Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2005 on NBC

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  • A lot of Unprofessionalism and a Horrible Example For the LGBT Community!

    The ethics of homosexual parenting are put on trial when it's discovered that a 12-year-old stab victim's attacker is an 8-year-old child of same sex parents.

    That Dunlap woman, the secondary, illegal mother and how she was handled infuriated me. She was an arrogant, inconsiderate bitch and both of them as a couple not just set a horrible example for the LGBT community but outright disrespected it.

    Enrolling their child in a Catholic school knowing that she would be taught that homosexuality is a sin which can be assessed by their subsequently hiding their relationship from the school drives the viewer to take the grandmother's perspective of not being able to understand the relationship between these mothers aside from the lack of substance in it particularly by having the biological mother absent for most of the episode. This behavior suggests that they themselves are insecure in the relationship but it doesn't explain why they intentionally exposed their child to the message that it's wrong.

    The aforementioned and the neglect to pull the child out of the school when she started being harassed ergo allowing her to be exposed to provocative situations should be considered child endangerment and makes the Dunlap woman ultimately responsible for that boy's stabbing.

    The school should've also been given partial responsibility since they clearly ignored the harassment. Even the priest who provided the evidence that the child was provoked to attack the other isn't excused since it clearly didn't occur to him to be concerned before it came to this and the fact that he leaves his car keys where anyone has access to them suggests that the staff, in general, is inattentive. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd just felt guilty because his car was used to make the body dump.

    It's also unclear whether or not Dunlap was advised to remove the child, it doesn't seem as though she was (though if she wasn't that doesn't excuse that she didn't).

    Trying to use that she didn't have legal guardianship to get the child's confession thrown out, basically trashing her parental self-regard and then reclaiming it in her own defense was the icing on the cake.

    It's unacceptable that the court barely touched on any of this, that that bitch got away with all of her bullshit and was allowed to walk out of there with the child in the final scene.

    Even if she were a fit parent, what happened to her not having legal guardianship? It hadn't been established that she'd intended to adopt the child and had gotten temporary legal custody in the meantime or that she'd succeeded in her underhanded attempt to get the dying biological mother to sign a will granting it to her.

    The child should've been placed with the brother and his father. The brother was the only one who seemed to actually care about her whereas that bitch Dunlap and even the grandmother up until the end just wanted validation.

    That ending, that bitch damning the grandmother to hell without listening to her side, when she was no better really boiled my blood on multiple levels.

    There were inconsistencies all over the place.

    Between the child's parroting her teachings that homosexuality is wrong yet not seeming to question her two mothers as she clearly felt comfortable with them both, it's difficult to tell if she's conflicted though she should be given the mixed messages she's been exposed to.

    That she was able to accept and deliver the lies imposed upon her with such ease, particularly since she's a Catholic school taught child who seemed to understand on some level that lying was wrong given that she actually preached it to Benson's face was unconvincing.

    Her telling Huang that she felt "bad" as in guilty when "mommy Zoe" touched her was unrealistic, a child is very aware of how being touched a certain way makes them feel even if they don't understand that it might be wrong regardless. No one should have been able to convince her otherwise or to lie about it in this way. Or at least I prefer to assume that she was lying against believability rather than that she was being honest and was ignored once again.

    Although Benson delivered to the courtroom evidence that the attack was provoked, there wasn't a clear verdict and the victim's parents while initially adamant that the child attacker needed to be arrested, were suddenly not heard from again after the child, for whatever reason walked. Ideally, they decided to acknowledge the revelation that their kid's an asshole and granted that both children were at fault.

    This was just NOT one of SVU's finest.

  • I was upset about 2 thing in this episode.

    This episode for me felt to much information was left out a big part. (Why did the 8 year old girl get away with stabbing a boy?) The second half is about Zoe the so called addopted mother battles with the grandparents of the 8 year old. The show had the worst ending with Zoe leaving with the 8 year old girl; that shold be in Jail for attempted murder. This show should have been on for two hours to give more information.

  • A 12 year old gets stabbed by an 8 year old girl he bullied every day becasue her parents were gay.

    Great episode......I loved it, even though I saw the ending coming miles away. It has been one of the best episodes so far, this season.

    A boy's body is dumped in front of the hospital with a stab wound in his back, and just when I was getting ready for the usual, raptist tid changed on me, and boy, change can be good sometimes.

    Eight year old Emma stabs the 12 yr old bully after months of torment, and she finally snaps when he cuts off her hair and she stabs him with a scissors in the back, which fractured his spinal cord and left him paralyzed. She was able to get a plea of anger management classes after it was proven that she was the true victim.

    But, poor kid, after her criminal case was over, her grandparents sued for custody from her other mommy (Zoe) after her birth mother dies of Lupus (before she died Emma's mom gave Zoe full custody in her will).

