Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Stabler and Tutuola talk to students at the museum where two of their classmates turned up missing. The children tell them the missing girl, Janey, gets picked on a lot and the missing boy, Connor, acts as her bodyguard. When Stabler speaks with their teacher, she is upset that she did not know the students were missing until the curator of the museum tells her their recorders were missing. She explains that Janey looks younger than she actually is because she has Turner's Syndrome. The detectives use the museum's tracking system for the recorders and locate Connor's outside in the bushes along with a bloody shoe. Cragen informs them a ransom call has been received by Connor's parents demanding $300 to be delivered to an arcade.

Outside the arcade, Munch brings Cragen coffee to the car and tells him that Janey's parents have yet to receive a ransom call. He also tells him her father left for Vancouver. Tutuola informs them the money is still in place just before Stabler describes a possible suspect. Tutuola watches at the boy fakes tying his shoe and reaches for the bag containing the money. They both approach him. He states that he is to be paid $50 for picking it up and delivering it. After being threatened with jail time, he tells them where he was to make the delivery.

Tutuola and Stabler bust into an apartment containing three boys, one of which being Connor. Once they threaten the boys with 5 years in jail, they find that Connor set his kidnapping up in order to obtain the money he lost in a bet. They escort Connor to the station to continue their questioning. He tells them Janey stayed at the museum. He further tells them Janey did not have problems with her father and she has not seen her mother since she was little. He says her problem revolve around the kids at school. The detectives, Cragen, and Huang watch a video of student elections that illustrates the torment Janey went through. Huang tells them Turner Syndrome patients are intelligent, but they are trapped in the bodies of children. Cragen tells Stabler that Munch will work with TARU to view the museum's tapes and sends him to talk with Janey's grandfather. Stabler tells him he will take Tutuola along as he leaves his office. Cragen rushes to catch up with him to let him know they are looking for a new partner for him. Stabler insists he is fine with the way things are until Benson gets back. Stabler turns in time to see his daughter. Kathleen tells him he ruined her relationship with Kevin. He tells her he does not want her seeing him again. She informs him that her mother thinks he is overreacting. He simply says he will discuss it with her mother later, but she is going to be late for school so he will drive her. She takes off into the elevator as she says, "I hate you!"

Tate Speer, Janey's grandfather, informs Tutuola and Stabler that he usually keeps Janey away from field trips, but he allowed her to go this time because she begged him and he thought she would be safe at a museum. Mr. Speer shows them to Janey's room. While they look around, he tells them the only enemies the family might have now would be from a recent layoff, but all of the people were given severance packages. When they ask him about Janey's mother, he says she is a drunk. Stabler takes Janey's laptop even though Mr. Speer informs him she is only allowed 10 minutes a day on the internet. He is adamant that someone kidnapped her while they ask questions as if they believe she may have ran away. Tutuola receives a call requesting their presence with TARU.

When they arrive, Munch shows them a tape of Connor leaving through the back of the building. Then he shows them tape of Janey being approached by a stranger and receiving a package from them before following the person out the door. Morales enlarges the picture to reveal the logo on the woman's work shirt.

Tututola and Stabler locate the woman at work and ask if she knows Janey. She informs them that she is her mother. As far as she knows, Janey is at school. When she begins saying Janey's father must have done something to her, they escort her to the station for further questions.

At the station, she states that Janey asked her to bring baby pictures to her at the museum for a school project. They inform her Janey's father left for Vancouver alone. She tells them she filed for joint custody after 3 years of sobriety. She says that Janey told the judge in the case she wanted to live with her mother. She also lets them know Janey's father took her to Vancouver to check out schools.

Cragen informs them a witness called believing she may have seen Janey being pushed into a silver Lexus SUV, which is what the family owns. Tutuola and Stabler find out from her grandfather that Greg Hartley last used the vehicle to drive her to school. They go to the parking garage and verify the vehicle is there. When Stabler spots the security camera, he states he wants to verify if it has moved since taking Janey to school. Upon viewing the tape, they find the vehicle had been moved by someone unknown to the family. This arms them with a suspect's picture before the lab calls requesting their presence.

Siper states they found Janey's backpack, but there were a lot of fingerprints. Inside the backpack, they found a tube of experimental testosterone gel. Warner informs them Dr. Alexander Shulman is the one running tests on it. She requests to tag along so she can find out why a 17-year-old has possession of a drug used to increase her sex drive.

Dr. Shulman states he is trying to help girls with Turner's Syndrome because they have less time to procreate than normal girls. He also informs them Janey was involved in the study with her mother's consent.

