Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2001 on NBC

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  • After obtaining information concerning a copycat attacker who abducts young girls, the detectives have 36 hours to find the latest victim before it's too late.

    This episode definitely had my full attention. It was great to see the detectives so on edge all at the same time after great sleep deprivation and no substantial leads to their perp. It was shocking to see the group snapping so easily at one another; I just started yelling at the screen because I was so shocked as to what was being uttered by Stabler and Benson especially. Overall though, one of the best episodes I've seen so far.
  • Above Average!

    I liked this episode very much. The case was exciting, and it was one of the cases that you try to figure out along with the detectives. This episode showed the dedication and commitment of Elliot, Olivia, Munch, Fin, and Cragen. When they must work on a case for three days straight, they start to get edgy. Elliot has to cancel on his family and his kids' birthday party, and Olivia has to cancel a date continuous times. This makes the detectives question their commitment as they start to see how much the job really means to them. It was also cute how they started getting on eachother's nerves. :)
  • The SVU team has to find the kidnapped girl and no one has slept in at least three days. They're getting on each ohter's last nerve trying to find her.

    I really thought it was great. Everyone was on their last nerve which actually made it kinda funnier. I like the quote about Elliot not wanting to use crime scene tape at his kids' birthday, but i don't have enough points to add it, so can someone add it for me? First review and everything so... can someone please add it? It was a great episode!! Oh and i liked when they all met outside the stall waiting for Cragen! "I'm not tipping all of you" HaHa
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When a victim of a serial rapist/murderer is found, the Detectives of the Special Victimes unit are on the case. When another young girl is adducted, the detectives need to piece together the evidence to help find her and bring her to safety. The suspect normally only keeps his victims alive for three days, which puts the entire unit on a time crunch. Tensions run high as the clock runs out.

    This is one of my favorite episodes! I love seeing episodes when the entire Special Victims Unit works together to help solve a case and bring yet another suspect to justice. It gives the show an easy way to showcase all of its stars, and it helps you to see how everyone in the unit works together.
  • Not one of my favorite eps, but it did catch my attention.

    In 'Countdown' we get to see how the detectives react under pressure. From Elliot and Olivia exchanging 'Screw you's' (my favorite part) to Olivia slamming her fist down on a sandwich (sounds a bit weird I know). The race is on as these detectives try their hardest to find a missing girl who only has a matter of a couple of days to live. This episode kept me guessing at what was going to happen next since the detectives became unpredictable with their newfound overworked attitudes. This ep also becomes more emotional as we learn of 5 other girls who have been murdered and this seems to spur on the detectives even more. It was a relief when they found the missing girl, but I thought the ending was a bit bland, almost too easy. Other than that, it was an ok episode.
  • It's a race against time to find a paedophile and killer.

    After a young girl escapes from a white van, it turns out she'd been abducted and raped. She's traumatised for obvious reasons, but is finally able to give the detectives some information about the man who attacked her, but by this time another young girl has been abducted.

    They realise that this sicko keeps each girl for three days before raping and killing them, so everyone is working around the clock and getting fractious with each other, as their frustration builds.

    The pace of the episode is terrific, as everyone is rushing to follow tenuous leads. The subject matter keeps you even more on the edge of your seat.

    The end is satisfying - with another twist in the tale. The actor playing the killer rapist is wonderfully creepy in the role, even though he's only on screen for a very short time.

    Never afraid to tackle difficult issues, this episode is definitely up there with the best of SVU.
  • After an abducted girl escapes barely alive another girl is abducted with the same pattern as the one just rescued and also some that had alreay died in the past. The detectives race against the clock to find the abucted gil and stop a pedophile.

    This episode is a great example gor this show. It has suspense and made me want to see how it ends. It was one of the more exciting episodes with a plot worth watching to the end. An abducted girl with a time limit and a pedophile who's done this quite a few times before. A chilling episode with some of the best events I have ever seen.
  • A highlight of the earlier seasons of the show. The detectives race against the clock to find a missing girl before she is murdered. Brilliant acting, great writing, and one absolutely chilling scene towards the end, with the killer.

    This episode was a lot more edge-of-the-seat exciting than other episodes of SVU, due to the pace the episode runs on. The detectives have three days to find a missing girl before she is murdered, and have to collect all the evidence they can and follow up on leads in that short time. It was very well written and acted.

    The pressure was amped up in this episode when the detectives race against the clock to find and abducted girl before her kidnapper, who runs by a schedule, kills her. It is completely nerve-racking watching them try their hardest to gather the evidence to find the girl in only three days.

    All the main cast did wonderfully in this episode, showing how stressed and emotional their characters were getting.

    Oddly enough, for such a dramatic episode, there were many moments of humour. As the detectives became stressed and sleep-deprived they became irritable, sniping at each other and Elliot and Olivia even got into a loud argument in the middle of the squadroom, and it was funny to see them acting differently with each other. There were a lot of funny one-liners coming out of this script, even when the pressure was on. Okay, so it would not be as funny in real life, but it was amusing sitting at home, safe in my living room.

    The kidnapper/killer at the end of the episode was (with all due respect to the actor- who is probably a really nice person) was absolutely horrifying and terrible. I watch a lot of TV, and so I became de-sensitized to most scary things on the box, but this got me. Watching that guy when he was trying to work out a deal with Alex was bone-chilling. My blood goes cold and I shudder, even when I see the episode again in reruns. So creepy.

    Overall, this is, for me, one of the highlights of the earlier seasons of the show.
  • The clock ticks to save a girl's life

    This is one of the finest episodes providing the chance to see detectives struggling to find something anything to save a girl from a murderous pedophile.

    Great character development and interaction with the four main SVU detectives.

    One part that didn't quite work was the NY detectives meeting with ticked off Queen's detectives who had a cold case with DNA linking it to the killer when the girl was missing. How could they get into a pissing match over it being their Captains that arranged the meet when a girl's life was in danger. The Queen's cops knew they were looking for a murderer. Nice bit of dramatic tension but it just didn't fit.

    What worked was the way the cops got on one another's nerves, Stabler irritated that Munch left an empty coffee can around, while still focused on the job.
  • Perfect!

    This episode had everything I have ever wanted in an episode. It was tense, fast-paced, incorporated the characters brilliantly, and performed to perfection. It was great to see the squad in a difficult position, racing against the clock to find the victim before it was too late. They began to snap at each other angrily, especially Elliot, but still the sense of camaraderie and fellowship was ever present. It was just a perfectly balanced episode combining emotional and powerful moments with humor here and there. You cannot miss this episode! IT WAS PERFECT!
  • Heart-stopping, edge-of-your-seat stuff

    This episode remains one of my all-time favourites. The tension builds as the team search for a missing girl. The interview between Benson and a young girl who had escaped the perp's clutches was rivetting and the eventual bickering between everybody was a true indication of how the squad were affected by the case and lack of sleep.
    The final scene, with Benson and Stabler standing at the bottom of the steps, staring up and then slowly walking up together to knock on the door remained with me for a long time.
  • One of the best

    This episode was one of my favorite episodes because it showed the detectives in a rare eliment of panic and confusion. Most of the time, though not always, the detectives are under control but due to a ticking clock and sleep deprivation all their emotions are running on over load. It shows that no matter how hard a detective tries some times certain cases just get under their skin. They let emotion cloud their judgement and temperments. It shows how the detectives sometimes have to put their personal lives on hold in order to do their job. This was a great episode.