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Jan 07, 2016
I cant wait to watch law and order 😄😄👋
Nov 18, 2013

As a big Kelli Giddish, and with that Amanda Rollins, fan I'm so looking forward to this week's episode. The episodes where we get some background to the 'newbies' are such a treat. Amanda actually got an entire ep last season but I still want more. I'm still missing the piece to why she left Atlanta, well the thing with the deputy chief. I think that would have been great to use with a "sexual harrassment within the force-case" but of course Warren & Co didn't hear me ;)

As for Nick, his past doesn't intrigue me as much, but I like him sorta bitter and not this season's puppy eyes after Olivia state. His big ep is coming early next year and I'm looking forward to that too. As long as it doesn't involve his "new" son and his mom, that was a stupid storyline in my book. But I guess it's going to be adressed at some point for cohesion or whatever.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Amanda blow up on Nick in this upcoming ep. I love tension in the squadroom and it seems to be a bit of that coming up both between Amanda/Nick and Amanda/Olivia. Now only if we could get some squabble between Amanda & Fin too, of course only so they can kiss and make up *lol*

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