. Ripe pickings for BG.

    Very enterprising episode in which Goren early on surmises the killer had been institutionalized based on, I kid you not, a string of lined up semi-regurgitated peas (stabbings can yield messy results)found at the crime scene. Another neatly strung length of corn kernals at a lunch identifies the killer...altho Carver cracks the evidence is purely anecdotal, and 'a few lima beans short of succotash'.

    But Bobby's equation of obsessive orderliness with prior institutionalization is borne out in the story of the two sister nannies, both abandoned, but one adopted and one twisted by her years of neglect.

    Living a fantasy of familial bliss as played out in their favorite soap opera, the girls had even copied their MO's from the show.

    Breaking the girls entailed forcing the more psychotic to once again see the less abandoned one as more privileged. The detectives cleverly reach their goal by having the girls arraigned in nightcourt where the worst pro bono attorney known to man will represent the psycho, and the adopted girl is given proper representation paid for by her employer, the father of two of the victims, and the chief source of both girls' fantasy - the loving dad who would never leave them.

    Naturally, the greater of the two evils cracks.

    Really well done, engrossing, tho both actresses playing the nannies hardly looked 17 years old..

    One V'DO/Goren mannerism I have noticed. When interviewing sympathetic/shy/particularly hesitant petite female witnesses, he offsets the height advantage that can be intimidating in any face to face interaction by bending in slightly from the upper body, and slightly moving one shoulder and then another towards the interviewee. A variation of the Goren lean, really. This creates both an invitation to confidence, and lessens the effect of the physical difference. As a woman who is 5'2", I wish ALL tall guys would talk to me from this stance.

    Just another element of human understanding that makes VD'O's characters exceptional. :)

    And in this one, in the interview of the stepmom, he briefly plays with a lock of his own hair. Are you kidding me? Whew.

    Oh yeah, and in the scene in which he and Eames trick the social worker into revealing info, he's just TOO lucious in a black tee and beige shirt jacket - just wish I could get close enough to determine if it was suede or cordoroy. Not to mention the following scene at the kitchen table in just the tee with some bicep action showing.

    You can stop laughing at me now, Tulip. :)