Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 6 Episode 11

World's Fair

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 02, 2007 on USA
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The murder of a pregnant young Muslim-Pakistani woman with the message '4 911' leads Logan and Wheeler to investigate the child's Italian-American father and the animosity between their families.

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  • By-the-numbers, uninspired, poor direction, rushed and tired

    In this episode, we see primarily poor direction of quite capable actors.

    Perhaps budgets have been cut on the shows to "make money before the ship sinks"...

    Episodes lately in Law & Order (including this Criminal Intent) are becoming more and more "by the numbers", without inspiration or quality directing. You know the actors are capable, you've seen them before doing just fine. Only the writers and directors can be blamed.

    The whole franchise is suffering from too much change in personnel (leading actors, writers, directors, editors), and is suffering as a result. Mr Wolf SHOULD PAY ATTENTION, or he'll lose more than "Trial by Jury".moreless
  • Amazing episode :D

    Wow. This was an amazing episode.

    Okay, so it's a bit cliché. But I love it when they do something Shakespeare, just why Romeo and Juliet? It's overdone. Hello, West Side Story anyone? True, it has a lot of stark differences. But it is still the basic concept. It was a great episode nonetheless. I loved the father of the dead girl, both her parents were great actors. They did a great job portraying the grief of a lost loved one. The mother of the boyfriend was very good at playing a B**** good job. Emmy time for you.

    The way the story escalated was amazing. I had to say when the uncle went into the store of the family and started bashing things around, I was screaming at the TV. I really had to feel for the son. He clearly did love the daughter and wasn't racist like they thought. His family was, but he wasn't. At least it seemed that way. The mother was a b****. I have to say thank goodness for strip clubs and brothels. They give great alibis. The father protects the son. That's insane. Poor kid. And poor dad, he was so sweet. Once he knew it wasn't either potential husband, the fiancée they planned for her, or the boyfriend, he KNEW it was his son, so he jumped the gun and confessed.moreless
  • A young, pregnant Pakistani-Muslim student is murdered in a park near the U.N., with "4 9/11" scrawled at the scene and against a backdrop of hostility between her family, who lost their restaurant and home to prejudice, and her boyfriend's Italian familymoreless

    This was a thin, ill-conceived episode. There were only two noteworthy features, both of which were largely beside the point of the crime plot. There was a poignant depiction of the plight of the fictional Muslim family in New York after 9/11, captured in a would-be "documentary" video by the film student victim (their ethnic restaurant was driven out of business, they lost their home, and they ended up shop-keepers at a corner store, living above it, with more woes to come). And the character of the Italian woman was deliciously unpleasant (Tony Lo Bianco was wasted in a nothing role and the victim's boyfriend and especially brother were mediocre).

    The rest of the episode was routine, uninteresting, and simply spun its wheels. The opening, in which the victim is chased away from filming a scene of violence against immigrants, was misleading. The remainder simply gave way to repetitive scenes of fighting between the Pakistani and Italian families, with predictable, tear-jerking consequences, and pointlessly detailed suspicious behavior by the boyfriend.

    The showy symbolism of repeatedly filming characters against the huge globe statue that towers over the crime scene was hollow and heavy-handed. It was not backed up by any remotely inspired or insightful message in the story.

    The ending, back in the park, was forced and unbelievable. It featured one of the worst bits of acting, least believable characterizations and motivations, most contrived situations, and thinnest displays of police work of the series. It also made a mockery of the idea that the killer would have scrawled the 9/11 message, apparently as some sort of clumsy cover-up. And it made the pregnancy look like an exploitative, meaningless plot gimmick, akin to efforts on some episodes of Without a Trace to inject that one extra direction or twist to the story, whether coherent or not.moreless
  • Logan and Wheeler investigate the murder of a young Pakistani girl.

    I thought this episode was really much, much better than previous Logan/Wheeler installments. I think that Nicholson is really starting to find her niche as Wheeler, and the dialogue/interaction between she and Logan was a lot smoother than it has been. As for the story, I've heard some people say that it was too predictable, but I found that the writers did a great job keeping me guessing throughout the show. As well, the motive for the crime turned out to not be exactly what I was expecting, and that's the kind of good CI twist I have always expected from the show and have been sadly lacking. As for other elements of the old school CI's, there was a lot more of the early tradition of focusing in on the people involved in the crime, showing clips that make you think you know who did it, but then another that looks suspicious in a different direction...they haven't done as much of this in season six. Additionally, there were some dramatic bits of detective work that reminded me SO much of how Goren does things. The part where they showed the video Meena had made about she and her boyfriend to Meena's mother was excellently done, in my opinion. The stop/start fitting into them talking to her... And the part at the end, where Wheeler played the role of Meena for the killer to demonstrate his actions...that was awesome. I think all around this is the best L/W episode of the season. Way to go guys !!! Keep it up, huh?moreless
  • Again adventurous yet culture clashs and attempting to relate it to 911 was a bite much but still over all good show.

    First let me say I think they did one kind of like this before but with the family having ties to the their Government as well. The only thing the same was the pride killing of a family member. But this time adding the culture clash and for once not between "white&black" but rather different minorities was adventuresous and the right move. How ironic about the "world globe" deication and the death, that was a nice touch on the writers part. Logan again carried more of the show than Wheeler, I wish they would take a stand with her charector. Ross was toned down again for the second straight episode. It is nice to see him give insite rather than critism. The Romoe and Juliet love was between the college kids was differnet twist on the story. I don't think the bother in the show was much of a charector, granted he did it but they didn't give him the passion to go with it and why. They could have played the culture clash a bit better and more to give him more of a personality. Over nice.moreless
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