Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2008 on NBC

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  • Kudos to Olivia for the reality check...

    Very well handled episode on very delicate subject (teens having babies) based on the pregnancy pact case earlier this year. Eliot and Munch handle the preliminaries but Olivia (back from a seminar of some sort) really socks it to these girls with a dose of reality. The mom of one the of girls gets in over her head several times and ends up making things worse than her evil emails did; assaulting an ADA. Not smart. And the mother of the girl who was murdered should be held for parental negligance. A very nice gesture by one of the future grandparents at the end.
  • Stabler and Munch investigate a young man who is burned to death by the brother of a pregnant teen, who's best friend (also pregnant) is killed by her boyfriend. Olivia is at a conference for battered women and comes back in the middle.

    This episode was fine. It was better than a lot of other ones, but there wasn't much interaction between characters, and why was Olivia cut out of the first half? The episodes in the show don't really connect to each other very well and this one seems out of place. Elliot's life is falling apart in the last few episodes but that doesn't show one bit in this episode. Him and Olivia barely talked to each other. It wasn't 'bad' compared to others, as in, it was well written (but slightly confusing because of all the characters and names) Personally, I would have liked to see Olivia and Elliot talk about something other than work, which is why I'm much more looking forward to Wildlife!!
  • Ripped from the headlines OK; Ripped from 17 Different Headlines Bad

    Man, what has happened to this show? They used to occasionally have an episode that was "ripped from the headlines" -- they'd take a real life case but apply an interesting twist to it.

    But this? This was ripped from about 17 different headlines, bouncing from topic to topic so fast I was getting whiplash. One minute, it's pregnancy pacts. Then it's cyber-bullying. All punctuated with lots of "acting" that consists of shouting. Zero interest in staying with a particular character before ZOOM it's off to the next headline stealing.

    And as for the final resolution? **spoiler warning** I'll just say that SVU must have the most incompetent medical examiner on the planet. There is a huge difference in the post-mortem signs of someone who hung themselves and someone strangled to death with bare hands. Just pure laziness from the writers.

    This show used to be good.
  • A pregnancy pact, leads to the death of a young girl

    In this episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, the following happens. When a man who is burnt to death is found missing his privates the SVU team are called in. When his prints are run we learn that his name is Josh Galli. We learn from his father that he had a metal health problem. From his father the team learn of website where attacks on homeless people are posted. The team set up a trap and the 2 attackers fall right into it. One of them is a woman; we learn that her father was killed by a homeless person, who had already attacked a few other people. But both of them have an alibi for the time of the attack. Stabler and Munch soon learn that one of the items used in the attack belongs to the Blessed Heart High School. They soon find a suspect in the school, who they take in for questioning. We learn that the victim raped his sister and now she is pregnant. When they ask the sister, she says that she wasn't raped and that she and Josh had sex and he didn't force her into anything. She also admits that she wanted to get pregnant. We then learn that 3 of her other friends are also pregnant and they all planned it.
    Olivia goes to see all of the girls. They soon learn that one of the girls got pregnant by a 22 year old man, when they go back to take her to the hospital to get the baby tested, they find her hanging from the ceiling. We then learn from the mother that someone was emailing her which upset her and so the team take the laptop away. We soon learn that one of the mothers's emailed the girl and taunted her into killing herself as she believes that she has ruined her family. She is then put on trial for a number of crimes, but not murder. We soon learn that Max, the girl who killed her self's boyfriend, is involved in her death. He soon confesses that he strangled her with his own bare hands and then tied the belt around her neck to make it look like suicide. After the charges are dismissed on Tina's mother, she attacks the ADA. We then see Tina in family court waiting to find out what is going to happen to her now that both her mother and brother are in prison. We then see that Josh's father says that he will be there for Tina and his grandchild.