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Memory is a tricky thing. Sometimes we can’t remember and other times we can’t forget.

The recent ‘Law & Order: SVU’ episode titled Exile highlights a case involving a young woman who tricks herself into losing her memory as a way to forget a traumatic sexual assault in her past.

The episode highlights a very real but rare mental disorder known as dissociative fugue. This condition is characterized by reversible amnesia for personal identity, working as a defense mechanism against extreme psychological distress.

Rising actress Aimee Spring Fortier skillfully portrayed the woman, introduced first as Grace Walker and then by her real identity Sophie Simmons.

I had a chance to ask Aimee a few questions about the role:

What can you tell us about your role in L&O: SVU?

AIMEE: The episode begins with me waking up in the hospital after having been assaulted with no memory of what happened. The plot thickens and the investigation stalls when I disappear. The rest you'll have to tune in for!

How was it working on such a fan-favorite show?

AIMEE: I grew up watching Law and Order as a nightly ritual so it was pretty surreal for me personally. While we were shooting outdoor scenes, we could barely get through a take without someone screaming, "Hey Ice T!" I had random New Yorker's knocking on my trailer door just to tell me how much they loved the show.

Any interesting stories from the set you can share with us?

AIMEE: The show deals with some sensitive subject matter and everyone onset is very respectful and supportive of the new actors coming in every week and delivering emotional performances. However, when the timing is right no one resists an opportunity for a joke so there were a lot of laughs in between the heavy stuff.

What do you hope audiences gain from watching this episode?

AIMEE: I think this episode is beautifully written and it is truly an honor to be on a show that has changed and shaped the conversation around sexual assault. We're living in a time when this is a hot button issue and the journey of a survivor is usually a lot more complicated than is portrayed in TV and film. My character goes through a complicated path to healing and I hope it brings awareness to this issue and hope to people who identify with it.

What’s been the biggest lesson you took away from the opportunity?

AIMEE: Everyone on the show truly guided me throughout the process of shooting because I had so much new stuff thrown at me all at once. Mariska Hargitay specifically was an incredible scene partner, coach, and roll model who supported and empowered me just as much as an actor off camera as she does my character on screen. I had to do some pretty scary stuff, and with everyone's support I feel like I thrived with a new understanding of how to bring more of myself to a character, and came out braver person.

Connect with Aimee Spring Fortier on Instagram: @aimspringfor and her website:

Also, watch for her in an episode of the new NBC drama series, The Enemy Within, later this year.

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