    Long story short ZOe was able to retain full custody of Emma after it was revealed to be a set up by her grandparents' lawyer to fight a cause against homosexuals rasising kids.

    Overall, a great episode.

  • Definitely not my favorite storyline

    I had a hard time watching the episode because no adult at the little girl's school helped her. The priest tried but almost lost his job because of it. Every adult in the little girl's family came under suspect for some reason or another. It was sad watching this little girl cry scene after scene.
  • Definately not one of the better episodes, but ok.

    I do feel sorry for the boy because he will never walk again, but he brought that on himself. Bullying gets people nowhere and someone always gets hurt. This little girl fought back the only way she could, with the scissors the boy used to cut her ponytail. The grandparents lawyer was only trying to make himself look better.

    This episode was a huge waste of time. Too many plot holes, very bad story line, very back acting, the title was a big joke. I mean, please, why would you name this crap Alien.


    This episode of SVU really sucked big time.
    It is very predictable and sutpid,
    And an episode to be avoided.
  • A girl stabs a boy in the back after she\\\'s had it with his incessant teasing about her having two mothers. Her grandparents accuse her mother\\\'s lesbian life partner of molestation, and have evidence to prove it.

    I really liked this episode, although maybe that\\\'s because Raquel Castro, (the talented sweetheart that played Emma) is one of my favorite actresses. Anyway, it was a little strange and a smidge predictable, but I must say, it was worth watching. I did not expect to see Zoe accused for what she was, or Emma\\\'s grandparents and their lawyer to be behind it. But that did add some what of a twist to the plot. I thought the SVU team did a fabulous job of unfolding the case, (as always) and bringing Emma, Zoe, and Sean to somewhat justice.

    Definitely an episode worth watching.
  • A little girl has lesbian parents and gets teased at her private school, stabs a boy and the plot thickens.

    I hate that the little girl didn\\\\\\\'t go to jail! I hated her as an actress and that she knew what she did, she lied about it and then got conuseling, i know she was teased and had her hair cut, but that\\\\\\\'s not waraant for paralyzing a little boy, the fact that she walks free sickens me, if i was the boys parents i would have fought for her to be sent to juvie, i know that it may be harsh, but he\\\\\\\'s not walking, what lesson will she learn, i don\\\\\\\'t see it, therapy is not jail, sorry!!!
  • What a soap opera. All this episode is missing is for the father of the little girl to come back and want custody and then sexually abuse her!

    I'm not the biggest fan of SVU and after this episode, I won't be stopping for awhile to watch it. This was too much for me and I need to get that sickly sweet taste out of my mouth. Few shows would inspire me to post a review to warn people away from it. This overwrought offering needs to be on daytime television. You have the sweet little girl, accused of a horrific crime which she committed, but it was the boy she paralyzed that was at fault, then the little girl accused 'Mama' Zoe of abuse. Of course this is right after her other Mom dies and of course the woman is innocent. Then the grandparents are put on trial and are partially sympathetic, so this whole rigmarole is blamed on the lawyer. Now that I'm okay with ;) <sigh> and <bleh> It goes from one attack on the family to another and they are shown as 'justified' or 'innocent' in everything. I was hoping the Mom would actually have abused the little girl, now that would be a brave thing for a TV show to do!
  • What kind of parents takes pictures of massaging their naked kids? Because of that part being in the storyline, it is why the ending doesn't sit well with me.

    Did anyone think that at the ending when Emma was walking out holding Zoe's hand and then when she turned to look at Olivia sadly and then Olivia with her usual concerned and something-is-not-right look, that it made you think that Zoe did actually molest Emma and will continue to do so? If the naked massage photos weren't in the storyline, I wouldn't be thinking what I do for the ending. It just makes you wonder that if it weren't for the grandparents’ lawyers' coaching the grandparents to accuse Zoe of molestation, which got the trial dismissed, and Casey's coming to Zoe's defense with statistics that in actuality it worked in favor for a very guilty Zoe.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When 5th grader Sean Hamill is thrown from a car at the entrance of Mercy Hospital, the Detectives of the Special Victims Unit are called on the case. They suspect that Sean may have been the target of a bully at school. What they really find is that Sean isn't the victim, but rather he is the bully. He has been harassing a little girl named Emma just because her mother is gay.

    This is a good episode. It is sad to know that this is a situation that many people find themselves in today. Emma should be able to get the same Catholic education as everyone else regardless of her mother's sexual preferences. It is also sad that this situation had to end with a child being paralyzed rather than a peaceful end.
  • A 12 year old boy is beaten, stabbed in the back, and paralyzed. It is learned he has been threatening a little girl with lesbian mothers and she is suspected. Then the lesbians are framed for sexual abuse by the girl's grandparents.

