Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 8 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2007 on NBC

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  • Stabler gets accused of murder when suspect dies in chase. ...Didn't live up to the hype.

    I was dissapointed in this episode. First of all, it took WAY too long for the boy to actually die. I mean, we all knew it was going to happen but we had to sit through 40 minutes of a random pointless episode before it did. Secondly, because of it taking so long, I think that part of the story was too rushed.

    - Lots of Melinda action
    - I loved that shot at the end with Olivia, melinda, and Casey all together in the court room.
    - Olivia standing up for her man :D
    - was kind exciting at the part where the kid dies.

    CONS: - it was too predictable
    - I can't understand how Melinda missed the actual cause of death
    - Elliot totallly ignored all the hard work Olivia had been doing to get him to go free
    -and OF COURSE: the very last scene (I managed not to talk about it until now): HOW can elliot ask to move back in with Kathy? That makes no sense. I was soo mad when that happened you have no idea, it totally ruined the whole episode for me basicly. grrr... I am so mad at the writers because of that.
  • I was pleased with this episode, especially the way Olivia stood up for Elliot without reserve, but I didn't like the ending. I think we already know that Elliot and his ex-wife don't work as a (cont. in review)

    I was pleased with this episode, especially the way Olivia stood up for Elliot without reserve, but I didn't like the ending. I think we already know that Elliot and his ex-wife don't work as a couple, and I think the only reason he wants to come back is to spend more time with his kids. (plus I secretly hope that Elliot and Olivia will get together as they were working towards on previous episodes) For example, in the one where she was still undercover she woke up in the hospital saying his name and in several instances it was painfully obvious that she was jealous of Beck.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    After an attack on her home, Charlotte Truex is questioned about her whereabouts that night. Detectives Benson and Stabler soon find that she was with her friends and boyfriend at a pharm party, where they would all bring pills from home and share them in order to get high. The Detectives of the Special Victims Unit have to piece together all of the evidence in order to solve the case. After new evidence clears Charlotte as a suspect, Benson and Stabler turn their sights on her boyfriend, Ryan. During a chase, Ryan dies and Elliot is held resonsible. With the help from M.E. Warner, they are able to put together the exact cause of Ryan's death, and clear Elliot's name. This is a great episode. I love seeing episodes that are centered around Elliot. It was nice to see that he was found innocent, I don't know how the show would have been able to continue if he was found guilty and was forced to leave the unit. The ending sucked, but that is because I don't think Elliot and his wife, Kathy should get back together. They are two completely diferent people than they were when they got married, and I think that it is way past time for them to move on with their separate lives.
  • Great Elliot centered Episode.

    It was a great episode, but I think that in ways it was a little over done. Elliot's anger was not as bad as usual, but this episode was just so...I don't even know what to say. It was great to watch and had a rather well thought out plot, but the ending was terrible. I know Elliot and Olivia are the main characters, but would it be so hard to have Munch and Fin in the episodes for more than just one scene? For being all about Elliot it was good, his unstable self seems to be cooling off, and the episode was very different from anything I've evr seen in an SVU episode before. It had little hints of EO which was nice, but it could have had a better ending, in my opinion.
  • The suspect dies in pursuit, and all eyes look at Stabler.

    I thought the episode was great, though I was a bit disappointed at some parts. I liked how the ep made me jump out of me seat when the perp hit Mr. Truex in the head and when Charlotte broke the mirror and started spraying blood all over the place (what a strong, strong girl). I think Emily Van Camp did a great job, and I agree to whoever said Charlotte could pass of as Casey's kid sister. Now that you mentioned it, there is a slight resemblance.

    As for Elliot's case, though we all know he's not going to get fired because he really didn't kill the perp, it's nice to watch the others not giving up on him even though he thinks there's no hope. What I didn't quite like was Melinda's delivery. Don't get me wrong, I like Melinda/Tamara, but somehow she was sort of different in this episode. She wasn't quite convincing, especially while she was testifying to the grand jury.

    And what is it with the writers and "this changes everything"?

    Now about the Elliot/Kathy scene at the end, I'm not sure what to think about that since I'm not exactly an E/O or an E/K shipper. I guess I'm only thinking about how Elliot should be with his family especially after what happened.
  • Ouch what a crushing episode to shippers everywhere and where was Munch?

