Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2004 on NBC
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Episode Summary

A career con artist, forger and thief turns to murder and serial pedophilia to populate the cult he created and to get his hands on a multi-million dollar trust fund. The detectives have trouble getting any leads because no one in the cult is saying anything, not even their names.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • What do you get when you take religious fanaticism, our favorite bunch of detectives, and a whole mess of emotions? A wonderful episode worth watching.

    What starts as a unusual trip to the hospital turns into a case of trickery, deception, despair, and pedophilia. A 12 year old girl, Melanie, is brought to the hospital for pregnancy complications and she reveals to Olivia that her husband is 'Abraham'. She and the rest of the squad track down the way-ward 'husband', and discover a slew of children and women in a worn-down house.

    Shots are fired, and when the four detectives finally get in, they see a pile of bodies, mostly children. There's a classic movie twist; they show close-ups of the character's reaction to the gruesome scene in front of them. But Dick Wolf takes it one step further; showing the character's psych evaluations, as well. You see Elliot try and keep his cool, Munch lose his cynical shield, Fin 'step back', and Olivia break down.

    But it doesn't stop there. Elliot is taken off the case; but for once, it doesn't matter. The episode is wonderful, even without him, although Olivia and Elliot cases are most people's favorite, including my own. Continuing with Olivia's breakdown, the writers make sure to show a more sarcastic, tough-as-nails, angry version of Benson not usually shown. Dramatic? Yes. Edge-of-your-seat action? Quite possibly. Worth watching? Most definitely.moreless
  • So this is why Mariska Hagitay won the Golden Globe...

    Well, besides the fact that she is an incredible actress anyway, this episode simply showcased her talents. First of all, this is an amazing episode all around. Well written and very suspenseful. The scene where the detectives come up on the bodies of the children is one of the most beautifully shot scenes I have ever seen on television. Great non-verbal acting in that scene. I also loved the fact that we got to actually hear how each of the detectives was affected by this particularly heinous sight. Like I said earlier this episode was all about Mariska. It was defintitely a Benson episode and a brilliant one at that. My favorite Olivia moments: when she pulls a "Stabler" on Sarah when confronting her about her action (or, rather, inaction) regarding Abraham and her daughter and the smirk she gives Abraham at the end of her interrogation. And I LOVE the Benson/Munch pairing. They are great together. This episode is the epitome of why I watch this show.moreless
  • Mental problems

    One of the best episode of law and order svi . aFor me give Olivia an oscar it was so cool but a little sad in the end ,that poor girl was confiused and dthat pervert use her for his inhuman accion like a toy or sexual doll .that was bad.But does thing are the reason why i love this series to tel the truei love this .

    I like the went the man asked to Olivia 'you going to shoot a child' and olivia saide 'son of a b----' better i no continue with this.I in personal recoment it it was so cool episode .Wel i have to said that elliot no did much but it is ok On other thing viva PANAMA Y LATINOAMERICAmoreless
  • Wasn't sure which classification to use! It is why I watch the series, it was WAY above average (for any show)

    I didn't get to see this episode until 19th September 2008. This is 2 days (or so) since the site was overhauled, and quite a few of the features are still a bit temperamental - as are are quite a few of the users! I have been defeated in my attempts to write a blog/ format my posts... but I couldn't watch such a superlative episode without at least trying to express my admiration for the cast, crew and writers of SVU! Itwas spellbinding -it kept me on the edge of my seat and wrung every last emotion that I possess. I'm almost glad this doesn't happen often - I'd never get any 'real life' done. MH in particular was absolutely brilliant - deserved every accolade she received for this performance.moreless
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    Detective Olivia Benson is called in when a young girl is brought into the hospital. The girl, Melanie is pregnant with her second child, and claims that she is married to a man named Abraham. When Benson goes to question him, he slams the door in her face. The police begin to surround his home, and the SWAT team is sent in when they hear shots being fired. The suspect is gone and the Detectives are on a mission to find out where he is and just how he is connected to the young girl in the hospital. This was a good episode. It was a good story line that was full of drama. It was sad to see what had happened to all those children, and you could tell that this case definitely took its toll on the Detectives of the Special Victims Unit.moreless
Dann Florek

Dann Florek

Capt. Donald Cragen

Richard Belzer

Richard Belzer

Det. John Munch

Mariska Hargitay

Mariska Hargitay

Det. Olivia Benson

BD Wong

BD Wong

Dr. George Huang

Christopher Meloni

Christopher Meloni

Det. Elliot Stabler



Det. Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola

Holliston Coleman

Holliston Coleman

Melanie Cramer

Guest Star

Jeff Kober

Jeff Kober

Eugene Hoff/Abraham Ophion

Guest Star

Shannon Cochran

Shannon Cochran

Cindy Cramer

Guest Star

William H. Burns

William H. Burns

Officer Robbins

Recurring Role

Tamara Tunie

Tamara Tunie

M.E. Warner

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Possible blooper: in the few varying scenes with the pregnant girl, her belly changes size.  Might be the way she's sitting or laying in each scene but it appears that way. 

