Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 6 Episode 2

Tru Love

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on USA
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Episode Summary

Logan and Wheeler investigate the death of a womanizing doctor, which leads directly to his son's relationship with a teacher.

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  • A womanizing surgeon who tapes his exploits is thrown and impaled on fence spikes when his sabotaged motorcycle's engine locks, leading to investigation of a professional rival, the victim's son, his pregnant high school teacher, and her jealous husbandmoreless

    Some legwork, interrogation, and interplay by Logan and his new partner Wheeler, along with a snappy bit part by Jonathan LaPaglia (playing the obnoxious husband of the teacher and sounding and acting exactly like his father), are the only worthwhile features of this weak episode.

    The story is unfocused, unoriginal, and anticlimactic, with little or nothing to care about. Rather than using a current headline to lead in to a deeper, more complex story, this episode fritters away time with an aimless, poorly developed series of scenes until forcing the story into the derivative plot of the teen and his teacher.

    The sensationalism of the doctor's depravity (he blackmails women into bed, secretly tapes them, and dangles the tapes in front of his son), his gratuitously gory death, and some misleading red herring suspects and implausibly planted evidence are supposed to distract the viewer from the lack of any genuine depth or drama until the teacher storyline takes over. Not only do they fail to do so, but that storyline involves drab, uninteresting characters, drags on (including a tasteless, time-wasting misty-window car scene and chase scene on a bus), and goes nowhere the least bit interesting or convincing (the parentage of the teacher's child is arbitrary plot contrivance, and the end scene in the courtroom falls completely flat). Overshadowed is any serious attempt to solve the initial death and planting of evidence, leaving what really happened a confused mess.moreless
  • New changes!

    There is a new captain and a new DA as I miss Carver and Jamey Sheridan's captain. As they will be missed at least by me. Detective Wheeler is the new cop on the beat as she's paired with the brillian but hot headed Mike Logan. I have kind of warmed up to Logan as he is kind of mellowed out a bit. Eric Boogisan's captain is ok. The new DA is good as well. CI is my second favorite L&O show, with the original being the first and SVU being third!moreless
  • It was the introduction of Detective Megan Wheeler, Logan's new partner, it was kind of like the show's second season premiere.

    To start, unlike a lot of other people on this site, I thought that Julianne Nicholson didn't do a bad job as Megan Wheeler. I think that it was subtle acting, and although I liked the short hair, it wasn't the best haircut for her. Some say that her acting was flat, but I believe that it was more subtle than that. After all, her character was and will be feeling out how she should work with Logan. Not to mention the fact that Logan has a bit of a reputation that precedes me, and Wheeler needed to get an idea about how much of the reputation is deserved.

    I thought it was a well shot, well written episode, that had some surprise twists, and some straightforward parts of the storyline.moreless
  • Was an okay episode but not one that would make it stand out in the series.

    Was okay, but not great. Probably the only thing in this episode that made it worth watching was that we got to see Mike's new partner, Det. Megan Wheeler, who seems like a reall smart woman, and here's a plus, she knows alot about motorcycles, which makes her more well rounded in my view.

    But back to the episode, The detectives find a doctor dead on a set of fence spikes, after being thrown off of his bike, but then the detectives find out that he was very promiscuous with woman, and that's putting it lightly. I personally think the school teacher thing has been waaaaay overused. The father was a jerk that really liked to sleep around. He even hid a camera in his buddah statue that was on top of his dresser. And of course he did this without the consent of any of the many, and I stress many, women who decided to grace his bedroom.*looks away in disgust* Then we find out that his son, Keith Tyler, had found the tapes of his... adventures. Which lead the detectives to Keith's teacher, Danielle, who had been sleeping with Keith's dad. Then we find out that Keith and Danielle are sleeping together, a fact which her husband doesn't very much appreciate.

    Everyone begins to think Keith killed his father, so they bring him in, shake him down, and threaten to throw him in jail. Long story short, they try to escape to Canada, the detectives convince Danielle to cough up to the charges because Keith's got his whole life ahead of him, she does, Keith thinks that she's pregnant with his child, just to find out that it's really his fathers child.

    All in all, a pretty poor excuse of a CI episode. Only reason I watched is because I wanted to see how they were going to develope Megan's character, and she looks like a promising partner for Mike, so I think I'm gonna like her, just gotta get used to her. I still think Goren and Eames are a better reason to watch this show.moreless
  • Older woman and young boy romance. The meeting of Logan's new partner (Megan Wheeler)

    I'm not sure what to think of this episode. I usually try and give new characters on L&O (all shows) a few episodes in before I decide whether or not WE are going to click. If last night's episode is any indication of what Det. Wheeler is all about, we're going to have a problem. I really liked Julianne Nicholson in Conviction but here she just doesn't do it for me. While I'm on the subject of Nicholson, can I ask...WHAT did she do to her hair??? This is the only problem I found with this episode. I've read forums where people are complaining about the camera work so far on L&O:CI and I have to say, I'm not really concered with the camera work. I only care about the storyline (it's gotta be good) and the actors. Can we get Barek back? I've never been a big Annabella Sciorra fan (HELLO! GLORIA TRILLO!) but she did a good job and I liked her anyway.

