Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on NBC

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  • An interesting plot, something that has never really been done before, and introduction to elliot\'s new partner.

    This episode was quite enjoyable, with a plot that has never been done before on this show, or any other show for that matter. The episode is about a girl who suffers from turners syndrome that causes her to look 12 instead of 17. Stuck between a crazy over-protective father, and her mother who has just come back into her life, she takes matters into her own hand, and descides that she wants to live with her 30 year old boyfriend. It really shows how over-protecting and over sheltering teenagers, with or without turners syndrome will cause them to act out or try to get away, although i think 17 is still too young to live with ur 30 boyfriend. We also get a glimps into elliots personal problems with both his wife and daughter. I liked how it was kinda a slap in elliots face tha the girl got to move in with her boyfrined instead of staying with her father, making him kinda realise that its bad enuff for his own daughters to have a cop for a father, he doesnt need to make it worse by being additionally overprotective. All in all, was a really interesting and different episode. its good that the show is not getting repatative and using the same kidnapping, lost children, and raped women story over and over again.
  • Olivia departs briefly!

    Where Olivia briefly departs and will be out for the next six weeks as she works for the feds. New officer Beck is described as tough as nail, foreign, and also overzealousness but in the end gets results.
    A teen with a wierd syndrome fakes her kidnapping in order to be near her 30-year old lover and Elliott faces problems at home.
  • Liv's gone =(

    Man, Liv is gone. I hate that, but she needs to take care of August. I'm just glad she is back now. Anyways, besides that point. This was an okay episode. I thought it was so weird about how Jamie was 17 when she looked about ten years old. It was sad how every one thought she was a weird because of her genetic problemo. You never will know if that guy really did love Jamie of not. He could have loved her but I doubt it. He was just a really weird dude. I thought it was kinda cool though how Dani and Elliot met at the end though.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When two teens go missing after a school field trip, Detectives Stabler and Tutuola are called in to investigate. They find out that one of the students fake his own abduction in order to pay off a gambling debt while the other who has Turner Syndrome used the distraction to find a way to go off with her older boyfriend. This was a filler episode. It wasn't a very interesting episode to begin with. And the one thing that made it even worse was the fact that this episode marked the introduction of Elliot Stabler's new partner, Dani Beck. And everyone knows how much she is disliked!
  • I haven't seen this episode yet, I admit. I'm very interested in seeing it, not only because I love SVU, but also I have Turner's Syndrome. I must take issue with something that appears grossly inaccurate.

    Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, but I read the recap here, and something strikes me as almost horrifyingly inaccurate. Yes, Girls with Turner's look much younger than they are. I was blessed with an unbelievably abnormally tall height of 5'3" without growth hormone. That's completely off the charts for TS. Yes, I still always looked young, though, but since I was lacking the #1 symptom of Turners (short stature) I wasn't diagnosed until I was 16. At that point, and being 5'3" on my own, they never bothered giving me Growth hormone. (fine with me). The thing that appears (from what I read) to be inaccurate about this episode is the discussion of the girl with TS having children. Most (and I mean like 98 something percent) of girls with TS NEVER produce and egg and never will. There is no "window" where we can conceive a child, except with a DONATED egg or embryo. A girl with TS having an opportunity to get pregnant with her own egg is about as likely as someone getting Aids from a mosquito who just feasted on an HIV+ person's blood.. Yes, a 100 million -1 shot, it may happen... but it's just that.. a 100 million to 1 shot.

    I don't think they should have sacrificed biological and scientific reality for the sake of another "plot twist" or "explanation" for why the girl has been doing what she is doing. BTW.. for the record.. I'm 28 and people are now FINALLY starting to guess my age at around 18.. LOL.. Of course I'm finally old enough that I don't mind looking young.. It was interesting when I was a 22-year-old High school teacher, though.. talk about "fitting in" LOL..
  • Yuck.

    I can't believe this story. The girl who looks 12 and the creepy guy she fell in love with. This was a gross story. I do miss Benson and can't figure out why they have her off the show. Is it something in her personal life or is it just for the show?
  • Basicly its about the 17 year old girl Janey who has some disease and she looks like she is 10 years old.

    I thought this was a very interesting episode with a very interesting storyline. You know its a good episode when you're having an internal debate over who's right; the girl and the boyfriend because they are "in love" and she is 17 and is allowed to do whats ever she want's with her body. Or the parents and the detectives for thinking the boyfriend is a pedophile and she's a pedophile's dream. I also liked how Munch and fin got more screen time in this episode and i really liked the metaphore throughout the whole episode about how Janey's family is actually a representation of Elliot's family and how elliot wants to protect Janey from Men just as he wants to protect his daughter Kathleen. Only thing that could have made it better was Olivia (of course). Dani showing up at the end is kinda killed the episode a little but at least she was only in it for like 2 seconds.
  • A excellent Season Premiere is followed up by more Dick Wolf **** that tests the parameters of legal and social belief. After 8 seasons, the writers should get past their arrogance and actually realize that people like REAL sex crimes, not this.

    This is one of the problems that SVU has faced over it\'s series run. Trying their damndest to push parameters of society and law in their shows. That\'s fine and dandy in Law and Order, but this is show should be focused on the Special Victims, and not pretentiousness. Was there even a victim in this scenario? A crime? They wasted an entire hour to reiterate what\'s already in the books. Not to mention, the pointless hyping and previews that advertised this to be a sex crime\\pedophilic kidnapping when it wasn\'t that at all. Okay, I get the parallel between this case and Stabler\'s daughter. But this has been done before, and with a better plot. This silliness shouldn\'t be used to entertwine the stories. Find something more capable than a girl with a disease that is as rare as a non-twisty SVU episode.

