Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2006 on NBC

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  • Far fetched in places

    There is no way the family would not have mentioned the son right at the begining of the investigation - if a child is kidnapped the family would give ALL information to the police and not keep anything back, especially as it was a family member who used to live with them.
  • Kick ass

    A Warner centric can I not love it. I have much respect for Tamara Tunie as an actress, not so much from SVU, but from her role on ATWT.

    We learn that Warner was in the Air Force...interesting.

    The whole deal with Stabler having no home to go to, but to his court at the station.......was a very dumb and useless scene.

    Anyway, to the episode: A girl gets kidnapped by her big brother, which was not surprising because I knew it was someone close to the family who did it. His a drug addict and he wants money to pay off his dealers no less. But when he does not get what he wants he goes straight to the horse's mouth so to speak by holding up his father's bank. That scene was just put in to show Warner use a gun.

    Overall, great episode......that's probably the 3rd or 4th great episode, this season.
  • Other than the doctor getting more air time, boring

    The doctor's background info was the most exciting thing on the episode. The plot line was weak and predictable. You could tell the parents knew more than they were letting on. You knew the son would rob the bank. And you knew the son would end up shooting the father.
  • Abduction of a little girl-->great episode!

    In this incredible episode, we learn so much more about M.E. Warner, who was always one of my favorite characters. The show was full of suspense, and actually kind of scary at times when the ransom calls were being made. The episode ended with a \"bang\" as the medical examiner makes an unexpected move. One of the best SVU episodes I\'ve ever seen!
  • It was alright except for the fact that Mariska Hargitay was only in it once and she is what bring that show to the more excitable side.With Mariska Harigay and Chris Meloni together it make that show what it is .

    In the show MH and CM talk for like five seconds an it appears as if she has been working on a different case then him but they always work together which is what i good about them because it is great to see the different oppinions between the two of them and the don't show it becaus Mariska is pregnant and if they don't put her back in with him then I am not going to watch the show until they do.I kno that she is pegnant but she is what makes he show is how she interacts with all of the other characters it makes the show alot more interesting and I mean that to.I think that it will be very sad if she quits the show.The show will go right down the toilet.
  • Great episode as usual.

    This was a good episode just like they all are. I agree with one of the other writers, if both of the detectives are not working the case together it lacks something. Their chemistry is what makes this show click. I think maybe they should have wrote Mariska's pregnancy into the show. That way they dont have to try and hide the fact she is or give her less air time. Dont get me wrong the doctor did an excellent job with the added screen time.
  • When a little girl is kidnapped, the medical examiner determines that she has leukemia and that they must find her quickly in order to save her life. Stabler and Warner find themselves in a life threatening situation as they try to rescue her.

    I think this episode was very well written and I am glad to finally get an episode that features Stabler. Benson sure gets plenty of episodes that center on her, and don\'t get me wrong, I like her alot, but I prefer Stabler. I have to admit I wasn\'t surprised when it turned out to be the son who had kidnapped his sister, but I didn\'t figure it out until they introduced the idea that there was a brother, so the beginning of the episode was suspenseful. Once the brother came into the picture and we were let in on the fact that he had done it, it was still interesting to see how they were going to catch him and get out of the situation with the little girl still alive.
  • Great episode. I really enjoyed it.

    This was a great episode. The only thing really missing was Olivia. But you've gotta cover up Mariska's pregnancy, I understand. It just bugs me that she is getting less and less screen time. I would have loved to see how Liv would've reacted to Daniel grabbing Elliot and putting the gun to his neck. But Elliot and Warner took this episode and ran with it. Elliot is always good in these types of situations, but it suprised me at how calm Warner was. Even when Daniel had that crazy machine gun pointed at Elliot, she didn't draw the gun Elliot gave her. I thought she would. I underestimated her. The case was a good one too. The bombshell about another kid the mom dropped in the hospital, woah!!! It's like as soon as she said that, you knew it was this kid that did it. Overall, this is a great episode. I think season 7 is shaping up to be one of my favorites.
  • I loved this episode, with Melinda front and center it\'s my kind of episode to watch. Melinda was so awesome. She definitely needs another centric-episode.