    One of the highlights of this episode was seeing Anton Yelchin as the 16-year-old Keith Cooper. This kid is a good actor and I think he'll be a great actor someday...I loved him as Byrd Huffstodt on the now cancelled "Huff" as Hank Azaria's son. I must say that up until I heard Keith Cooper speak, I had no idea it was Yelchin. The voice totally gave it away...I missed the floppy curly hair he had on Huff!

    All in all, not a bad episode. The story was great, the actors were the same...(oh, I didn't mention, I'm not going to like Bogosian over Sheridan...I don't like Eric Bogosian and I don't need a few episodes to change my mind. By the end of the season I'm sure I'll dislike him as much then as I do now) and the only bump was Nicholson's Wheeler. As for Theresa Randle as Carver's replacement Patricia Kent, I wish I could comment on her...I blinked and she was gone!moreless
Theresa Randle

Theresa Randle

A.D.A. Kent

Guest Star

Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin

Keith Tyler

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Anne Dudek

Anne Dudek

Danielle McCaskin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: Although credits used the character name "Judge Anne Mayer," props apparently didn't get the memo. The name plate on the judge's bench read "Hon. Anna Mayer."

    • Goof: After Keith is arrested, Wheeler and Logan have a conversation over their car's roof. Two shots of Logan show him wearing a black watch with a black band. After a brief cut to Wheeler, the next shot shows Logan's watch has changed to a white metal one with a silver bracelet.

    • Goof: In the scene where Keith runs all over the MCS office, jumping on the desks, Logan accompanies Keith into the conference room and sits down with him. In the next scene, when Wheeler has finished Danielle's interrogation, Logan is back in the observation room.

    • Danny Ross has two boys, aged 14 and 10. Patricia Kent has at least one school-aged child. Megan Wheeler has a 16-year-old nephew.

    • Goof: When the police arrest Keith in his home, they handcuff his hands behind his back. When he's greeted by a cheering crowd on his way to the police car, his hands are handcuffed in front of him.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (Discussing Logan reviewing Tyler's porn collection.)
      Danny Ross: So your partner drew the short stick.
      Megan Wheeler: He's scanned over 10 hours of that stuff. Something tells me it loses its charm after–
      Danny Ross: Wheeler, it never loses its charm.

    • Danny Ross: Logan, how you two making out?
      Mike Logan: We're fine... never had a partner with freckles before.
      Danny Ross: Three years undercover -- vice, drugs, white collar -- no one ever made her.
      Mike Logan: Well, I can believe that. She get carded at bars?

    • Detective Wheeler: Death by lubricant. Think there's a message in that?

    • Mike Logan: (to Keith Tyler) As long as you're here, maybe you can help us out. We're looking for some of your dad's... we're looking for, uh... (gives up) Wheeler?
      Megan Wheeler: Do you know where your father kept his homemade porn tapes?

    • (After the authorities pick up Keith and Danielle, headed for Toronto.)
      Mike Logan: Oh Canada, where the age of consent is 14.
      Megan Wheeler: And you know this because ... ?
      Mike Logan: I'm kind of a Canada buff.

    • A.D.A. Kent: You know what Mr. Carver's nickname for Major Case was? Major Hunch.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Megan Wheeler: Yeah, carpe diem, "seize the day"?
      Danielle McCaskin: You saw the banner in my classroom?
      Megan Wheeler: No, I saw the movie, Danielle. The teacher used it to inspire his students to read poetry, not have sex with him.
      This is a reference to the 1989 Peter Weir film, Dead Poets Society, starring Robin Williams and Robert Sean Leonard. The story surrounded an English teacher at a private school who used innovation to inspire his students to immerse themselves in literature.

    • Mike Logan: He stitches cops when they don't want to look like Scarface.
      Referencing Al Capone, who gained the nickname "Scarface" after Frank Gallucio slashed the mobster's face with a switchblade when he made a move on Gallucio's sister. The gangster has been immortalized in a number of movies, including the 1932 Howard Hawks film Scarface.

    • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of cases like Mary Kay LeTourneau and Debra Lafave. Both women were grown adults that engaged in love affairs with their students.