Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 12 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 04, 2011 on NBC

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  • A classic example of too many guest stars spoiling the soup. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

    While this episode was moderately entertaining and a solid episode in its own right, it had way too many flaws for me to give it anything higher than a six. Also, it was much too forgettable considering the very original plot line.

    The inclusion of Dr. Audrey Shelton was confusing. Who knew why her inclusion in this episode was necessary? Who knew why she was so invested in this subect that she was willing to throw her life away? Her whole purpose in this episode was muddy.

    However, the Wade character I liked: a straight-forward and basically nice guy just trying to help a baby (one of the most adorable on television, if I may add). He wasn't the smartest guy in the world, but provied a welcome red herring. His tie to the murderr weapon (and the murder weapon istelf!) were great. What a very original muder! Kudos to SVU. One more positive thing I have to comment on is the large number of suspects and the twists this episode had. It's great to have that complexity and interest that SVU used to have so frequently.

    It seemed like Olivia just pulled her accusation of reproductive abuse out of nowhere with little but circumstantial evidence. It was a good thing her hasty accusation turned out to be right. This episode did, however, demonstrate the blind eye of desperate individuals when it comes to manipulative boy/girlfriends, but I felt it was oversimplifed and that the abuser was too obvious. Abusers are usually crafty and subtle, otherwise they wouldn't get away with the abuse for so long.

    The stunts this episode pulled:

    1. The gathering of all of the other children the main suspect fathered and their mothers. I'm not an expert on police ethics, but I'm pretty sure that this would be done never, anywhere. If anything, you think the cops would have been concerned about the well-being of the children being put into that situation and hearing what they heard. Where was the lawyer or Cragen on that decision? I don't remember either even being in the episode at all.

    2. Elliot's interrogation of the suspect, where he tried to make him feel like he has a similar "problem". Why do they keep bringing up the idea of him and Benson being a couple? This is getting old. I've heard it is never going to happen and it is very undignified to hear this being talked about in the manner it was in this episode. 3. The scene where they barge in on the main suspect, catching him in the act of poking a hole in a condom. Oh boy! No need for police work, it's jjust the world's dumbest criminal running around and doing last minute hole-poking. It was unbelievable.

    4. Although I was impressed with the method, the death of the criminal (John Stamos' character) was unnecessary. But the writers knew they couldn't punish him for long on the charges they had, soo he had to be killed off. But what really was in it for Dr. Audrey Shelton?

    This was an okay episode, with an original plot, that was just held back.