Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 9 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2008 on NBC

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  • The Robin has landed now I just hope he flies away.

    Weeks and weeks this has been the episode that everyone, from television to magazines, has been talking about as being one of the most emotional, deep, original, and nearly everything else and for the most part they were right this episode wasn't all to bad but then again it was the hype that killed the Robin and the episode.

    Robin Williams guested stared on last nights episodes and his character concept was good, of being a manipulative engineer taunting the detectives in a little game of cat and mouse, but its just so hard to have Robin in a serious role without something going wrong. His best movies are his comedic ones in which he shines but place him in serious roles he just starts to fall apart. He did bring life into the character he portrayed and he played games with the detectves all the way through, and even his very many vocal impersonations came into the picture - having a cell phone with a label for each one of them, one way to fool the police.
    The storyline was a very deep but at the same time very drawn out or boring one in which we start out at the fast food chain "happy burger" where everything is as happy as to believe. From thier we are thrown for a loop when screams from a terrified coworker can be heard coming from the managers, locked, office. The detectives come and get the man to open the door in which we find a woman tied up with only an apron on - since this is SVU she was no doubt sexually abused as well. The man's defense is that a unknown police officer told him to do it and that he was only following the orders he recieved over the phone, of all things. The detectives find the real culprit, played by Robin Williams, but he is set free after successfully defending himself in court and becomeing a true "hero". His battle cry is "no Sheep" in which we have to break away from the ordinary and live for ourselves, not to be pushovers and ones to only take orders or comnmands. The detectives resent him and as his popularity grows it gets worse. Finally they have what they need to take him down once and for all but things get more complicated as Olivia goes missing. Stabler finds her at a record studio where she is tied up and allegedly getting electricuted by the mad engineer, Robin Williams. They play a game and Stabler wins and in the end it was pre-recorded screams that he heard and Olivia was fine. As they all leave, with Robin in cuffs, a secret button is pushed and the building behind them explodes, creating a distraction and the detectives loosing the culprit once again.

    Judging by all the went on in this episode is was pretty well put together but at the same time it dragged along in parts and some of the scenes could of been alot better. The ending was terrible in the way we are lead to believe that the guy drowned with no evidence to force it. Seemed sort of rushed for my liking. Also, the concept for this episode seems to have been done, and alot better, time and time again with a sort of "Saw" essence in the air, with Robin as the deadly JigSaw or puppet pulling the strings.
    One of the biggest reasons that this episode failed was the sake of over exposure by everyones part. With claims that this is going to be the best episode ever and the Robin Williams will breathe new life into the show and his take on serious / manipulative characters.
    With everything I saw and read I really was expecting alot more then what I saw, even if my just a little bit more.
    This episode gets an 8.1 out of 10.