    A 12 year old boy named Sean Hamill is thrown out of a car. He has been beaten then stabbed in the back with scissors. He is paralyzed as a result. The detectives investigate and soon suspect a teenage boy in the crime. The boy has a little sister named Emma who has lesbian moms Kate and Zoey. Evidence soon links Emma to the attack on Sean and she claims she stabbed him he called her homphobic slurs, cut her hair, and threatened to rape her because of her lesbian parents. Sean confesses to cutting Emma's hair because she had lesbian parents and was not welcome at their Catholic school. Emma is arrested for the crime but Kate is dying. Emma is arraigned then the investigation reveals that she was justified in stabbing Sean because he threatened her and cut her hair, assaulting her. Then the detectives learn that Zoey had been sexually abusing Emma and taking nude picture of her. Zoey is arrested but later it is learned that she wa framed by Emma's conservative homophobic grandparents. They are arrested for framing Zoey and brainwashing Emma and they turn against their lawyer and accomplice who gave them the idea. This episode was sad and a tearjerker with a little girl who suffered at the hands of an abusive boy and her homophobic grandparents.
  • I loved this eppy

    I love the whole good girl gone bad. If i was emma i would have kicked that boys as* along time ago. I love Raquel Castro as Emma Boyd, she is so cute and adorable nd such a good actress for such a younge age. I love the twist at the end were they try to make it look like Zoe sexualy aasualted Emma. I love the way Mariska acted in this eppy. It really sad when emma runs in to her house and Olivia asked her what wrong honey and Emma says mommies gone with jeuse or somehting like that.
  • 12 year boy is found stabbed out side a hospital, but is he as innocent as he seams.

    I live in England and have just seen this episode.
    I disagree with the person above me. I have no sympathy for the boy. he made that poor girls life hell. I am sick to death with nasty kids who think it's OK to bully other kids. Like the little girl in this storyline I was bullied and even though the physical pain has gone the mental pain hasn't.
    I know it only a TV show, but to me bullies are nothing both cowards.

    I think it was a good story and was glad the little girl got off and went to live with "mummy Zoe" as she called her.
  • 12 year old is near fatally injured leads to a utterly stupid episode.

    Where to begin with this episode. Well it can be discussed fully without getting a little political. Let me start by saying i have nothing against gays or gay parenting. I honestly don't care one way or the other.

    Ok the show starts off with the kid being dropped of by a speeding car. He had been stabbed several times in the back. He is now crippled. He has bruising and sexual abuse is suspected. During the investigation it is led to another teen. Then his alibi doesn't hold up and it quickly turns towards him being the perpetrator. But then the weapon turns up with fingerprints too small. Turns out it is the accused teens younger half sister, who has two lesbian mothers. Fine. From there the episode becomes the most in your face pro gay/anti religion drum beating I've seen in a good while. The little girl is guilty. Yeah the 12 year old was a bit of a bigoted punk, but the girl shouldn't walk free. She stabbed him and crippled him all because he cut her hair?

    Then we got the step mom. She is a horrible person. She never adopted the girl and is there when she confesses. Then she uses that to get the girl's confession dropped. Then she wants the girl to be in her custody. As the judge said, she can't have it both ways.

    Turns out mommy Zoe is the whole reason for all the girls problems. When biological mom got sick, Zoe shows up at school. When the Catholic school frowns on this and tries to evict the girl due to it being a conflict of interests, Zoe sues the school. Now the kids tease her and make her miserable. But Zoe keeps her there. Then the grandparents sue Zoe after finding naked pictures of her with the girl. Turns out the pictures are "innocent" pictures and not sexual. The grandparents have been given "propaganda" to turn them against Zoe by the lawyer. They are almost charged with a "hate crime" for "turning the granddaughter against the gay mom". Since the lawyer gave the anti-gay article to the grandparents he will be charged with a hate crime. The detectives show other articles countering the propaganda they were shown and the religious grandparents immediately change their view. Surprised they were not suddenly wearing rainbow t-shirts and marching in a pro gay parade the way this episode went.

    This episode is horrible. It treats religion as overly bigoted and that speaking anything against a gay person is a hate crime and they are massively evil. Also the person who commits the actual crime is given a free pass. The religious boy is treated like he is evil, the catholic school is looked upon as horrible because they were going to kick the girl out due to her parentage going against their teaching. The lawyer who wants to help biological grandparents obtain custody of the grand daughter over the gay mom who never bothered to even consider adopting the girl.. oh he is evil and will be charged with a hate crime. Wait I'm denouncing this pro-gay episode. Guess I'll be charged with a hate crime.

    Utter trash.
  • A young child is the victim of abuse from her classmates due to the fact that her mother is a lesbian.

    Emma is a 8-year-old who has to deal with a moral problem. The other children in her Catholic School tease her because she has two mommmies. One of the students in her class teased her to the point that he cut off her hair and she retaliated by stabbing him in the back. Eventually, Emma received rehab, and her other mommy went on trial for abuse.