    SVU with Melinda Warner front and center it can\'t get much better than that for me. Seriously though Melinda out did herself with this one. Terrific, awesome acting by the beautiful Tamara Tunie as always. I\'ve always loved Melinda as a character, but that episode makes me love her even more. I loved the scene where she shot Daniel in the bank(didn\'t really see it coming because I forgot that she had the gun on her). Also loved the ending when she mentioned her daughter and we now know she\'s been in the Air Force. I just really loved this whole episode. Melinda Rocks!
  • Young Carly Hunter is abducted by a man who cannot be identified. Eliot suspects her father of knowing more than he is sharing. A search through New York leads the detectives and Warner to a place they didn't think they should be looking: close to home.

    This episode is flat out AMAZING. It is probably the best episode I\'ve ever seen, or one of them. I happen to love Melinda Warner- I think Tamara Tunie is an amazing actress. I had been hoping for a long time that she would have a larger part to play than just an ME. In this episode she truly earned her stars. When the episode was over, my mouth was open, and all I could gasp was "Wow." Tamara Tunie is a MOST special actress. I really loved this episode a lot. I hope that Warner plays more roles of this size in the future- she is fantastic. I don't want to give away any bit of the episode... but she was SO AMAZING. WOW. A++, Tunie!
  • Third time's a charm...for a letterbox review...

    This episode concerns me a little. When the kidnapper revealed his mask, he looked a LOT like Bam Margera. That is JUST WRONG.
    Nice episode, but Shawn Reaves lost ALL the points for this review. Shawn (no, not Patrick Flueger)'s not a bad actor. My imagination keeps running off getting him in trouble, labeling him those mean words, a "Bam Margera reject".

    FOX caught the Bam Margera virus on two shows, "The Inside" and "Killer Instinct" last year, both cancelled (the serial killers on both pilot episodes bore a striking resemblance to him), and now NBC followed suit. This is the first time Mariska has not shown her face because of her pregnancy (congratulations on the baby! :)

    The character kidnapped his little sister and had a Halloween mask. In the bank scene, I totally lost it like the As the World Turns Slasher, blaming Bam Margera loud and clear, left to right. I was almost about to give this episode a 0.0 (Appalling), but I felt like I was going to hurt Mariska by giving this episode a rating, so I just gave it a plain old 9.4 (Superb) instead.

    Thumbs-up "Blast":
    Mariska's beautiful hairstyle
    End of the abductor of the little girl

    Thumbs-down "Blast":
    Shawn Reaves acting bad
    Detective Stabler taken hostage
    Me actually shouting my disgust of villians with striking resemblances to Bam Margera

    MY SCORE: 9.4 (-.6: Shawn Reaves in WRONG role. If Rachel McAdams found out about this, she'd smack Bam right up! Oh, and the Jun Kazama-less reviews ensue! :)

  • M.E. Melinda shines in this episode with her ability to help convince a kidnapper to back down

    They need to find a way to get this woman in more episodes. She is an amazing actress, and is very good at being a doctor. Not only is she able to convince the kidnapper that she is not a cop, she is great at trying to get the kidnapped child out of the car in time. The time where Melinda really shines is when she is in the bank and is confronted by the killer. Her refusal to leave Stabler shows that she is just as courageous as her police counterparts, and can kick butt when needed.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When Carly Hunter is abducted while on her way home from school, the Detectives of the Special Victims Unit are determined to find her before it is too late. Dr Melinda Warner is brought into the case when she realizes that little Carly has Leukemia. They need to find her so that her condition can be treated. The story hits a little close to home when the Detectives find out that her kidnapper is her older brother.

    This was a good episode. I liked that it was a pretty Warner centered episode. You don't see a lot of those and it would be nice to see more of them. Warner needs more character development and that is just what she got in this episode.
  • This episode of Law & Order SVU 'Blast' is one of the best so far this season.

    This episode of Law & Order SVU 'Blast' is one of the best so far this season. It is about a little girl being kidnapped and held hostage and the guy behind it turns out to be the kidnapped girls brother who wants alot of money. I found this episode so good because of its intense action and the race behind the clock. It was also thrilling because the kidnapper was really close to the home and it was almost a hostage situation. It was a bit over rated but it was still a great episode. I noticed that only elliot and cragen were in this episode out of the detectives.
  • I thought this episode was great. It had me on my seat the whole night. Detective Stabler did a great job.

    Detective Stabler gets me watching these shows, and I think this was one great episode he was in. It was a great show!! I really enjoy watching this show rather than any of them. The young man looked scared in it and the docter and Stabler handled it really well in my opinion. The docter saved his life and his fathers. It was really a good one.