Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 14 Episode 19

Born Psychopath

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 03, 2013 on NBC

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    This was a creepy episode. Sent chills up my spine. Couldn't stop watching from beginning to end!
  • The Bitch Roars

    What a shock the man hating bitch Benson wants the little boy put away.
  • Wow!!!

    This is truly network tv at it's best. Kudos for SVU for continuing to tell compelling stories and always finding great actors to fill guest-starring roles. A chilling episode!
  • Psychopathic boy.

    This was a fantastic episode and it was scary how a ten year old boy can do the things he did From the first part of the episode Benson knew there was something off with Henry and as the episode went on Henry got worse and showed why he needs to get help The detectives had no choice in the end but to take Henry away because who knows what he would do next.
  • Brilliant!!

    Actually scared me senseless! The little fella who played Henry was brilliant! The scene with himself and Kelli Giddish was amazing! SVU at its best!
  • Intense, unforgettable story. Bold, mesmarising performances.

    This was one of TV's great episodes. It was a learning experience. The actor that played young Henry delivered a powerful performance. He nailed it, to the extent it was frighteningly real. I thought about it off and on for several hours after it was over. Bravo to the writers, producers, everyone. Law & Order will go down in history for efforts like this. I watch lots of these types of shows, and this one stands out above all the other bests I have seen. I sensed that what I was seeing was actually based on real life.
  • A star in the making

    I thought that the young boy, Ethan Cutkosky, gave an amazing performance in this episode. I jumped out of my seat a couple of times.
  • It was all for you, Henry!

    Our intrepid detectives relive "The Omen," when they meet evil-incarnate 10-year-old, Henry. This demon child can't help but hate; his sister, his mom, his dad, a dog, freaking everyone! A gold star goes to Shameless's Ethan Cutkosky as the pint-sized psychopath. Way to nail that dead-eyed look! Oh, there's also a subplot with Amaro's long lost son drama. And we get to see Danny Pino shirtless.
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