Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 03, 2002 on NBC



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    • Alex Cabot: (during arraignment) The People have requested remand.
      Judge Petrovsky: Well, you're not gonna get it. Three hundred thousand.
      Alex: Objection!
      Judge Petrovsky: Overruled.
      Alex: Your honor, I must object. Since you've rebuked me from manipulating the law to my own advantage, your ruling seems hypocritical.
      Judge Petrovsky: That's enough. One more word out of you, and you'll be enjoying my hospitality.
      Alex: Ma'am, I urge you to reconsider, or you will force me to file a grievance.
      Judge Petrovsky: You're in contempt. Bailiff! (bangs gavel)
      (the unamused ADA exits the courtroom)

    • (Claire Rinato wakes up in a hospital bed after Detective Tutuola saves her from a drug overdose.)
      Claire Rinato: You've done your good deed, now you can go.
      Fin Tutuola: Maybe you don't get it, you're in serious trouble. If you don't pay attention, you're going to prison.
      Claire Rinato: Are you still here?
      Fin Tutuola: I really can't believe, you know I almost bought it. How you took care of your sister and loved her. Damn, girl, you're better than the soaps.
      Claire Rinato: You have no idea what it feels like to have a mother that doesn't give a damn about you.
      Fin Tutuola: Violins gonna start any minute.

    • Olivia Benson: (arresting Rose Rinato) Are handcuffs necessary?
      Rose Rinato: I'm responsible for the deaths of two children. I think handcuffs are appropriate.

    • Claire Rinato (to Fin): I would hug you, but I can tell you don't like to be touched.

    • (Tutuola is affected by finding a drugged out Claire in her room.)
      Fin Tutuola: Damn you, Claire.

    • Claire Rinato: What kind of a name is Fin?
      Fin Tutuola: It's mine.

    • Claire Rinato: You're gonna tell me you know how I feel, right?
      Fin Tutuola: Well, I never saw my dead sister stuffed in the back of a closet like an old pair of shoes.

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