Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 12 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2010 on NBC

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  • Unlike the last episode, THIS one had the guest star being the perp. But despite that I enjoyed the ride.

    This was a good follow up to the last one. The writing did a good job making it seem like Eric Weber was innocent and it probably helped that he made an appearance in the last episode to set this up, this episode did a great job making it seem like Erik couldn't stand pedophiles and was just out to get them; that by the time he registers as a suspect for Olivia, it comes across as somewhat of a surprise.
    I'm also glad the explosion didn't come across as cheesy as I thought it would by the spoilers.

    Two great episodes in a row, munch and fin utilized, along with a nice scene with Cragen in the courtroom. My only criticism of the episode is that Stabler came across as a bit of a jerk when he threw Erik's device on the ground, but even that could be over looked considering how good the episode was. Maybe this is a sign that SVU is return to its former greatness. All we need now is for Melissa Sagemiller not to wander anywhere, and some more of the court room element and the show might make a return to form.
  • Better than last season's premier

    This was much better than I expected. I have been L&O: SVU fan for a long time. And it has become more ridiculous and more implausible. I expected it this time, but I was surprised that it wasn't. Even the explosion scene didn't bother me. But the problem I had with the episode was the whole episode revolved around benson & stable. especially benson. At the first the show seemed to have an ensemble cast, even though benson & stabler had more screen time. Now its just benson & stabler, a few scenes w/ Fin, Much & Capt. Cragen.
  • A kind of continuation of the season premiere with some of the same guest stars, just a different case.

    When a ten-year-old girl is raped, the Special Victims Unit are convinced that the perpetrator is already a registered sex offender. A further rape connects the two girls to the same man after Eric Weber assists the unit with some hacking software he has devised and which, in turn, leads them to a man who has pictures of both girls (and many others) on the hard drive of his computer.

    When questioned, the man insists he is innocent and becomes extremely worried that his pregnant wife will find out that he is a former sex offender. With the pressure from the police mounting, he takes his own life and the team are convinced that justice has been served. So why then does one of the victims become incontinent at the site of the ever-so-helpful Eric Weber?

    A good episode, the only let down was that two things were obvious from the very beginning, number one, that Weber was the masked rapist and number two, that his sister who had supposedly killed herself was very much alive and in not keen on confronting the brother who raped her when she was younger. Definitely worth watching though.