    Ok first I am still speechless about the ending other than darn man what a blow to shipper and I was screaming ,"NO NO NO!!!" Wow what a shock and spin, and personally a I think a bad move by the writers.
    Ok the plot/episode itself I don't remember if it was on Law & Order CI or SVU that we did a episode with the drug party cocktails and teens going off the walk but this time it was bloody and just over the top.
    I did like the scene where the father realized that while he was going to stand by his daughter no matter what even if she did kill her mom/his wife that in fact she was inicent of the murder. That was a hugely powerful scene and was delivered perfect of course because it is SVU.
    Olivia stood by Elliot through the whole episode and he didn't even seems to care, yet she was fighting 110% in his corner and wasn't going to let anything happen to him.
    And granted Fin was there but only in a brief moment and then gone again? HUH? Where was Munch? This episode would have been perfect for Munch. We saw a lot of the Captions stress of dealing with the unit and trying to keep it(the unit) together.
    Overall I was disappointed because of the shipper in me but it was a good episode but will really only be remembered because of the "Kathy can I come home.." ending. Bummer.
  • A desperate pill-popping teen and her "boyfriend"

    Excellent episode about how drugs can affect the mind and body. Boyfriend kills mother of his girlfriend and she can not remember it except through a sodium penathol treatment which her lawyer father is not too crazy about until he realizes it will prove she did not do it. But it still does not get Eliot off the hook when the boyfriend dies after Stabler catches him during a chase. It is only the fact that he performed CPR that saves him when the ME realizes that is what killed the boyfriend. Very glad to see Eliot get his priorities straight and go home to his family. Hurray!!
  • Elliot Centered. Good Episode. Had Warner as a Major Character as Well.

    It starts out about a mother being killed and the husband being beaten, their little boy witnesses the whole thing. The investigation leads to the couple's daughter, who is suspected of killing her mom due to a drug rampage. The daughter tries to commit suicide, but later the find out it was the daughter's boyfriend who killed the mother. The boyfriend later dies while being chased by Detective Stabler. All the evidence points to homicide by Stabler. Benson is determined to find him innocent. It is later discovered by Warner that the boyfriend was not taking his meds and that is what caused the boy to die. Elliot is released. Elliot then goes home to Kathy. Overall it was a great episode.
  • This was a pretty good episode but should have been at least a two part show.

    This episode was good because after not seeing Benson and Stabler together for so long it was good to see them work together once again. I love Law & Order SVU but like I have already said they need to go more in depth with the characters and their personal lives and this will give viewers more to base why the detectives act the way they do.
    I did miss Munch and Fin and I feel like it would have made it even better to see all of the team huddle up and help get Elliot exonerated. I was worried for a little while when Olivia was talking to ME Melinda Warner and she said she was going to rule Ryan's death as a homicide therefore stacking the evidence against stabler. I was glad that Olivia stood up for Elliot with IAB. I was shocked that no one said anything about Elliot trying to revive the perp with CPR but that shows you that eyewitnesses do not always see the whole story. I think they should go slowly with Elliot wanting to go back home because as long as Elliot and his wife have been having trouble you cannot fix in just one episode just because he was exonerated for a perp's death. It looks like next weeks episode is going to be good.
  • The episode could have been better, but it was a good storyline for Elliot.

    The bad thing with a show like SVU is that many of the cases are very similar to each other – there are only so many sex crimes. In this episode, a woman is brutally raped, sodomized, and murdered, and her husband is assaulted. It’s a very familiar picture for SVU fans.

    The leading suspect turns out to be the woman’s 16-year old daughter, who has a drug problem and a 19-year old boyfriend her parents don’t like. Since she was wasted and on drugs the night of murder, she has no memory of it. When confronted with the fact that she was home that night, she realizes that she is guilty and, in a harrowing scene, attempts to commit suicide in the interrogation room. But new information leads to her boyfriend, Ryan Bedford. Elliot chases him down, and Ryan attacks him to get away. Elliot is able to subdue him, but Ryan dies before he can even Mirandize him. The rest of the episode focuses on Elliot and the investigation into Ryan’s death. Elliot is suspended from duty after an interrogation with IAB.

    M.E. Warner concludes that it was a homicide after examining the body, which causes Olivia to go on a fishing expedition to find evidence that could exonerate her partner. She proves that Ryan was the one who murdered the victim in the beginning, which would go a long way to proving the Elliot was acting in self-defense. But things are not that easy when a video of the fight between Elliot and Ryan surfaces on the news. Olivia has to talk to IAB in hopes of clearing Elliot’s name. Elliot, however, believes it is a lost cause as the press has jumped onto the case. He comes to the conclusion that he will be indicted and possibly go to prison.

