Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2000 on NBC

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  • There Goes The Judge

    The squad investigates the death of a judge found inside his car. It turns out he'd given sexual favors on convicts wives or girlfriends in exchange to give them parole. There one piece of a puzzle missing. A witness, who's a heroin addict told the cops it was a blonde chick wearing a uniform on the day he died.

    The girl turned out to be an airline stewardess, who' s husband is locked up for some crime. She admitted that she had sexual relationship with the judge to continue the affair while her man is in jail, and killed him because he wanted to break it off with her. That's wicked! In the end, her man got out after a deal and threatened to kill her. But, Benson reacted by killing the guy. Damn.

    This episode was alright, but it was a shame to see Cassidy go. Munch and Cassidy have a somber moment in the next to last scene ending their partnership. Cassidy couldn't function after he slept, and get dumped by Benson. A certain gets to him and he feels he should do something that makes him happy ( In reality, he left the show so he can keep his commitment with 'Oz'). You had two guys from "Oz", and now we only got one guy left. Speaking of 'Oz', I noticed thae suspect on this episode played an Latino gang inmate on that show.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show law and order svu they are called to the scene of a man that was shot twice once in the head and the second in the croctch . and they do some investgating and find out that he was corupted and that he was taken sex favors and money and that women that wanted her husband put way did some sex favors for him and so she was the one that killed him and then one of the detectives left the svu office to go to narcotics. becasue he could not handle it. this was a good ep i thought and it was sad but thats what these eps of svu are supposed to be.
  • A great, but sad episode.

    In this episode the SVU say goodbye to Det. Brian Cassidy. It was a sad goodbye, he can no longer handle working sex crimes. He says hi farwells to Munch who says he understands what he is doing. Meanwhile a Judge is shot one in the penus and once in the head. So straight away they know they are dealing with some kind of revenge thing. As he episode progresses we learn that the judge was not the nice guy we thought he was. He used to ask for sexual favors off of young women and eventually one of them did payback. So overall i thought this was a great episode and i am really looking forward to the next episode.
  • Probably one of the best ones during the first season...

    This episode was one of the more pivotal episodes in L&O: SVU history, and I honestly think it is underappreciated. Det. Brian Cassidy had a short but meaningful run on the show. He did things that pretty much hadn't been done. I liked him, and wished he had stayed around longer. It could have added to the show if Elliot and Olivia's relationship had gotten to this point and Olivia also had a history with Cassidy. This is one of my favorite episodes.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When an abandoned car is found with the body of a respected Judge, the Detectives of the Special Victims Unit start their investigation by looking into those who the Judge helped put away. What the end up finding is a corrupt system of bribes and sexual favors in order to obtain or deny parrol. This episode is a great episode. It shows you the darker side of the criminal justice system. You would have never thought that a Judge would use people for his own personal gain, but then again you never really know what a person is capable of.
  • A judge who was supposed to be tough on sex offenders takes advantage of the system to line his own pockets. How disgusting!

    When we first find out that the murdered Judge Warren Varella was tough on sex offenders, those of us who want to see those scumbags rot in the hell of prison are upset, because it looks like one of the true good guys has been silenced forever. But when it is revealed that Varella was using the system to either line his own pockets or take advatnage of vulnerable women to satisfy his own sexual urges, it becomes repulsive.

    It comes to a disgusting ahead when Gina Silver, a flight attendant struggling to raise her teen-age daughter, is forced to "pay her dues" to the judge to keep her sadistic, evil, repugnant, animalistic husband, a boil on the butt of humanity, in prison after he brutally beat her within an inch of her life, it makes a hard-line conservative like myself want them to let Ms. Silver off even though she shot the corrput judge in his two heads. I cheered wildly when Olivia shot that piece of crap Roger Silver. He deserved to have a needle in his arm, but thankfully, he was dead anyway.

    In another plot twist, we see the depature of Brian Cassidy, whose short stay in SVU was a tumultuous one to say the least, as he had trouble stomaching the horrors of sex crimes and had an ill-advised affair with Olivia Benson. Tough break for the kid, because he was a good cop who had a bright future if he could tough it out in SVU.
  • As the unit works on a difficult case involving a crooked judge and a fellatio-for-parole scandal, Detective Cassidy decides to leave SVU.

    No, Brian Cassidy, stay! Poor SVU/Oz lovers...Dean Winters had to go back to work on Oz, where he plays the deliciously devilish Ryan O'Reily. I'm going to miss his puppy love for Olivia. Anyways, the next episodes make Jeffries partner with Munch, so I guess there is an upside to everything. This episode is also good because it puts the detectives in a moral dilemma: what do they do with a woman who killed a man, a man who was bad and put her in a terrible situation? Also, Oz fans will notice that Kathryn Meisle, who played the killer, also guested on Oz as the mother of Kathy Rockwell, Beecher's hit-and-run victim. Also Otto Sanchez, a.k.a. Chico Guerra, as an ex-con.
  • Two stories in the SVU are followed in this very depressing episode.

    While the main focus of the episode was on a murdered judge who was running a sex-for-parole scandal, it was the underlying plot that gives this episode its high ranking. While Stabler, Benson, Munch, Briscoe, and Jeffries are all out investigating Judge Varella's murder, Cassidy is facing his own problems.

    Brian Cassidy, the young puppy dog of the group, finally sees too much of the dealings of the SVU and decides to leave once and for all, much to the disappointment of, well, me. Cassidy is and was one of my favorite all-time characters, and frankly I don't see any way for that to change. He was always up for a challenge, to learn, to take down the bad guy. But all people have their limits.

    When Cragen gives Cassidy a tape of a girl giving her testimony after being raped, he tells him that he likes to check on her every now and then. The last time, things were not all well. The girl had been attacked by a guy that she liked, and was in bad shape. Cragen sent Cassidy to go talk to her, claiming that she needed someone "cool" to help her. The result was emotionally shattering for the young detective, who decided that he could no longer bear the stress of working in the SVU and leaves for a less scarring position in Narcotics.

    This all did not make me happy. As was previously stated, I love Cassidy and was very depressed to see him leave. However, I have to give props to the writers for the excellent wording and construction of Cassidy's final two scenes (when he's talking to Cragen and later when informing Munch that he's leaving). In addition, the episode would not have been what it was if not for Dean Winter's delivering the expertly crafted script in such a way that actually brings tears to my eyes every time I watch the episode (which, believe me, is quite often). Those final two scenes alone make the fourty minute wait well worth it.
  • The lesson is, don't take advantage of the legal justice system.

    When a prominent judge is found murdered in his car, it's up to Olivia and Elliot to figure out who did it. The high profile case quickly turns mysterious as the detectives note the judge liked to surround himself with women. As more and more layers are peeled away, it is revealed that the judge sat on the parole board and in exchange for freeing prisoners, he asked for sexual favors that he charged money for. It was interesting to see Olivia and Elliot hit that moral dilemma that while they didn't condone what the killer did, they didn't want to have to charge whoever did it with murder. Also, through out the episode Cassidy was featured a bit more than usual as he had some tension with Olivia, and some humorous exchanges with Munch. In the end it was sad to see him go.