Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 5 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2004 on NBC

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  • A 6 year old boy dies at the hands of his abusive foster parents. the foster parents and their social worker are arrested for contributing to the boy's death.

    A 6 year old boy named Jamie Semple is brought to a hospital by his foster paents Sam and loriAnn dufoy who claimed he passed out during an exorcism at their church. The church pastor is questioned and suspected of causing Jamie's death because his ring matched a mark on Jamie's body. However, forensic evidence suggests Jamie was smothered by a pillow at home then brought to the church. Sam is suspected of killing Jamie bacause the boy who was hyperactive was out of control. He is arrested and charged. The boy's natural mother tells the detectives the Dufoys' social worker Mariel Plummer is partly to blame since she neglected Jamie. Fin and munch learn that on the night Jamie was killed, Plummer was called by Sam but she did not answer him or visit him but she claimed in her records she did. She is arrested for altering records and endangering Jamie's life. Novak decides to put Mariel on trial and have Sam testify against her although he had been charged with killing Jamie. Mariel claims she had another more tragic case to work the night Jamie was killed but Novak does not buy it. However, Mariel is cleared of the reckless endangerment charges. Later on, Warner tells teh detectives that blood stain evidence from the pillow used to kill Jamie and a cheese grater proves a teenage girl was also living with the DuFoys. Fin confronts Mariel about the girl living with the DuFoys but she kills herself after a threatening phone call. Fin questions Sam about the girl but he denies it. He is accused of taking other foster kids in them neglecting them and letting them run away. LoriAnn is also questioned and she too denies having a foster child. Sam breaks down and tells Fin they had a foster daughter named Megan who they commited to a mental hospital. Fin visits Megan and she tells them she was sent to the mental hospital after LoriAnn killed Jamie with a pillow and then scraped Megan with the cheese grater. In the end, LoriAnn, not Sam, is arrested for killing Jamie. This episode was sad, emotional, and proves that not all foster parents and social workers can be trusted.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    Sam Dufoy rushed into the emergency room with his foster son Jamie when he stopped breathing during a healing session at their church. After being pronounced DOA, the doctors notice signs of abuse on his young body. The Detectives of the Special Victims Unit suspect Sam of abusing Jamie, because according to his and his wife, Lori-Ann's statements, he was the only one alone with the boy. The Detectives then question his ACS case worker, to see if she had ever suspected that Jamie was not safe living with the Dufoy's. What they find is that Jamie's case worker never visited and did not keep an eye on the situation like she should have. And because of her negligence, Lori-Ann not only killed Jamie, but had several other foster children that are unaccounted for. This was a really good episode. It is sad, but true that there are a lot of children in the foster care system who do not get the check up and the attention that they may need. It is a really screwed up system and something needs to be done about it. These children are the future of our world and they deserve the best chance at living a great life.
  • A young african american boy in foster care dies after a midnight exorcism!

    The boy had health problems that didn't allow him to communicate very well and was always very hard to handle because of hi issues which led the immature foster father to take the boy to a midnight exorcism. The detectives first think the xorcism might of gone wrong and the boy died but the case takes a twist. When the detectives find blood on a pillow at the foster home, they start to suspect the foster parents. They also find out the boy was killed by a cheese grater. They charge the father but soon learn he had called the social worker many of times asking for her to take the child away because he couldn't take care of him. The social worker never answered the calls which led the police to arrest her and charge her for depraved indifference. The social worker somehow gets off but feels so bad about what she did that she commited suicide. The detectives then learn that the foster parents had stuck one of their former foster children in a mental institution to hide her away when she saw the murder of the little boy. The detectives track down the girl and she tells them that the foster mother killed the little boy.