    However, Melinda and Elliot are able to find the evidence that Elliot did not cause Ryan’s death – but he died because of a pre-existing heart condition. Elliot’s name is cleared, and, relieved that it is all over, he goes to Kathy’s and asks to come home.

    The beginning of the episode was filled with storylines and plot devices I’ve seen before, if not on SVU, on other shows. The viewer was provided with a bit of foreshadowing to the last scene of the episode at the beginning when a young boy asks his father – the assault victim – when he was moving back home. The case itself was very unoriginal with a unique twist until Ryan’s death half-way into the show.

    The investigation and impending charges against Elliot was a great way to keep his character from becoming static, but to help him move forward. Unfortunately, it was resolved way too easily. There were two things that I loved about this episode. One was that Olivia wasn’t the one to clear Elliot’s name, but rather, it was something Elliot and Dr. Warner did. I like Olivia, but she is no saint, and it’s tiring to see her as the hero every other episode. She is rather helpless in the whole situation.

    The second is that Elliot told Kathy he wanted to come home. I love Elliot as a husband and a father, and I want him to eventually go back to that. His speech to Kathy struck me as honest and sincere, and I’m glad he finally told her what he wanted when he had been hesitating for the past two and a half seasons. The writers made his request very realistic, I believe. I know reconciliation doesn’t happen overnight, but I think coming that close to being charged with murder would make him think about his family and how they would be affected. That’s a small step away from realizing that he wants back in their lives.

    All in all, this was an okay episode with its highs and lows. It keeps Elliot’s personal narrative moving forward, which is, in my opinion, a good thing.
  • This episode was pretty good.

    After over a month of not seeing Benson and Stabler work together, this episode made up for it. This episode had drama and suspense. Unfortunately Munch and Fin were barely in it. Elliot getting acused for killing someone gave suspense and made you wonder whats next.It was nice how Olivia lied for her partner to save his back and how Melinda saved him. Then a twist... Elliot goes back to Kathy and wants to come back home. I say this was too rushed because this event has been going on in Stabler's life for 3 seasons and practacilly resolving it in 1 episode is a poor thing to do. Other than this twist this episode was pretty good.
  • "Well that changes everything..."

    Seriously, how many times did Warner say that in this episode? It must have been at least four, because by the third time she said it I was rolling my eyes and after that I just sort of ignored her. The actual plot, with the family, and the girl was interesting enough to keep me watching, but I felt like the sub-plot about Stabler was stupid and pointless. We already know he goes to far. We already know he's out of control, but if he were to make a huge character change, it would be like House growing a conscience...but I digress. The thing that bothered me the most about this episode was the lack of communication between the police and the medical examiner and the ME and the people who knew the victim. Warner said that it is impossible to diagnose the kid's heart condition post mortem, but I find it hard to believe that a person whose heart is already dead can die from a lacerated spleen. Wouldn't she have noticed that the damage was inconsistent with a fatal injury? I'm no doctor, but I do know that once your heart stops beating, it can't pump blood to your organs, which causes them to shut down. The whole thing only takes a couple of minutes, and so, logically she should have noticed that something was not right with this kids body.
  • Stabler is accused of killing a nineteen year old suspect in a brutal rape and murder investigation.

    Not only did this episode have quite possibly the most misleading previews of all time, the overhyped storyline was backed up by a mere storyline. Although the episode started out cleverly enough, with a 16 year old drug addict accused of the murder of her mother, it was barely the special episode I thought it was going to be. Even though I was curious to see how the SVU team was going to get Stabler out of this mess, it was too rushed. The entire episode dragged out until the pivitol moment where Warner relizes the true cause of death. And, to make matters worse, Elliot goes back to his ex-wife, despite finally signing the divorce papers just a few episodes ago. I guess this is how the writers are going to get around the delicate relationship of Elliot and Olivia and the always-asked question of should they or shouldn't they.
  • This episode was very fluid, elegantly shot and showed what a tight-knit family SVU is... although Munch was missing.

    Great episode! It touched on the whole trend of young people abusing prescription pills in a very realistic sort of way.

    The actors were great...however: The man who played the father/ attorney had a striking resemblance to the lead actor from "The Princess Bride"; and the young boy who played the traumatized son was almost a tad off-putting... every close shot I expected him to say 'red rum' or something. The teen daughter was played very believably...and I guess the actor who played the boyfriend played dead really well?

