Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 12 Episode 23


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 11, 2011 on NBC

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  • Great! (may have spoilers...)

    It was a fantastic epi, reminiscent of the old SVU and when I checked the writer for this epi, it was Dawn deNoon which is great because she writes all the good epi, IMHO. Anyway, the acting was spectacular, and the plot was fantastic, great acting by guest star Rita Wilson and it was good to have both Munch and Dann Florek back! The new medical forensic expert is quite good too, this epi is about rape and molestation and how victims become perps and how perps are always not males. This epi sure shattered some assumptions! I've rated it perfect. Can't wait for the next one. :)
  • A lesson in police liability. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

    The problem with this episode is that you see Elliot's set up a mile away. You know exactly what will happen, but a redemption is that it works so realistically.

    Great things, however, abound in this episode. Things like almost complete cast interaction and participation (you really don't know what you have until it's gone, people), and grounded writing. The episode even had funny moments and a classic red herring. Another strong thing comes in a surprising place. Considering the high body count of this show over the past two seasons, the death at the end of the episode is handled very well. It is subtle, it isn't melodramatic, it has a clear and worthy motive.

    However, the impossibly blind mother (whose acting wasn't all that great) who smacks the kid in public (just for the promos) is what drags this episode down. That, and the fact that Elliot forgets his very well-documented YEARS of experience on the force. If this episode had been written by people who appreciated this show's many past seasons, then it would have been written better. Elliot would have known better than to be with that troublemaker alone.

    The way the problem is handled is great, though. The ADA has to try to make a deal to save Elliot, and he doesn't want her to do that because it perverts justice. He takes time off (like he probably would have been required to do) and the whole thing blows over. The criminal in this episode was a brat, but in the end we are a bit sympathetic towards him: he becomes a child again, one that was abused. It's no excuse for what he did, but an accurate portrayal of how many criminals become who they are.
  • Ugghhh, not good.

    Dawn Denoon, I love your writing. Even in the later seasons of SVU you managed to not lower yourself to the mediocre level of the other writers. But THIS? Dawn why have you forsaken me?

    Too many characters acted like idiots. Stabler, Tucker, Fin, the officer driving the police car, the doctors, & the mother. I couldn't stop rolling my eyes.

    And I found myself not believing a single thing that little snot said at the end. Why should I? After all the things he did before hand? Why should Elliot or Olivia believe a single thing he said either?

    I'm going in to the finale with very low expectations next week; and even then I'm not sure the episodes gonna live up (down?) to them.