Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 2 Episode 5

Baby Killer

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2000 on NBC

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  • Happy Ending

    It made me sick that Elias was allowed to go home free. But at least it had a happy ending with little Elias shot dead.
  • Kids Killing Kids

    This is a case about kids killing kids. A black girl is shot dead by a Hispanic classmate with a gun. The kid is treated like a criminal. His parents are terrified. The crew investigate how he got the gun in the first place. It turned out the gun was used by a drug-related killing the child suspect witnessed, and grabbed the gun fearing for his life. The cops arrested the ringleader (Carlos Leon) who uses a religious store as a front. The kid sees Dr. Olivet and writes a description on how he will be going for his sins, HELL. The kid is brought to trial and ADA Cabot does the best she can with the case. Instead, she decides to dismiss the case and the kid is free. But, only for a minute when he is killed by an outraged, black, pre-teen civilian.

    This is a emotional episode. And, it's becomes true to the 'Law & Order' format. This is not a sex crime.

    It shows how ADA Cabot to shine and be respected in the end. I don't like the fact a Latino boy killing a black girl as racially motivated. If he was white, I would say it is. I also don't like the fact Blacks and Latinos killing each other. We are the same people. I say SVU has become a clone of the original recipe, but in a good way.
  • A young girl is tragically killed at school, and a seven-year-old boy is the shooter. The detectives question what made this young boy shoot his classmate.

    This episode has many twists and turns, and each turn is heart wrenching. This is exactly why I watch this series, and the compassion shown by Elliot and Alex is something that I completely identified with. Alex’s boss is a political hungry jerk, and I feel he instigated much of what happened in the episode. The victim’s mother even agrees that the young boy should be let go, and it is interesting to see that the young boy comes from a home with loving parents, and that he did not mean any harm at all. I will not reveal what the twist at the end is, but it ripped my heart out.

    I’ve been watching all the SVU episodes in order, and this one has been the most intense and cathartic episode I have seen thus far.
  • Good acting, good action -- and Alex Cabot has a heart?

    Maybe this episode just reminds me of the original L&O ("the mothership") episodes, but seeing the detectives work closely with the ADA, with justice being served at the end? Makes me feel good.

    The story starts out with a 7-year-old boy shooting a girl classmate of his during recess. All the detectives realize that the boy is clearly afraid of something and doesn't understand his actions fully, but the public demands action for the dead girl and Alex Cabot's boss pushes her to charge the boy for the murder, despite her reluctance.

    The detectives follow the gun to another closely related case and the episodes begins to really unravel. I found this episode really suspenseful just because I honestly had no idea how it was going to end. The actor who played the little boy was ridiculously good, and then there's Dr Elizabeth Olivet, who I always liked in the original L&O (see "Cherished" from season 9). Watching the case get solved with the help of the boy and the different leads was just really well done.

    The two things that made the episode for me: Alex Cabot getting the recognition she deserved for the kick-ass job she did, and the amazing acting of the little boy.

    What really sucked: The boy dying.

    The detective work was a little bit rushed, but I think the covered the community outcry really well, and the mother of the girl stepping up to speak near the end was really a really clinching scene.

    Seriously, for once, I'd like to see an SVU episode end happily, where they all ACTUALLY can go out for drinks at the end.
  • A 6 year old girl is shot while at recess. Her classmate who is not much older than she was had the gun. As the storyline unraveled, it is revealed as to how and why the little boy got a hold of the gun in the first place. So sad.

    This is a heart-wrenching episode. I absolutely loved it, but at the same time I could tell I was starting to cry a bit, especially when Elias tells the detectives why he had the protect himself from a gang member. He never meant to shoot the little girl. Elias witnessed a murder and therefore was a target since he could easily tell police what happened. And it all took place just outside of his babysitter's house. I could not believe a little boy could be capable of shooting someone before watching this episode. It's so sad that these things really do happen. Wonderful episode and terrific writing.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When six year old Carly Jackson is shot and murdered on the playground of her school, the shooter is brought into the Special Victims Unit for questioning. The shooter, Elias, was a schoolmate of Carly's, who is only seven years old himself. The detectives are at a loss as to what the motive could have been. Through their investigation, the learn that Elias was not plotting to murder Carly, but was a victim of circumstance. He had witnessed the murder of a teenage boy nicknamed Shorty. Elias then took the gun in order to protect himself.

    This was a good episode of the series. It is sad to see what children will do to one another when they are subject to viloence every day. One act of violence is enough to fuel another one.
  • This is the epitome of what SVU should be. A great show all around.

    In my opinion this is the best episode I have seen of the show so far. It is very well written. Thought provoking and heart wrenching. I have always seen SVU as a show that presents you with something to think about and that show did just that. Who is to blame when a 7 year old little Hispanic boy kills a little African American girl? Did he do it out of cold blood or was it an accident? Can we ever end the cycle of violence? The ending of this episode left me in tears though my heart ached the whole time. I would highly recommend this as an episode to show to someone who wants to know why the show is so good. Great storyline and amazing actors. You really can't ask for much more.
  • A complex and heart-wrenching episode.

    When a young African American girl is killed by a seven-year-old Hispanic boy, racial and emotional issues are raised. Shocked that a little boy could kill someone in cold blood, the detectives dig deeper. Their efforts don't go unrewarded as they discover something much more sinister going on. The young boy Elias becomes an invaluable mine of information to the detectives as they track down the real criminals Elias was only trying to scare when he accidentally killed the little girl. The case is eventually handed over to Alex who does the difficult but right thing to do in a powerful and wonderfully done courtroom scene. Even the mother of the murder victim supports Alex in what she does, and everyone comes out unscathed. Well, almost everyone as there is one final horrific twist at the very end. This episode was gripping, compelling, and a must see.