    It was nice seeing some more of ME Melinda Warner. Of course, Olivia was going to back Elliot up. The court room scene where Elliot and his angels (Olivia, Melinda and Casey) were waiting for the grand jury's decision was touching.

    And finally---finally! It appears Elliot may have found some peace with the things he's been dealing with in respect to his job and his family... asking his wife to accept him back into her life... I hope, but I doubt....

    All in all, this was an excellent example of the caliber of writing/ acting/ direction that this show is about.
  • It was good!

    A mob lawyer is attacked and his wife is murdered while their young son is watching. The investigation turns up evidence that puts the daughter and her boyfriend at the scene of the crime. The daughter could not remember because of a prescription drug party she had went to beforehand. The detectives soon discover that the killer is the daughter's boyfriend and when they track him down, he fights back. Stabler fights back also and then the boyfriend eruptly dies. Stabler's life goes down the tube as he is crucified in the press and by the police heirarchy. As he is about ready to give up, the ME comes to the rescue. She learns that he had a medical condition that wasn't conducive with one of the prescription drugs he illegally took. So Stabler stays a cop and we are all happy. The one interesting thing is, that at the end Stabler asked Kathy to let him come home.
  • Pretty Good episode

    This was actaully a pretty good episode...

    The case was very interesting with the way the girl interacted with her family. The problem i did have with the episode was how rushed the whole 'Stabler is a murdered' thing was. They could have drawn it out more to make it far more dramatic however the whole incident was resolved with 10 minutes.

    The second problem i had with this was Elliot going back to Kathy at the end. I understad that this incident put Elliot's life into perspective, but going back to Kathy was very extreme. They dragged his divorce out over the last 3 seasons (6, 7, & 8), and he is going to go back to her in a split decision. I would be very disapointed if they had Kathy take him back and have all be well with the world. That would just be unbelieveable...

    But other than those two things this episode was very entertaining...
  • Olivia and ME Warner come to save the day for Elliott!

    Elliott and Oliva haven't been together that much this year
    Due to Mariska's pregnancy. But man this was one great
    Show in which Elliott goes too far but with reason IMHO!
    And Olivia standing by her partner despite their turburlant partnership. After being questioned by IAD and trying to save her partner from prison. Olivia tries to find out what happened when a mob wife is raped & killed by her scum of a mob lawyer husband. Loved it that ME Warner came and saved the day as well as comfort Elliott at home. Knowing that Elliott didn't do it.
  • YAY I love my Stabler! I know he didn'tkill the kid :D

    Oh man poor mob lawyer who had the wife raped and killed and the little boy hit the panic button. Poor little kid! He basically witnessed his dad get shot or whatever they did to him. it happened way too fast.

    Oh crap bratty little girl says her mother tries hard to get her bf away and then guess what she has to find out her mom is dead. Stupid girl. And poor boy is still upset.

    And the prime suspect is the son of a client of the lawyer? But the dad says he remembers the daughter killing her mother? WTF! The daughter has some great friends.... I love the kids talking about farm parties and saying ooo it's stuff from a doctor it's not like it's crack. yes and if you take it wrong or take too much it can kill you too. Dummies. ME Warner says she could have killed her mother because that's how drunk she was. Oooo and her sneaks has her mom's blood. she was at the house that night. But did she do it? not necessarily. and she slams her fist into the window. Gosh darn. Poor girl. Doesn't mean you actually did it, you could have just gotten there after. And then the dad got upset. He was freaking out at them blaming them for her injuries. What a spaz. The dad says she'll get off on mental disease or defect and sweet our guy is going to check her out. And he finds that they had physical violence before hand. but the urine at the home proves someone else was there- the boyfriend, he hurt the dad. Oooo man. And he runs. that's never good. And he is fighting with him? Anddamn Stabler is hot. oooo man. did he go down from ONE punch? WTH?

    And they suspended him? He didn't kill him! And he has a ruptured spleen? Nooo he didn't kill him! Awww Olivia standing up for him!

    Oh my goodness. A cell phone video proves he put the smackdown on him. oooo no Stabler! I love the whole thing with Stabler at home while Olivia is questioned. She is so great for standing by him. bless him for rewinding the tape. And Warner coming to his home to comfrot him?

    Oh man, and the chest compressions could have ruptured his spleen! YAY Warner to the rescue!! she rocks. I can't believe no one said he administered CPR. And i love the three girls watching him come back to work. And bless Stabler for going to Kathy! Awww he wants to come home! Okay tho i love E and O together I also love the thought of him getting back with his wifey. So sweet!
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