Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2004 on NBC

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  • I am slowly working my way through the years

    I watched this opening episode of season 6 ( yes I know I am 10 years behind here). This was an outstanding episode. You couldn't help but feel for both mothers in this case and the pain that ended up causing Abigail Breslin (who else?) in her terrific portrayal of a child caught in the middle of a embryo clinic snafu (shenanigans/greediness?). The heart breaking ending to find out there were 2 other daughters and a son that were out there only served to increase the likelihood that the egg mother might run into the same situation wherever she moved to.
  • Very debatable episode.

    This is a very entertaining episode from season 6. It tackles a very debatable issue which viewers are left to decide whose side to be on. This episode isn't like many others, it's prime focus is on the victims, even after finding out the identity of the 'true' criminal. This episode is definitely a tearjerker, especially for parents, knowing what kind of pain these two mothers are going through. This episode also provides us with a little more story in the court then usual, which is nice because I love watching trials, especially with win-lose topics like this. Above average episode for sure.
  • An episode definitely worth watching, and a plot that could confuse even the most ethically-decisive viewers.

    When you first see the opening of the episode, there are many things you can expect. But the least likely is actually the case; when a daughter has two mothers, who gets the child? The first episode of season six, Birthright is everything eye-opening, saddening, and revealing.

    On a technical level, the episode is excellent. There's a car chase that viewers actually get to see, and it lasts more than 5 seconds. The angle shots are superb, especially when you see the unmarked sedan parallel to the squad car across the street. The little window demo given by Elliot to the little girl, Patti, is also fun to watch.

    The story itself is wonderful as well. The allusion to the Bible with King Solomon's story is still brought about in everyday life when discussing the sacrifices made for parenthood. Elliot does not finish the story, but it goes something along the lines of:
    The true mother of the child who is being fought over by the two women loves her child so much, she realizes she would rather sacrifice her own motherhood to save the child from death.

    Casey Novak's questioning is impressive, and, of course, cleverly used. Her aggressive tactic gets the child to cry, which then influences the 'true mother' to let her daughter go so as to not cause her child more pain.

    This episode has all the SVU essentials; drama, melancholy, surprises, and love in all the wrong places.
  • A well written episode!

    After a young man attempts to kidnap Patty Branson, it is discovered that her birth parents are not her biological parents. This leads to Patty's birth mother and her biological mother feud over the custody of Patty, leaving Patty in the middle of the fighting. The storyline was amazing! It was so unpredictable, something you would expect from this show. This episode was filled with twists and turns and left me wondering what would happen to Patty. I enjoyed Olivia's determination in this episode. She was so strong-willed and stopped at nothing to find the truth and achieve justice for Patty's birth mother as well as biological mother.
  • Elliot Stabler: King Solomon said, "Bring me a sword. Divide the living child in two. Give half to one mother, half to the other." Casey Novak: Except I can't split the baby. Elliot Stabler: Solomon didn't have to

    Elliot Stabler: King Solomon said, "Bring me a sword. Divide the living child in two. Give half to one mother, half to the other."
    Casey Novak: Except I can't split the baby.
    Elliot Stabler: Solomon didn't have to

    i love this part it made me so emotional and when Casey was in the cuort room with the girl i could see michelles pain for her doughter and when she was like let her go. I could see the joy in Caseys eyes like yes it worked and the pain afterword of what she had to do to that little girl. I really really love this eppy i love season 6
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    After the attempted kidnapping of six year old Patty Branson in the park, Detectives Benson and Stabler are calling in to find who was behind it, before another innocent child is hurt. They determine that the person who tried to kidnap her was a private investigator who was under the impression that she was another child, a child who he was trying to give back to her biological mother, Michelle. This uncovers a mistake made by Patty's biological mother, and the mother she always knew's doctor, who was stealing embryos from his patients. It turns into a heated custody battle, with poor Patty stuck in the middle.

    This is a great episode. Something that I have come to expect from SVU. The storyline was amazing and I really enjoy it. It was sad to see that Patty was stuck in the middle of all the drama, but I think that it worked out for the best in the end.
  • "The law has to catch up with technology."

    That was a quote from Casey at the end of the show and how true it is and how well the writers showed that point. The cast and guest cast were as usual for SVU excellent. Your heart broke for the woman who lost her husband and daughter and found that her embryo had been put into another woman who gave birth to a daughter only 2 weeks away from her own daughter. The case brought some serious issues for all to deal with. I loved that Casey went to talk to Elliott and we got to see him with his kids. I liked that he understood what the woman felt and told her if he found out he had another child out there he would fight for him/her. The Solomon story was great and while I really felt bad and would have loved to see her get to have a relationship with the little girl, it was very touching that she was willing to walk away rather than hurt her. Like I said another great show and the reason why most night I watch the repeat on USA rather than the first run shows on the networks.
  • Mixed embryos and a kidnapped little girl

    Thought-provoking episode. A kidnapping gone wrong leads to an investigation on stolen embryos implanted in women who unknowingly give birth to children who are genetically not theirs.

    Birthright: are parents the ones who give you your genes, or the ones who give birth to you, bring you up, give you love... Law must catch up with this aspect now.