    • Nitpick: At some point during Benson's interrogation of Sarah, her attorney asks if there is a deal on the table. Benson is a police officer, not a member of the D.A.'s office, and can't make deals with suspects. That should have been asked of Novak (who wasn't in the room).

    • Huang's badge number is 2317616 (the same badge number Scully had on The X-Files).

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Eugene Hoff/Abraham Ophion: All these men have come to kill me!
      Olivia Benson: Shut your mouth, Eugene!
      Eugene Hoff/Abraham Ophion: Why?! Because they know! They know that I am greater than man! I am greater than God! And they're afraid of what I can do!!!
      (a gunshot is heard and Eugene/Abraham hits the ground dead; Melanie is holding the gun and she starts sobbing; Benson rushes over, takes the gun away, and embraces her)
      Benson: It's okay. It's okay. Put the gun down. It's okay.
      Melanie Cramer: That was a lie.
      Olivia Benson: What was?
      Melanie Cramer: He said he was greater than God. But nobody is.

    • Eugene Hoff/Abraham Ophion: (about to cut himself to evade the police) Into my hands, I commend my spirit!

    • (Benson is at the hospital talking with a pregnant 12-year-old.)
      Olivia Benson: If you want I can try to find the father of your baby. Do you know his name?
      Melanie: Abraham.
      Olivia Benson: And who's Abraham?
      Melanie: He's my husband.

    • Olivia Benson: I'm afraid that - I won't be able to handle it.
      Dr. George Huang: But you are. By acknowledging that it affects you. That's the way you handle something traumatic.
      Olivia Benson: Well, I guess the real problem is that I'm afraid that -- that it's not working. (starts to cry)

    • Dr. George Huang: How are you feeling now?
      Olivia Benson: I don't know.
      Dr. George Huang: This was an extremely traumatic event, Liv. The grief that you're feeling is completely natural.
      Olivia Benson: I know that.
      Dr. George Huang: But you feel like you shouldn't be feeling anything. Is that how you feel?
      (Benson sighs)

    • Olivia Benson: Now, those women out there might be brain-washed, but you're not. You know exactly what he is: A murderer and a child rapist.
      Sarah/Cindy: That's not true!
      Olivia Benson: You knew who he was and you let this happen, you let all those children die.
      Sarah/Cindy: It was God's will!
      Olivia Benson: No, Sarah! It was your will! You can blame God, and you can blame Abraham, but we all know the truth! You did this! You sat there, and you watched as a man raped one of your children and then murdered the other! You might has well have killed him yourself!!
      Captain Don Cragen: Olivia!
      Olivia Benson: (calmly) He has one of your children, and he has your unborn grandchild.
      Sarah/Cindy: This is a test. I won't be tempted.
      (Benson leaves the room in disgust.)

    • Attorney: You accusing my client of murder?
      Olivia Benson: No ... just being stupid.

    • Dr. George Huang: Well, what do you want to talk about?
      John Munch: Well, it doesn't really matter. We could all talk till we're blue in the face. It's not gonna change the fact that the human race is ever-evolving and will always come up with elaborate, repulsive, and depraved ways to kill each other.

    • (After one of Abraham's wives declines to give her name.)
      John Munch: I hereby christen you Jane Doe Number 3.

    • John Munch: (whispering into hand microphone) We've got a problem. Reggie sucks at this.

    • John Munch: Take a few deep breaths, relax, and just pretend you're embezzling thousands of dollars like it's any other day.

    • Reg: Oh, my God.
      John Munch: God isn't going to help you, Reg. He doesn't like fraud committed in his name.
      Reg: I want a lawyer.
      Olivia Benson: Oh, you're going to need one. You're screwed.

    • Dr. George Huang: What's the first thing you remember seeing after entering the building?
      Elliot Stabler: Dead bodies.
      Dr. George Huang: Can you be more specific?
      Elliot Stabler: A bunch of dead bodies.

    • Olivia Benson: (to Cindy) He raped your daughter. He killed your husband. What exactly does he have to do for you to stop defending him?

    • M.E. Warner: Nothing would please me more than helping you put a needle in your guy's arm, but... this isn't good.
      John Munch: How could it possibly be any worse?
      M.E. Warner:He didn't kill them.

  • NOTES (2)

    • For her performance in this episode Mariska Hargitay received a 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

    • This episode was dedicated to the memory of Emmy Ann Wooding, a longtime assistant at Wolf Films who had worked at Universal Studios Television for thirty-seven years. She died in an automobile accident on 24 October 2004 at the age of 57.


    • Upon discovering the skeleton of the husband in the wall, John Munch says, "Here's Johnny." This alludes to the iconic line in Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining, in which the main character Jack chops a hole in a door, pokes his head through, and shouts, "Here's Johnny!"

    • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the David Koresh incident in Waco, Texas (USA), and the Marcus Wesson incident in Fresno, California (USA).

    • When the police find the hoarded weapons, they comment that the group 'had their own little Waco down here'. This is a reference to cult leader David Koresh and his Branch Davidian followers who holed up in their Waco, Texas complex in 1993. The group had a hoard of weapons and explosives and held out against federal officials for 51 days until the stand-off ended violently.