When they approach her mother with this information, she defends her position stating her father wants to keep Janey a little girl. She just wants to show Janey the real world safely under careful supervision. When she tells them Janey uses her laptop instead of going out with boys, Stabler takes it for TARU to check. He shows her the picture of the suspect and she denies knowing him.

Morales finds that Janey was running her mother's computer through her dad's. She visited sex and lingerie sites. He was also able to locate e-mails she exchanged with Connor planning his fake kidnapping. She located a guy named Dan online to help her with running away.

When they locate Dan, they learn Janey sent him a copy of the key to the vehicle and told him where to pick her up. He was paid $200 to take her to another location. After dropping her off, he returned the vehicle, but she never told him what to do with the key. He gave Tutuola and Stabler the key as well as the money he was paid.

Tutuola, Stabler, and Cragen update Huang on the case and ask him what he believes is going on. He says that while it may look like she is the one doing the planning, he believes someone is manipulating her. They discuss that only a pedophile would enjoy having sex with a 17-year-old who looks 12 because he would be living his fantasy only legally. Huang tells them to start with those closest to her. Janey's father, Nathan is brought to the station and is met by his lawyer, Van Allen. When Stabler confronts him with pictures from the web sites Janey visited, he claims they must have popped up when she was researching another subject. When told about the testosterone, he says her mother got her started in all of it. He states she was happy with her life until her mother showed back up in her life. He also tells him that Janey's mother forced her to tell the judge she wanted to live with her. As he and his lawyer were leaving, Janey's mother walks in asking what he did with Janey. They get into a heated argument before Nathan storms out saying she will never get her hands on Janey. Novak informs Cragen that Van Allen is an immigration lawyer and specializes in custody cases where one parent is a foreigner. Munch interrupts them saying phone logs from the Speer home shows several calls to Annabelle Paz, a travel agent.

When Tutuola and Stabler question Paz, they find Mr. Speer is planning a trip with his daughter to an island under French or British control, but when they show her a picture of the family she points to Greg Hartley saying he is Mr. Speer. When they arrive at the Speer house, Hartley had left. They try his apartment, but the only thing they find is a pair of boots with a yellow powdery substance embedded in the sole.

While at the station, they get the lab report stating the substance on the boot is marble dust from marble imported from Italy. After calling the grandfather, they learn one of the family's hotels is being renovated with a marble floor. When they arrive at the hotel, they find her hurt and crying. As she is taken away in the ambulance, they spot Hartley in the crowd of spectators. Stabler makes his way behind him while Tutuola approaches him from the front. When they arrest him, he asks if she is alright.

Upon returning to the station, Stabler is told Kathy is there to talk with him. She tells him Kathleen locked herself in her room and wants to know why. Stabler reminds her they agreed the guy is no good for Kathleen. She, then, reminds him they were suppose to talk to her together. She inquires as to why he has not signed the divorce papers. All he can say is "I don't know." Before she leaves, she tells him to call Kathleen.

While Tutuola and Stabler question Hartley, he claims the sex with Janey was consensual. She visited the sites on her own. She bought lingerie on her own. She asked him to have sex with her. He states he loves her and would never hurt her. Novak reminds them that sex with a 17-year-old is legal.

At the hospital, the doctor informs Stabler and Janey's parents they had to remove an ovary. He also tells them Janey had been taking Menopur, a fertility drug, and abuse of the drug will make it harder for her to get pregnant. When they ask Janey about the drug, she tells them she wants to have a baby because she does not have much time left to have children. When her parents get into a fight, Stabler asks them to leave. Janey tells him she loves Hartley and he loves her for her. She tells him Hartley had left her at the hotel to get her some pain pills.

Huang is the only one to agree with Janey. Tutuola receives a call saying a patrol was sent to the Speer house.

When they arrive, Hartley was there saying the family tried to buy him off. Janey told her grandfather she was going to go live with Hartley when she's better. Stabler and Tutuola tell her father to petition the court for a PINS (Person In Need of Supervision) order that will be good until she turns 18. When Nathan asks if they will testify, Stabler tells him they will need something to testify about and inquires about any checks they did on him when they hired him.

In court, Stabler testifies that Janey should not be allowed to have a relationship with Hartley because she does not know him. He was fired from his last job because of a relationship with his employer's daughter. Janey's lawyer reminds him no charges were filed in the case so it was not relevant. She states that he is prejudiced because of his daughters. The judge asks Janey what her plans are. When she tells him of finishing her education, getting a job, and living arrangements, he allows her to leave with Hartley.

Outside the courthouse Dani Beck spots them kissing and places Hartley under arrest when Stabler informs her it is legal. She introduces herself as his new partner. He tells her, "Welcome to the world of gray."
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