    As for Dani Beck, she seems to be a nice alternative, and I\'m not like the psycho-Hargitay cult following that will immediately reject anyone other than Benson.

    Overall, a disappointment. Fin got time but wasn\'t even integral to the case or plot. The use of such a reaching \"case\" just to emphasize Stabler\'s marital\\paternal problems was weak and contrived. And finally, MORE NOVAK!

    Good Meloni performance
    Huang appearance
    Cragen acted like a captain

    Silly plot
    No case, victims, or anything to do with SVU
    High profile kidnappings are handled by the FBI
    Terrible performance by both parents
    Worthless overtwisting
    Why even introduce the hormone therapy doctor?

    Final score: 3 out of 10
  • Not anything really great about this episode at all. I miss Olivia already.

    This episode was just plain boring. Nothing happened, and the writing wasn't anything to talk about. It was about this young girl who although looked like she was 12, was actually 17. She had a disease called Turners syndrome, I belive it was called, that makes girls grow at an extremely slow rate, and they don't develope completely into an adult, because they always appear to look alot younger than they really are.

    So her mom left when she was 5, because she couldn't deal with the stress, pretty lame in my opinion. So her father raised her, I actually think the servants basically raised her though, just my opinion. So her mother got her taking this drug that raised her libido, and the detectives found her hurt in a bed of a hotel that her dad was constructing. When they were outside putting her in the ambulance, who shows up? None other than her chaufer/boyfriend, sorry don't remember his name. At the hospital Janey says that Greg(i think that's his name) just left to go get her some pain medicine, when the detectives found her, he did not rape her. He goes free, and Janey goes to live with him. When they're on the sidewalk kissing, a woman goes over to see if something is wrong, a 30 year-old man kissing someone who looks like she's 12, it'd look weird to me too. Elliot comes out and tells the woman Janey's real age, and we find out that the woman's name is Dani Beck. Elliot's new partner.

    That's about all that happened, sorry if I missed anything, didn't enthrall me enough to keep my attention completely. Lame excuse for an SVU episode, and a real quality drop from last weeks premiere. Not one that you'd be dissappointed if you missed it. Can't wait til Olivia's back next week. Next week looks promising for both SVU and CI, but as for this week, both lame.
  • Ths episode was above the average tv show, but not great when considering the usual high quality of SVU episodes.

    If you didn't see it, don't worry. You didn't miss much. The only real thing worth mentioning is that we get to meet Connie Nielsen's character at the end. Though naturally even if Connie has a lot of talent, there is no actress who can take Mariska's spot. Still, the next episode should be interesting and hopefully of better quality than this one.
  • 17 yr old girl with Turner's Syndrome plots a fake kidnapping with a friend so she can be with her 30 yr old boyfriend. Stabler's relationship with one of his daughters is rocky.

    Interesting plot. I didn't know anything about Turner's Syndrome until this episode. I like it when I actually learn something from watching TV. It reminds me that TV is not always that bad for you...if you listen, you might learn something sometimes.

    There was no real crime in this episode and that's ok. There doesn't HAVE to be a grizzly deed done every week for it to keep me into it. Jenny is a 17 yr old with Turner's Syndrome which causes her to look as if she was 12 yrs old. Her friend Connor, whom I believe it was said was 13, helps her plan a fake kidnapping. Connor explains to the detectives that he faked a kidnapping so that he could get $300 to pay back a gambling debt. In the meantime, Jenny is out with the family helper Greg (a 30 year old man) at some hotel trying to get pregnant. They claimed to be in love and she wanted a baby. She told her father that because of her illness, she may only get 5 years to have a child instead of 20 years like a normal woman. Earlier, at the precinct, Stabler had had a run in with his daughter Kathleen about a boy she was seeing...he wanted her to stay away from him and she of course, thought otherwise.
    I thought Stabler, while watching this moment with Jenny and her father, would have thought again about his "conversation" with Kathleen. In the end, Jenny chooses to stay with Greg...since she is really 17, she has that right. Stabler tells his wife he doesn't know why he hasn't signed the divorce papers and we meet his temp partner Dani Beck. I didn't see enough of her in this episode to make any remarks about her. IMO, this episode was very good. You start by thinking there was a crime but in the end, it wasn't. The outcome was pretty scary though but eh...what can you do?
  • This wasn't the best episode nor was it the worst of SVU that I've seen, but...I didn't feel like I was seeing anything new. Stabler's new partner: ugh. Olivia Benson: Mariska still has her belly in the next episode coming up. Nice! --Comic relief.

    I thought it was interesting that they drew a parrallel (spell ?) between Stabler's relationship w/ his teen daughter and that of the subject of the case. It's not a new issue, but the fact that subject of the case has Turner's Syndrome (stunted growth... the character is 17, but physically looks a few years younger) makes the episode interesting. It's one of those diseases people never hear about (think Andy Milonakis, for example) and how it can really affect how someone lives their life. I give the the episode kudos for that... but that's about it.

    I'm sick of Stabler's sour attitude (sign the divorce papers already and get over yourself...Olivia will be back soon). I found it kind of odd that the CSU doc introduce M.E. Warner, like they needed an excuse to add one of them to the episode. Also, Dani's entrance was a little odd.

    Disclaimer: I fell alseep half way through the episode, so I missed possibly 20 minutes. Ha!