Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2000 on NBC

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  • Tough Emotion

    It's a surprise that Benson slept with her colleague when she's called in for a rape incident. We didn't see them in chemistry in earlier episodes. Benson meets rape victim, Harper Anderson who claims the suspect used a weapon with the line, "Is this how you like it?". But, there's no clear evidence

    after one suspect is ruled out. A few months later, Benson hears about a similar incident from a detective from another precinct saying the guy attacked her with a mask. Then, the squad finds a married man, who happens to be wearing the victim's ring. Benson tries to bring in Harper, but discover she's moved on with her life and refuses to do so. But, Benson talks her out of it and decides to face the suspects. Then, Harper is unable to pick out the guy and breaks down when she sees her stolen ring.

    That was emotional. The emotions the victim has to go through is good. It didn't make sense with the sexual tension with Benson and Cassidy. There was a little backstory that they got smashed and had sex. But, Benson made her mistakes. Cassidy wants commitment. That was emotion right there. I even saw that guy from 'White Collar' playing her boyfriend.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show law and order svu oliva is called to the scene of rape and she goes to find the rape victium in the hospital and thing is she goes and has a examin and then goes to the station to give the statement of what happen and so she goes to be with her boyfrind but things dont work out and so 6 months later she leaves him and another rape happens to diffrent girl after the case went cold and so they need her to identfi but thing is she cant and so the guy gets away .
  • When a woman is raped and Olivia is on the case.

    When Harper Anderson (played incredibly well by Tracy Pollan) is raped, Olivia is the first detective to come to her aid and help her out, mostly emotionally. Even though she is able to recount nearly every detail of what happened, she ends up freezing up and is unable to pick him out of the line-up. Six months go by and Olivia and Elliot learn from Harper's boyfriend that she has moved, quit her job and has broken up with him. Another woman, around Harper's age then comes forward and tells the detectives she has been raped; and the details are practically identical to what happened to Harper. When Olivia and Elliot finally find Harper, they ask her to try and remember the man's voice (since her eyes were covered) but she refuses and the perp is not captured. This was actually the first part of a two part episode; the second part aired in season two.

    This was a great episode. I loved how Olivia believed that Harper truly was raped, even though some of the evidence suggest that she made it up. And of course there is the beginning of the episode when we find Olivia and Brian in bed together. The fact that this was basically a "to be continued" episode made it even better. I won't give away what happens in that episode here. All in all, great writing, acting and great episode!
  • This is a different type of episode. This is an extended investigation on a rape case.

    The usual S V U is a crime is investigated (usually a dead body is involved.) It would would also have interaction between the detectives and sometimes Stabler's family would appear.

    This was a single story line episode. It starts with a the reporting of the rape, then the taking of the victim's statement and the investigation of rape. Even when the trail goes cold, the storyline strictly stays with rape case. And since the case ends in limbo so does episode.

    This was a very special episode that decided to defy the series and to an extent the genre norms to create a compelling episode.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    Closure has to be one of my all time favorite episodes of Law and Order Special Victims Unit. When Harper Anderson is raped in her own apartment, Detectives Benson and Stabler set out to find the man who commited the crime. After six months of trying to piece together evidence, they think that they have finally found the perp. But when Harper is unable to positively identify their main suspect, he walks. It is nice to see an episode that reminds you that not every case can be solved. At the end of this episode the victim (Harper) doesn't walk away feeling as if the case was closed. Her attacker is still at large. It shows the real side of the Special Victims Unit, the fact that the good guys don't always win.
  • Benson and Cassidy have tension between them after she rejects him when he asks for a serious relationship. You see the detailed process of handling a rape victim.

    Wow. Olicia and Cassidy in bed together? I seriously didnt see that coming!! My jaw like dropped. But the rest of it was great too. It was hard seeing everything that Harper had to go through and how much she changed after the first six months. It\'s really interesting to see everything a rape victim has to go through and how detailed the whole process is. I used to not really get everything and why it was so hard for people to testify but now I really do. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes of the series and I think anyone would like it
  • Benson & Cassidy in bed... excrutiating post-rape routine.... OK ep.

    This episode was something else, and it was really a bad idea having Benson and Cassidy ending up in bed... that stuff is not supposed to happen. Anyway, Michael J. Fox's wife played the rape victim Harper, and it was quite revealing to see exactly what a rape victim has to go through after the rape. And Benson tells Harper that closure is a myth. Wow. OK ep.
  • Benson and Cassidy end up in bed together. The unit works on a rape case that, after endless twists and turns, does not provide any closure for the victim...or the viewers.

    Fabulous. We get to see Benson in an intimate moment...and learn that she sleeps with men easily, which is probably due to issues from her daddy being a rapist. Also, this episode, and particularly episodes from the first season, does not conclude, rather it leaves the door open to endless possibilities.
  • This episode is the first time on SVU that the viewers see exactly what a rape victim has to go through following the incident.

    This episode opens with a rape victim, Harper Anderson, calling 911 following her attack. As seen in the beginning of the show, her character is fairly strong and stoic, and the viewers watch while she goes through the humiliating process at the hospital and then answers the numerous questions at the station house that last through the night. She managed to get a glimpse of her attacker and is positive that she could ID him if found by the detectives. And after this exhausting process, she still feels capable of telling her boyfriend what happened without any help or direction from Benson.

    However, six months pass before the detectives get a solid lead on the case, and by this point, Harper's character has undergone tremendous changes as a result of the attack. Her personality has hardened; she no longer believes that justice can be done. She is jumpy, has lost the ability to be close with a man, and is so scared at night that she wears running shoes to bed. It is almost impossible to get her to the station house for a line-up.

    And then the saddest thing of all occurs: she does not recognize her rapist in the line-up. It seems that the idea she COULD, in fact, ID the rapist is the one thing that had kept her going since she was raped. She tells Benson that she had always believed that because she lived through the horror of watching her mother slowly waste away before her death, she thought that nothing bad would happen to her after that event. The strong woman we see at the beginning of the show is sobbing on Benson's shoulder at the end.

    The show is not only enlightening; it reminds the viewers that justice does not always prevail.
  • Excellent!

    This is a must see episode of Law & Order SVU. It was nice to see the whole process of helping the victim immediately following the rape. The whole thing took all night, showing step by step what the detectives do, and how stressful it can be for the victim. A snippet of each step was shown along with the time. In the end the woman, Harper, was raped at about 11:00 pm, and the detectives weren't done with her until 7:00 am. After struggling with the case, the episode finally picks up six months later. The detectives need more info from Harper. When they finally find her she is a completely different person. Her hair is cut short, she is suddenly bitter and rude, she sleeps with the lights on, she wears running shoes to bed, and keeps a gun under her pillow. It's a great after shot of how a rape can drastically change a person. The final scene was my favorite. When failing to indentify her rapist in a line-up, Harper breaks down sobbing and Olivia just gives her this big hug. A beautifully done episode.
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