Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 5 Episode 15

Wrongful Life

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2006 on USA

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  • A callous mother has her son kill a young man who is jeopardizing her 'wrongful life lawsuit'. The witch had used her pregnancy to force what she thought was a cash-in marriage, and deliberately overlooked advice to have tests down on the fetus.

    This was an interesting episode and the young people in the cast especially poignant. Goren, as usual in scenes with children or teens, is touchingly tender.

    The mom was a villain one really relished hating, adding to the story's interest. But the best aspect of this one was Bobby woke up, hence the 'flashback' classification.

    V D'O was more "old Bobbyish" than in other late fifth-season episodes, which gives one hope his notorious, self-assessed 'short attention' span has not completely played itself out on the Goren persona.

    Anyway, the script gave him more to work with than some of the recent writing.

  • Never was there a better protrayal of Evil.

    Never was there a better potrayal of evil then this heartless mother who obviously did not want children in the first place. SHe only used a pregnacy to hook the man she wanted becuase he at the time came from a well off family. Ignores the risk of that child health becuase she wanted to marry rich. Then neglects both her children and gets one to kill for her. Goran and Eames once again look into the heart of evil and find someone worse then even DARTH VADER.
  • Terribly depressing murder reasons. Imagine, you try to accept yourself, but the people who you love most cant even accept you.

    This episode jerked me both ways.

    As always, Goren and Eames always solve the case with humor, intellect, and their psychological understanding and interpreting.

    I cannot say I condone the murder that occured, but I guess the unfortunate daughter had a very good reason to kill.
    Born with a spina bifida and her mother claims she is a \'wrongful birth\' and she uses her to get cash, and lots of it.

    In the meanwhile, the girl is just letting this fly by helplessly. There is nothing she can do.

    But the girl doesn\'t want to be rich, she wants to be accepted. But her indiffernt and uncaring mother is too busy sticking her nose in the air to see who is around her.

    I wanted to slap that sonuva-----
  • Not as good as previous episodes

    I guess it was inevitable. This episode lacks any real tension and conflict. The plot is slow paced and the subject matter only something that L&O or CSI could handle without it being completely boring. The only bright spark in the whole thing was the actress who played the spina-bifida. She played the role with aplomb. Apart from her and the mother making me feel for her, no one other character gave me concern to root for anything. Im afraid that Goren and Emes dont do much in this one. Their parts are fairly ordinarily portrayed. They dont produce anything new. The dialogue is fairly pedestrian as is the pace. The plot doesnt really raise the stakes enough to warrant much emotional expenditure.

    Definitely not as good as the last couple of shows. Fingerscrossed they get back to some cracking storylines.

    Overall a disappoint apart from Jessie Collins. Oh and please lets see more of Carver. If there is one aspect of the show they could use to reinvigorate it its this character. Carver must be seen and heard - more! :)
  • You wanted to slap the mother

    No real mystery here. You knew who killed the guy in the first 60 seconds. There are only three reasons why you kill someone: revenge, money, love. The revenge angle was too weak and love could be ruled out at the beginning. So that left money. How sad that the brother had to take care of his own sister that way.